You lost another forum user

Good bye

Anyone wondering why this is the reason.
This is the thanks you get for trying to ease chralies job. Regulars with absolutely no tough skin abusing their power.

I have no idea what you are going on about.

Someone flagged him a lot on the post apparently.

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oh nos!

I find that kind of funny and ironic because if I see flagged content I instantly think that’s the good stuff! LOL

Forum is one big buddy system where quality of posts and threads mean nothing if your not a regular. When you got unreadable deleted comments getting a thumbs up after it was deleted than you know the like button lost all its meaning. Too much non sense for me to deal with so I am most likely gone with in a couple of days. I could go on about the other non sense but I am going to leave it at that. You just lost 5% of your population.

Goodbye and good luck, hopefully, you’ll be focusing on in-game activities and not being hurt by strangers who you deem don’t like you on the internet

I am not a regular, I do not perceive I am having problems here because of that distinction.

The thumbs up was given before the post was deleted?

Maybe take a step back and a deep breath m8. It’s just really a F2P video game, not The National Grand Championships with $100k on the line.
Keep it real, but keep it in perspective.



Exactly… not dismissing any of you guys, but in the grand scheme of my life, y’all simply don’t matter much. :laughing: :rofl: Neither does this game. No offense… love ya’ all, but yeah nah yeah… I’ve never logged onto here and gotten my blood boiling b/c y’all didn’t like how I play with my toys.

Take a step back, a deep breath & remember I’m not that important to you, either.

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Roopull liked rough moneys comment long after it was deleted and for some reason removed the like again. So he basically liked a comment without even knowing what it was he just liked it only because it was something rough monkey posted. That is what I mean about the forum being a I scratch your back you scratch mine buddy system.

I asked, because I had a post that I posted, but in the minute it was up someone liked it. Then it said “post deleted” with a like still there.

No it was deleted almost has fast as it was posted and got liked about a couple hours later after it was deleted. The original post was something about rough monkey calling me rude or something along the lines of that.

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Dear gawd, y’all sound like a bunch of bored gossiping Karens.

I like deleted posts because I generally think it means someone posted something stupid, then thought better of the idiocy they posted, and they deleted it with a more sober mind.

I don’t remember “unliking” anything… Maybe I clicked it on accident. Perhaps I’ll go back and re-like it. :joy:

I wouldn’t know RoughMonkey from a hole in the wall, however think he’s the guy I asked what Nobler was going on about.

The fact that you think I take this forum seriously enough to not only track who said what, but to form alliances with people is both a little hilarious and sad at the same time.

As the trope goes, “go outside BBC touch some grass.” Nothing said here is important enough to get all aflutter over.

Be cool to each other.
Forgive stupid things people say.
Try not to say stupid things yourself.
Ask forgiveness, even if it’s not necessary.

So… Forgive me?

I think this looks like you just got caught in the middle defending somebody with a “challenging personality,” that many others find regularly offensive.

Don’t be collateral damage, if that’s the case. I really find the issue difficult to sort out, so I’m not really sure what’s up. But if this is about a buddy system, well then, I like you…buddy? I think you should hang out.

Don’t underestimate yourself. The only thing all psychologists all agree on is that meaningful conversation is good therapy. It’s probably the only thing they are actually right about…but ya, taking this forum too seriously can be trouble. You’re certainly right about that…maybe this isn’t “meaningful conversation?” IDK. It’s all in the eye of the beholder, probably. For me, you guys are keeping me from lamenting the news and current state of world affairs. This forum gives me an alternative place to land, other than the “news,” and I appreciate it.


You didn’t like my deleted/censored stuff

I’ll go do that now.

To be honest, I do value some of the interactions here quite a bit, but only the positive ones. The rest I am thankfully able to completely disregard and ignore.

You’re a bright spot on here, Doc, so thank you for that.

Wait… Did that make this a buddy system? :wink::innocent:

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Real life is too heavy for me to deal with it here.

Far too heavy.

That wasn’t my intent. I Flagged the thread as being spam, the person your talking about might be regularly offensive but he wasn’t in that thread but what rough monkey responded back with was way more offensive so I made 2 flags one for rough monkeys comment and one for the thread has a whole. Rough monkey then went on a power trip abusing his regular status flagging everything I said. I try to take things on a case by case bases and not peoples past behavior when it comes to stuff like online forums. I do weigh past behavior somewhat but only to a small degree and don’t write people completely off.

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