Worst Ravens Event so far

The ONLY new things (the new crossbow and wheels) are “locked” behind a pay for pack. Literally the only new items and we gotta pay for them or buy them off the market.
SAD - And shows a level of greed from you guys that doesn’t bode well for the future of XO
New Crossbow should have definitely been on the Ravens Workbench and so too the Wheels.
This has to be the worst Ravens event so far.


This post could have been 4 years ago and still relevant


Everyone on Xbox chat is talking about how much a rehash joke this is.

For me the last good event was “Arena”

Then the Drone event did have good prizes, but I didn’t really care for a pre-made car event.

The rest have been bad.

Yeah Raven events have been steadily very disappointing, the first one was awesome because cool new parts, and then the ones after it just the same old parts and paints and stickers

I don’t have anything I want to craft in this event and that’s sorta nice for me, I can take a break from grinding resources and talers and hope the price on a few parts rakes up closer to fusion days and sell the for a nice little profit, and a few cosmetic parts like the wingbeat hologram keep going down in price as people craft more of them

Yeah, I guess that is the silver lining :slight_smile:

I’m in the same boat.

I just can’t believe they sit down at a meeting and say:
Guy 1 “Should we at lest offer different fusions?”
Guy 2 busts out laughing and then walks out of the room.
Guy 1 “You could have just said no…”

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What about guest chest? Free epic part for a price of 1000 copper and non-valid resources is good. This is how the real games do their content but whatevz we talking about XO.

3000 talers sounds too much of a pain in the butt, especially when I already have a lot of epic items fused, especially the necessaries for multiple builds like radars, engines and generators. If I were a new player this would be a nice crate

Every ravens event some pleb makes this post, “worst ravens event ever.”. They’ve never been super Awsome events unless you have lots of stuff you want to fuse. Someone’s always grumpy “their part” wasn’t on the fusion list

It’s a standard Ravens event. Don’t be a drama queen about it.


And clearly that standard is not enough then

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I have a theory that the hologram, crossbow and wheels were supposed to be craftable parts but instead they went full “just put them in a pack, they’ll buy it anyways”

At least since they brought new parts, in a pack or not, they could have offered fusions for those new parts in the raven pavilion.

Even changing the wingbeat hologram to a different color like red or green and calling it something new could have been done, or they could have given yet another paint that looks like one we already have but a shade lighter/darker and called that a thing, or even taken one of the black and white teutonic paints and reversed the colors and called it a brand new super special paint but no, not even that. Same old raven stuff we have already seen


I could’ve swear it was 1000 talers when I first looked at it. Guess the price will raise to 10000 tomorrow. Because the game has no fudging content so devs force players to farm anything like a freaking farmhand, in order to make a semblance of content.

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Lol, pot or kettle? You could have just not posted.


Every, I mean “every” other Ravens event has brought us NEW stuff.
With this one instead of letting us have the new things through Ravens Workbench, they have put it in a pack and charging money for it.
This is NOT a standard Ravens event and you’d be a fool to start thinking that.


Last one didn’t have anything new.

I can understand why it doesn’t have anything new, they are putting all their work into the seasons so less work goes to special events.

This is kinda the point, they HAVE given us something new.
BUT, chose the route of £££ by putting the new parts in a pack which we have to pay for. Or buy them off the market from people who have paid for the pack.

So, the game is free to play, they are going to go after their market. Not defending it as it does suck but they have to aim at the people who pay not the people who just play.

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In all honesty - I just hope they use the time for next season to bring some fresh blood.
There have been ZERO improvements on “new players retention” which is “a bit” of a problem for the overall dynamics.
PS 2-7k is most important one for new players (thats where you get in and are expected to see rpogress, to get hooked) and nothing is happening there. There were some improvements (huge thanks for borer and shotgun nerfs) but now it needs a bit more content, as balancing is almost bearable (grindy masochist this community consists of will survive it).


The first Ravens event made me a fan. I’m still pretty hooked on Burnished Steel and Damscus. I liked the cars jacked up high, and raked out long, and the first event brought some new decor, stickers, and paint. The Faction hasn’t seen a lot of development since then, but I’ve enjoyed it anyway.
This time the event is…not as cool as their Anniversary celebration.
Their anniversary celebration brought some very cool free hub-caps, a good free starter pack for Aces, cool paint, range decor, one of the best stickers they’ve made IMO, and a fun but casual brawl. There was a lot in there for beginners, I think.

I packed that rig with free stuff. If the new guy was interested, he should have, or could have gleaned some decent free goods from that event.
This Ravens event seems more geared towards the advanced player, and rather generic, offering nothing new. I don’t know if the whales like it or not, but I’m unconcerned with it. It’s lack of luster bothers me little, considering the richness of the Anniversary event. No big deal, I say.

I’ve been getting bad lag lately so I haven’t actually wanted to play. It’s just not fun when my car is always slamming itself into walls like a bot, so I gave up on it. I haven’t really explored the new update…beyond the lag sucks.

But, I’ve got a fresh pot of coffee ready, and I’m ready to give it another whirl.


Man it was the good ole days when knight riders brought new craftable items twice every year that always went to faction benches. now look at this crap. We haven’t even got a new fixed cannon since the prosecutor. We can’t even craft the legacy blue cabs like the carapace, bear, etc. They don’t bring in special and blue versions of advanced movement parts and modules. Theres nothing to look forward to for a new or even advanced player. Oh cool a new wheel and crossbow that can’t be crafted. PASS.
I swear this game’s shareholders are strangling it for War Thunder’s sake. Such a waste.

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