A few Support module/weapon ideas

As the suggestion submission thing is gone.

seraphin drone
Functionally the Seraphin is a standard auto drone similar to the argus. The difference is in its function this drone when launched will head to the nearest allied vehicle and project an AMS shield that lasts for 60 seconds or until the drone is destroyed. While a drone is active its host gains a 2.5% damage boost to their weapons for each projectile it blocks upto 20% note each blocked projectile takes 5 seconds off its life time.

gameplay: on deploy will seek an ally to protect boosting their damage while protecting them from hostile fire.
Rarity: legendary (upgraded argus)
energy cost: 3 per
use in game: we need more support tools.

Faction: dawns children
reason: I feel like they are the best faction for most support tech.

Passive stealth systems
P.S.S systems are a rather new thing to the waste, when attached to a ride they prevent radars, radar detectors, and guided missiles from actively locking onto it. this comes at a cost of being unable to equip other stealth modules.

Function: build doesn’t appear on radar maps unless firing weapon, all lock on weapons take 150% longer to lock on, this includes turrets and drones.
slot: cloak (meaning you can’t have it with a cloak moduel)
cost: 1 energy

faction: dawns children

Mobile command system
The MCS, is a rather large system of computers, ravager tech, and dawns children programming. costing a whopping 6 energy This support drone bay is extremely taxing on a car but when used right it can change the battle for its side.

Function: On key press the user goes into tactical map mode, in that mode they can order around a set of 6 support drones, repair drones (single use wheeled drones), shield drones (drones with argus lasers), and fuzes. the drones increase by 2 per genus.

note: think of this as Crossouts carrier mode, you can also add combat drones to it by adding their module allowing you to remote control them. by default it can have 4 drones active at a time with the user selecting form any drone they have on the vehicle (drones are spawned one at a time.)

Seriously just think of this module like the World of warships carrier module even in the you can return drones to you to repair.

Energy cost: 6
ammo: 8 (uses 2 at a time. deploying left and right of the vehicle no mater orientation of the module)
drone types

repair drone: these drones are highly explosive with ammo and tools on them, they can heal 15% HP and 10% of lost parts (prioritizing wheels) of an allied vehicle, note if destroyed before they get to their target tehy explode for 300 damage to all nearby. So waiting for them to get close is something the enemy might do.

shield drone: armed with a miniature barrier and argus this drone will drive around blocking projectiles, note it doesn’t block small arms fire and looses its barrier after taking 600 damage. return to the MCs for reloading.

Fuze: it is a fuze it goes boom.


A few more support module ideas.

Wheel locks
These old wheel locks where designed to stop speeding car from fleeing on a road by clamping down and preventing them from rotating.

Gameplay: Acts as a mine when triggered launches towards and jams the wheels on a nearby enemy build for 15 seconds, can be shot off by an ally or by destroying the primary wheel it is attached to, works on wheels, hovers, and omnis’ but not tracks and augers.

energy cost: 3
ammo: 4
max deployed (2 per mine launcher)
type: Mine
faction: lunatic

Water cannon
A simple solution for an annoying problem, the water cannon removes heat and cools down weapons of vehicles hit, allowing them to fire for longer and preventing fire from effecting them. Can also remove fire pools. sadly it has limited ammo with its tank only holding 50 gallons (500 ammo)

gameplay: Removes heating from hit parts reduces weapon heating by 15% for 10 seconds (resets on hit), removes fire pools and disarms porcs(turns them into a barrel prop)

energy cost: 4
ammo: 500 (goes through 25 per second, fires five projectiles per shot)
type: water cannon
faction: nomad


I like the water cannon idea (and the P.S.S.), and I think it might be a good idea to allow it a little punch that could push cars around a bit to push melee users off and out of your grill if you had too. Whether that caused them any actual damage, I’m unconcerned, but it might be nice to have some melee-repellent for escaping their clutches. They have pretty mean clutches.


I agree but I didn’t want to give it to much power, though that might be a good replacement for its disabling of porcs.

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+1 for water cannon.
Doesn’t even need to do damage: just impulse and cooling.

