Worst cabins in the game - newbie alert

Bat is almost good, but needs more speed or more energy.
I don’t think any of the special cabins are particularly good, but the only reason they seem bad is because growl is OP for its rarity.

All are useable, but none are ideal


His not wrong :slight_smile:


Growl is the odd one out, even better than several epic cabs.


Duster is weirdly good too, if you give it a chance. Weirdly good because it’s so incredibly tiny & has 10 energy. If you build cleverly, you can do very well with it.

I don’t think growl is OP, it’s given to all the starter Pokemon!

The duster better be good, I don’t want any sloppy cleaning going on!


The definition of a fact is: Anything that can be proven or disproven.
That is why you go to court to argue “the facts”. So basically we are all selling “facts”.

Only if they have to make the cabins to make something Purple.

Beta on PC, Day One on Xbox. Switched from PC to Xbox when it launched.

They were blue and the same PS as growl etc. Of course they were good as a blue.

Amazing how OP weapons make a low PS cabin look good huh? No new player will have that avalanche. At this point if you participated in that BP and got an upgraded avalanche… you are way beyond “new player experience”.

These cabins need reworked. They need something. maybe like weapons, perks that are much lower than the purple equiv.
I play all the junkiest crap for fun and stay away from these cabins like the plague. It would be a waste to even make one to keep let alone upgrade one.

That’s my opinion. I do not present it as the absolute truth, simply the “feel” of a player that has a wide variety of everything and I do not and have zero plans on even wasting a single inventory space out of 675 on one of these cabins.

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Exaggeration is also an art.

That’s great, but OP was aimed at newbie players and not at vets like you.

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And because I am a “vet” my advice is automatically thrown out? I am not understanding your point here.

Either way, if you enjoy them great. I think they are a waste until they are hit with a buff of some sort.

Let’s not bicker, and just look at the facts. Here are two medium cabins… the “Rare” Wyvern and the “Special” Turd… er… Pilgrim.

Going UP in rarity, between these two.

LOSE 10kph which is ENORMOUS in today’s XO
GAIN 300 tonnage oh wow! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
GAIN 3000 mass limit - 900 of which is eaten up by the weight of the cab! :man_shrugging:
GAIN one energy :+1:
GAIN 20 durability meh
It’s 900 heavier. :no_mouth:
Its 350 higher in PowerScore.

Then, there’s the fact that the Wyvern is tiny… skinny. It’s easy to bury in armor. Easy to build with.

The Piglrim is 8 wide! 5 high! 8 deep! It’s enormous! Plus, while it does have two cavaties, there’s only one strip on the front you can mount to! Hey guys, these things go FORWARD! That’s where I need armor!

Obviously, the stats are a little better, but the reason so few of us use any of these is that they’re not enough to compensate for the powerscore to make them worthwhile. The Jawbreaker & Pilgrim are also enormous & weirdly shaped. The Bat isn’t bad… but still just isn’t worth it.

The advice to avoid them is solid. Craft them to get Epic cabins that will justify their powerscore with stats and perks (like the Harpy’s ammo).


I forgot to mention the Pilgrim’s horn is embarrassing. :upside_down_face: :laughing:


They should add perks something like:
Pilgrim-Allows the climbing of steep rocks when used with Lunar wheels (like they were when introduced and could climb better than bigfoots)

Jawbreaker: +10% tonnage to APC wheels

Bat: +3% damage for shivs.

Something that helps make the relevant movement parts of the same color/faction.

At least then they would have their own niche they excel at.


I actually really like this idea.

IMO it’s logical to add some kind of extra bonus/perk to the light blue cabs. And a buff on movement parts would make sense since it’s impact is only going to be rather subtle & not like some purple perks.

Have you considered sending this in as an update idea?

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They got all of this updated in the next balance patch, thank you.

I’m not sure why the forum’s consensus seems to be that Bat was the least horrible of the three. Did you look at it? It’s 200PS short of a medium epic for the stats of a Growl, and a worse shape O_O.
I’m not surprised it gets the biggest buff. Targem’s data must have showed it was performing terribly.

Jawbreaker was the only one that had somewhat decent stats compared to other cabs.


Its size and shape shouldn’t be overlooked as advantageous either. I would like to impress upon the developers that size and shape are a relatively untapped resource when it comes to giving items advantages and disadvantages. Not everything needs a perk or improved stats to make it good, or better, is the point I’d like to add.


Form factor and the ability to build around something is a huge advantage.


I like the Growl for its versatility. You can build almost anything with it and use it at almost any power-score.
I would have hated to see it nerfed, like a few have suggested it should be, because it was the only thing available that allowed aces to survive against all the seal-clubbers that like to troll the low PS with godware. IMO, nerfing the Growl would just be putting your boot on the throat of newcomers.

I like the rout they’ve decided to go…I think. This new update to rare and special cabs sounds good. I hope it improves things, and I think it should.


I actually prefer wide fast cabins like Bat/Griffon/Harpy/Kami/etc.

I know the possibilities that small narrow cabins allow, but I don’t like the looks. Besides, I still like putting my guns behind the cabin when they fit. After all, cabins have the most durability of any part (once you add armour).

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The Bat has always been one of my favorite cabs, but it just never had the strength I needed it to have. I used it anyways. The Harpy has also been one of my favorites since I started playing, but it’s always been a very playable cab, and is currently my center piece. I’m liking it for my Fuzes.

I hope the Bat gets the love it needs, because I’d really love to build with that one more.

I have almost everything below Legendary fused… I guess I’ll finally be able to use the Pilgrim & its rarity-mates.

Same… I wonder if this will hold true now that they’ve all been buffed.


Whatever it does I hope it pushes more variety than what’s been happening. Sometimes the hovers are comically dominant. Literally everybody is on hovers in some matches…except that one guy (me). I don’t want to hate on hover jockeies, I can see how they might be fun, but wow. Clearly they are very popular.

Trying hard to understate things because I feel like I stirred the pot too hard this morning. IDK WTF got into me, but ya, hovers. I think the game would do better to see some variety.

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