A real discussion about hovers

Well thank you, I know I am little buddy

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Imps, Destructors and Toads. Get some Retchers and you have a nice booster leviathan.

Unpopular opinion. I don’t touch retchers because I think they needs nerfing. I don’t like retchers.

I dunno… they’re fragile. People know it. They shoot em off, so you have to bury them, which makes them harder t to use.

In certain raids, they’re very difficult to use as well since they don’t aim fast enough to hit small & fast targets.

I have 'em, but only use them in raids, now. Not much fun getting your weapons sniped off in the first two minutes of the match.

That is the appropriate thread there but I don’t want to go back there. Anyone wants to add anything to it they can.

The developers don’t give a damn about the hover cheating method.

Instead of drastically increasing the power score, you have to deal with those cheaters - which is just getting boring af.