A real discussion about hovers

Then they’re totally lying lmao, but that’s not the first time. They clearly balance stuff to milk as much real money from Whale Wars as they can.
The amount of coins lost to the market as people panic sell Porcs to buy Punishers must be epic. And remember what’s the only way to generate coins in this game…

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They said they balance for legends in pvp and down in one of the interviews. If it changed no one told me but that was what they were doing.

Yeah, that’s not the first time that company looked at customers in the eyes and gave em obvious lies lol.

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I’m not going to accuse them of anything. I just want to be able to play.

Its the first year im heavily on the fences about bying the 1year premium offer, i dont know if its worth it when for the last 6 months we are playing a broken game essentialy.

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Honestly I think you can get away with just doing bp’s unless your really grinding it hard or are new. Post 5k coin you can kind of play the market with out a lot of regret and tears.

I never buy on devs promises lol. “hey give us 120 bucks, the game will be great in 10 months we swear” Yeah sure, you’re the first devs who tried that on me Targem, of couuuurse…

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I’ll be back home tomorrow so I won’t be quite a bored, plus this is my last pre existing account on the forums, people keep reporting and banning my accounts and I don’t care enough to create more, it’s a pretty sad little community here with only a few good apples it seems; I have no desire to stick around, I was just bored.

Perhaps I do, although I know balance issues like hovers push people away from the game more than it’ll ever retain players.

Yeah my dual retcher apollo sits at 10,800PS

This is exactly right

Guy’s living in 2018

I am really just that messed up.
The good news is I am so messed up, I just barely know it. :laughing:

After I retired my Dracos, I tried to beat hovers with my battlepass Griffon, my Flash and two Harvesters. This is absolutely correct. Harvesters are terrible. They have no durability and even when you get a good grind on an enemy, you catch an ammo pack or an Apollo and one of your harvesters fall off.

Also, machine gun hovers/spiders often decloak the Griffon and shoot the Harvesters and Flash before it gets close.

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Now I’m wondering if either of the two new defensive modules could make a harvester/spark build more viable now?

Omamori is, by design, better on hovers than anything else. No other movement part has their ability to 1 always give the side they want to the enemy 2 retreat when the shield falls off to come back as soon as it’s up.
Pretty much like Nova a year ago.

Could work on omniwheels. Since the big update, I’ve been having some success with close range builds on omniwheels, as long as I’ve got a fast cabin, golden eagle, and not too many wheels.

This is how every few to play game funds itself. It’s literally how pay to win games fund themselves. Even full price games line the till with DLCs like this.

The amazing thing is how surprised and upset people are when a developer moves the target a little to get more money. I mean if a player is dumb enough to drop serous real money into a game to get the current top tier meta parts and thinks that meta will last forever… Well, either they’re 12 years old or an idiot.

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I tried to make something work with an Onamori on the Harvesters and wasn’t able to come up with anything satisfactory. The problem is that only the vertical configuration for Harvesters works for smashing Icarus VII. In this configuration, the Harvesters are generally placed on gun mounts. It isn’t easy to attach an Onamori to both Harvesters and also not block the Flash from the front of the build.

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:rofl: that being said…
i think games in the future will have a real life cash reward,just enough to keep buying into it.

When the Lottery was introduced in my state, I watched in amazement how people would convince themselves they were “winning.”

Dude walks in, buys $20 in scratch off tickets, beer, cigarettes and a Twinkie. He wins 10 free tickets and $5.

“I’m only down $5!” he says as he buys 15 more scratch off tickets.

He then wins 2 free tickets and $4.

“Woohoo! I’m ahead a dollar!”

He buys another ticket and wins $10!

“OMG! I’m ahead $11”

Buys more… wins $9 and 10 more tickets…

Two hours later, he walks out of the store with a Twinkie, pack of Marlboro Reds, double duce of Colt 45 and $27 less than he walked in with telling people he won $350 in the lottery that day.

Your view of the future could be very real…

I have actually made quite a bit of money from this panic sell. I had Four Porcupines and a Flash, now I have 3 Porcupines, 2 Firebugs and 2 Flashes. Bought the Firebugs and extra Flash for dirt cheap by Xbox standards.

Still, besides Punishers, relics are kind of lame right now. I’m having my best games with a Beholder Destructor hover.


Relics do suck, I sold my jorgmungandr and gonna upgrade my imps instead. Also upgraded a destructor, kaiju, 2 toadfish and some epics.

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All relics apart from Scorp and Porc are just inefficient versions of other weapons. I’ve had a single Scorp that I sit at 9k and it feels fun and skill-based unlike porcs, I’ve never wanted any more relics

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