Wrights school of crossout

should i do a 8 hr stream on twitch on a great many things like example stuff people call a bug, hack, glitch blah blah blah plus more

If you have 8 hours, maybe take an online course teaching grammar and writing? :thinking:


I didnt graduate high school to be a journalist, i joined the Canadian Armed Forces so do you think I really give a shit bout how I write in a stupid forum page, oh and ya im not blowing shit out my ass like alot of the U.S.A people who always say im in the marines lol its like thats the only thing they know but their softies and real marines their not soft let alone girly men that get offended over everything so with that said im not gonna bend over for cuz you want me to use these ,.?;:"'![{]}()&*@

I’d watch. Prefer to see competitive game play which surprisingly a lot of XO streamers don’t do. Clans, CC, Uranium wars is nice. And people who actually read chat and talk.

id talk but most of the time i play without my headset cuz i play with my setup nd it sounds better but if im gonna talk bout stuff then ya ill use my headset like the other night

Sorry man, but i won’t watch that.

I’ve better things to do in those 8 hours.

But if you cut that 8 hour stream into a 10/15 minutes vid, then i will watch.


I’m not a native English speaker and i have a harder time to pick up English when spoken with a thick(er) accent than the normal English taught in school.
Certain local accents in the majority of England while their origins are interesting are a up hill struggle to understand.
while this was not the case i must admit some posts of Wrightsgaming6 is like he writes with an accent

Wrightsgaming6, Sir with that kind of attitude I surely will not be watching your streaming. The world is full of enough hate & discontent & I personally play this game to get away from the drama of society that has plagued the entire globe.

Many of us who are native to English also struggle to interpret his version of the language.


yes and its just like for example if im reading something from southern u.s.a it sometime odd to read and even british, also new found land and quebec but if your talking bout why i only use this , its because i choose to and ive been doing it even in school cause i dont care to use what people call proper way of writing, i rather be different from everyone else

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i might sound angry in my stream im not sure but im not angry, its not about hate or drama id just like to get people to see outside the small box and see the bigger picture, sure some people only see it their way but if people sit back and actually look in at something in someone elses view which could possibly be bigger, i dont mean to sound hateful or anything its just im usually frustrated, sure i love the game i also play to get away from everything honestly id love to work along side with the crossout dev team to help make the game bigger and better but other then that like i said i dont mean to sound hateful or anything :beer: :beer:

Don’t sweat it, Heck for the most part I type in early Hillbilly anyway. My grammar actually sucks LOL Its all good. Cheers

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Th4nx fro ur undertsanding!!!1

corssout team

(Translated into “Hacker” dialect)


We should have annexed you in the 1800s and we still should right now.


And we’ll burn down the White House a second time if you guys try that again.

I read that in a Microsoft Sam voice.

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Remember that time everybody said, “OMG, Canadian warships are in our harbor?”
Me neither.

I don’t know, I was like “OMG” when I saw these Canadians in Two Harbors.


It’s a gddmn Canadian armada. I had better call the president.


LOL u.s.a was scared cause the russian warships were on the coast when trump got in office though, I knew what was going on when all the U.S.A were like BNLOW THE SHIPS OUT OF THE WATER, BLOW THE WSHIPS OUT OF THE WATER OMG RUSSIA GONNA INVADE :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: so ya that when trump spent almost $500 million dollars of his own mo0ney to buy new stuff for the u.s.a military

The Russians, care badly of their ships.

USA could take out of the mothball, a couple of South Dakotas Battleships, The Alabama and Massachusetts e.g. Both highly commended with a bunch of Battle stars, they would be at a better shape than the Russian ships.
Both never lost a man due to enemy action.

Hey guys, what about this? I never laugh so hard. check this out, the story of Kamchatka.

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