Zero firing angle Weapons

The porc and the tempura are the only zero firing angle Weapons in the game(I think) . One of the reasons I love pairing porcs with other weapons is because it has no firing angles. This allows me to aim and fire in two different directions. One using my aim toggle, the other using my driving toggle. I love it.

I’m hoping Devs put some more zero firing angle Weapons in game, so I can do more Wierd combos and fire at two spots at once.

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The king minelayer is also a 0° angle weapon, and due to its low energy comsumption, and more affordable price (at least compared to a porc), it a good addition when figthing cqc builds,

Now that i think about it, aint every weapon surrounded by a lot of armour technically a 0° angle weapon, like, it can only shoot in a single direction, but yeah im always up for more new weapons that can adapt nicely with different types of builds.

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Until someone shoots you every weapon can have zero firing angles from armour blocking sure…but that’s no fun and is flawed.

Ah right the king mine. I knew I was missing one. I suppose kapkan is classified as a weapon too.

Porc atm is the only zero firing angle weapon we have right now that really does what I’m talking about though. The other three are just so short range they can’t fill this role.

2 porcs 2 arbiters is what i run for my raid build and it does well. i see people running pure porcs and i just laugh especially when i see a spark bot heading their way lol.

You forgot gremlins and goblins!
I think I need to get some of those again.
Isn’t Draco too?


they actually do turn a bit to the sides, something very small, like 10 degrees or so

dracos, gremlins and goblins do move slightly, search them on the exhibition and pan your camera around in front of them, youll see they move slightly.

Those all have firing angles and can be aimed.

technically porcs are random. they dont shoot in a “straight line” their firing “angles” vary. cause sometimes mine go straight, sometimes they go left or right. i remember how wonky they used to be before with a bit of a weak projectile speed.

I use multi directional strafeing and my rides moment to aim my porcs. Plus give them a long tunnel on your ride to roll down and you can aim those things with pinpoint accuracy and you basically remove their random direction spill. Also mounting porcs sideways so that when they launch they hit each other and then go straight towards your ret is also a great way to have more precise porcs. It’s the li’l tricks that make the big differences. It’s how I’ve been accused by some derp for using AA with my porcs lol. No it’s not hacks. I just figured out how to aim them like a beast.

U forgot turret drones and barriers they come out on one side only haha. Technically thats a 0 angle weapon type. And lances and booms. They definitely dont go left n right very far. Just wobble haha.


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First of all melee doesn’t count. It doesn’t fire. And drones? Your not firing out dammage in your aimed direction, they have no reticle. Drones don’t count.

Hahaha it still comes out one direction.

Still not what I’m talking. It fires the weapon. Not the projectile. I’m talking about weapons that fire, not boxes that fire weapons, that then fire. The drone module is not the weapon itself. It is a container.

Don’t be so trolly.

I was kidding around. Hahaha well the spinning crusher ball can be a new zero angle weapon if you like.

I would like

What if it was melee too like harvester when it spins so you have a super hybrid weapon with 4 different ways to attack. 1 is melee. 2 is spinning ball coming at you. 3 is explodes and 4 is the launch pin is able to be fired as well. So it has just one ball to use.

I assumed the spikey ball was melee from the start.

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