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Wheel lock idea is really intriguing too, but I think it could work for all movement parts.
Instead of a Kapkan, it just locks on to a single movement part and disables it until shot off. Would barely effect some builds, but disable others.

Yeah but wanted it to be a hard counter to fast moving wheels and hovers while doing almost nothing to tanks and slower moving vehicles.

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Then it would be named “move lock” or something. Since there are legs, tracks, and hovers.

How would that interact with flamethrowers? No effect or reducing their damage as well? And Fortunes?

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Walter Cannons they don’t make sense if we already have Coolers and Radiators, but I liked the rest of the ideas.

Most likely by preventing heating, it wouldn’t prevent the damage the flamethrowers do but would prevent them from heating the parts they hit. not a complete nerf to the fire but a heavy debuff to their use.

Could always name wire lock, as all parts have electrical systems, just jamming things on the part might work. But still think it should be focused on faster parts hmm.

how about this for a rework.

Wire lock
A speciallized mine used by local sheriffs and guards, these can lock almost any movement part slowing them down or stopping them outright.

Function: locks what ever part it is attached to preventing movement and disabling it (will cause hovers to fall), is less effective against legs, tracks, and augers which can grind it off by attempting to move. (10 damage to the mine per second takes 5 seconds to destroy)

You mean water?

As for it not making sense, using things in combo has always been a big part of crossout, having an ally with a water cannon removing your heated parts and boosting your weapons heat effect isn’t a bad thing.

Also radiators/coolers are internal heat reduction, the water canon is external. different heated parts effected.

Commenting quickly on the two ideas I like, especially the long-standing suggestion to add a water cannon.

Water cannon
I don’t think it’s logical to have it buff overheating weapons. Yes, some MGs are water-cooled, but I don’t think water hosing a gun does that. With the pressure in a water cannon, It’d probably mess with aiming, clog the cannon and gas-return system, get inside the electronics, etc.
I think what’s logical is:
-No damage, good impulse
-Cools down heated parts at a good rate
-Removes fire puddles
-I’d say extinguish Porcs and Forts, but if you got no damage and high Impulse you can just push them away, including into your opponents’ face, so debatable.
-Definitely extinguish Phoenix bolts, and probably knocks missiles out of the sky, despite no damage.

Wheel lock thing
How about it sets the max speed of the movement part it attaches to to 50-60? Pretty much no change for heavy tracks/legs/augers this way. Simple, efficient, uses stuff that’s already coded in the game.

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Okay, sounds cool!

Until shot off or has a timer?

Most importantly, can it be used on your own car?

Both, likely a 15 second timer (for balance) or shot off.

Yes if you can angle it right.

A firetrack it is then.

Water cannon rework concept

Not all weapons of the waste are meant to destroy, some are meant to help. Water cannons are one of the rare tools designed to prevent harm instead of cause it. USed by survivors to put out fires caused by the firestarters water canons like this are a common tool in any settlement.

Perk: Shots can remove heat, disarm timed projectiles, and put out fire pools.

Function: deals 1 damage per shot, and imparts a moderate recoil impulse allowing it to push back lite vehicles. Its perk allows it to to effectively prevent harm to allies.

Energy: 4
fire rate: 25 shots per second (fires in bursts of 5)
ammo: 500
damage: 1
+moderate impulse
+removes all heated parts from allied builds
+disables mines, missiles, and fire pools

down sides
-doesn’t do much damage.
-runs through its ammo rather quickly.


hmmm, wonder if I should rework the “drone carrier” module idea.

Wow , very nice topics. We need more support weapon or module.

Yeah the game lacks propper support items. Well not really we have the kapkan, and the trombone as of late as well as a few other minor ones like the drone disabler and argus.

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I’m a little late to the party, but could we have a fire extinguisher or some module that can negate heating damage for a short period of time? The damage bonus from heating is very powerful and it would be cool if there was a counter play option.

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oooh I think I can give an idea for that.

info: Used by the steppenwolves when dealing with the firestarters the FSS is a common way to counter them putting out the fires they start. Sadly unlike the water cannon of the nomads the FSS is personal use only.
power cost: 1
ammo: 3
function: On activation negates all heating and prevents further heating for 5 seconds. has a 10 second reload.