WTF? What's happening?

it’s all very dark, brown and tiny .

What happened to the forum?

Some one help.



welcome back to…


They want people to use Reddit and other social media instead (refer to the announcement). So while transitioning to a new engine, they done as minimal effort as they could get by with.


I feel so young again, its like 2002 all again. Just add some sliding-door rounded corners and I am going into puberty again. Is this forum engine Internet Exporer 6 compatible?

Yes, sure, It requires windows 98 or higher and on mobile at least an iPhone 3G+ :rofl:

Why so vociferous? Maybe they had enough good material that spoilers were getting out lol. I’ll miss my Bible RIP. But at least this is easier and cooler once it expands with more chatty players like we all are on here.

Only fools use “social media”, which is little more than a ruse for gathering private information about you that you normally would not give out. Kids today have no idea…