Worst Weapons

What do you guys think are the worst weapons in the game?
The Mandrake, the Heather, the Dove, the Clarinet or something else?

Anything PlayStation players use because they’re actually braindead

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I’d say tow as it costs a lot of en and unless you launch it at the right time it’s not hitting much unless by chance. It really needs 3d flight.


What do you play on? Keyboard and mouse?

Xbox, we have Crossplay now and PlayStation are such a detriment

Oh I use ps but my current built isn’t that great

I’m using the quasar and acari

What’s y’all’s powerscore though?

9k ish

Ah, that’s nice, mines around 8k ish. My dads is around 10k

Plenty of tards all around, both consoles. I got bored with XO less than a week after the merge. Just no urge to play. Been having a ball finally playing Balder’s Gate 3 (phenomenal game, best RPG ive played since Skyrim) and watching horror movie’s greatest hits going in recerse chronological order (2023, 2022, 2021, etc.). I think im to 2007 now, seen some great flicks i missed. Any recommendations are welcome, but English speaking movies only please.

Yea, my XO urge is at an all time low lol. I need a real competitive shooter to get into again. Spmething new like when R6 siege first dropped.

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Gungnir, Vulture, Fafnir, Flute, Pyre, Nest, Thresher, Anaconda

Special mention to Enlightenment that for some reason is in the weapons category of parts but i don’t count that as a gun

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I love these, although it’s fine to have an opinion.

Me personally, I think the whole cannons line is sort garbage.

Still use them though.

Games are dead as hell right now, literally nothing new drops that catches my eye anymore. All the triple A studios are throwing out garbage which is being eclipsed by indie dev games left and right.

I was sadly never an RPG fan so I was never fussed about BG. I’ve been playing some odd games I suppose… game pass dropped Dead Island 2 so I’m going to co op that with a friend. I picked up CoD cold war while it was cheap to play Zombies with a friend too and I have to say it’s actually a really good take on the CoD Zombies genre.

We lived through the golden age of gaming and I think we’ll never be truly satisfied by large games ever again, they need/want to make too much money that profits tend to cut into player enjoyment. I remember watching a video about Halo 1’s Multiplayer development and it was one of the lead devs that said something like “we just want everyone to have fun playing” and I don’t think game devs even have that cross their minds anymore…

You may have watched it already but if you haven’t then go and watch the original Alien movie. It’s 1979 so it would be a long way off for you to get there, but it’s my favourite movie of all time and it till holds up.


Clarinet is pretty bad & the Hornet :stuck_out_tongue:
Also honestly I dont think i ever lost a battle against a spark build / electric

Also the turret style drones that shoot bullets and the flying chase drones that fire bullets are so so easy to destroy. Heather is pretty easy to avoid too unless there is a kapkan involved.
An maybe Jubokko mine layer isnt that impressive.
Plus no one uses flutes to much either.

I had the Yongwang for awhile, but all I used it for was a novelty in bedlam, to fling green marbles at people. In combat, especially pvp, I couldn’t figure out it’s place in the grand scheme of things.


Enlightenment?? IDK why they call it a “weapon”, it’s just a tracker. I don’t think it’s worth the energy.

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  • Arothron. The weapon perk is too weird to work reliably, almost none plays it at all, and none plays it good. Just a dumb weapon. It’s not tactically possible to control range to enemy that much to make it effective playable weapon.
  • Parser seems rather meh now. It was wildly OP when they introduced it. Nerf by nerf it’s just inferior barely playable.
  • Mace, Sledgehammer, Spitfire. They used to be OP and meta so much that devs had to nerf too hard to get metaslaves go try various weapons. Now it’s close range weapons that has less DPS than mid and long-range MGs which makes them fool’s choice now.
  • Flute. Looks like they are too weak. And perk is stupid. Like trying to time 10 sec after launch to get 180% damage, and reload is meh. And requirement of direct contact to enemy for a slow flying rocket it’s like a recipe for inconvenient weapon.
  • Acari. I just can’t comprehend how it is even supposed to be playable. Probably one of the worst weapons in the game.
  • Jotun That thing is like 30% of Incinerator damage and usefulness. And even so Incinerator is not effective PvP weapon.
  • Jubokko Just too weak. Another one of those new weapons, that are OP and everyone wants to try as something new, then few nerfs and they are abandoned and forgotten.
  • Sidekick too weak for anyone to use. And has terrible AI making it stuck and go where you wouldn’t want.
  • Enlightment. Who would even spend 1 energy for something that useless? It’s like only meant for CW or bedlam or idk, to counter some particularly annoying stealth builds if they even help that.
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The acari is a great weapon in CWs. Ask a levi driver how he’s feeling about a match when hes been acari’d 4 times and enemy punishers are teeing up on him. Its also good in normal CWs, soecifically against heavy spider punis. If im fighting a spider puni player in my spider puni and hes been acari’d a single time, i guarantee i strip him.

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