A solution for solo PvP players

So, I figure that the only reason for someone to run teams is easy farming. Because it can’t be fun to just steam roll people over and over.

I also think one of the main reason solo player get pissed is not just the fact that they lose, but the fact that they get less reward. But my solution is not just for guys on the winning team this would affect all solo players and teams no mater if you win or lose.

So, what if the solution is not removing teams but instead give solo player more incentive to play solo.

I think that solo players should get a slight reward bonus, even if it was just a 1 or 2 pieces of resources in a match.


Give teams a negative reward adjustment - like it costs extra to play as a team.

Now I know the solo guys are going to be “Hell yeah!” And all the team guys are going to be “Hell no!” But it does seem fair.

I just think that the answer should never be “Remove Teams” - so I’m trying to think outside the box.


1.2 multiplier for queing solo.

Sounds fair to me.


Yeah, something small like that might help take a little of the sting out of it.

I honestly think that is fair.

Everyone would still have the same max resource cap anyways.

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Squad players are connected with translucent lines on minimaps, as if radar detectors can detect radio transmissions/discord comms. Voip would be nice to have again.


That wouldn’t be bad

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My idea is PS penalty, no penalty by default, but as the group win rate goes up PS penalty goes up, let them match higher PS players


Some good ideas in here , 1st step into right direction to help cryingbabies :crazy_face:
But remember these devs are not willing to do something good for the players especially if it cost time, resources or money. I’ve asked milion times about some things to make game players friendly for example change scammed fusing system even was giving great ideas, yes they changed it after a few years of asking but they still designed it in their own cheaky way.

On the other hand I still dont understand that drama with pvp , whats a difference if sometimes you lose and you’ll get less resources , c’mon its only pvp who rly cares? Dont you know only cw matter?

Agreed. 100%.

I think maybe also any solo player que’d with or against a squad automatically gets 40 points/qualifies for reward. (this might be the only area not addressed, though probably isn’t really an issue)

I would suggest:
+3 and -3 for scrap. (6 differential)
+2 and -1 for wire. (3 differential)
+1 and = for batteries (1 differential)


For me, I already have enough resources that I don’t much care about that little resource penalty (or even all of it, I often just quit if I get beaten too early)

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I’m also this way, I don’t care about resources at all.

But newer guys do. This is for them, not for us.

The more ideas for player retention the better.

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Lower ps to team up to attack new players players may not be new

I like the rewards idea.
The PS adjustments, I’m afraid, won’t amount to much. Solo, I already square up against builds multi-thousand PS above me. What’s a few less, honestly?

Plus, too and also… OP asks why someone would play as a team & has some fair answers (sorry, I’m too lazy to scroll up & see who it was). Another to add to the list is that it’s often more fun to play as a group - especially if you’re talking over mics. I haven’t done it in a long time, but ya gotta admit, it’s fun… especially fun if you’re with a bunch of silly guys who like goofing around. If you haven’t rolled into battle with a 4 man squad of identical giant SpongeBob SquarePants builds, have you even lived yet? LOL :clown_face:


I agree to this part…

But, some seem to have an issue with it, so I’m trying to figure something out to help retain that kind of player instead of promoting threads that want to remove teams all together. I don’t see any harm in my solution.

For me personally: I have said over and over again that I love to fight solo VS full teams and I also don’t care about resource rewards. Those statements still hold true. But the game is not only for me.

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Ik your point Monkey dont worry, my message was directed to the general public and especially to those who complain about it, let say I was expressing my thoughts aloud :wink:

If Im not mistaken only one person cried about it :crazy_face:


I’m betting teams will just try to get around this by staying solo and queuing up at the same time to try to get in the same fight together. If they’re on separate teams, one person might throw so their friends can win.

Just my thoughts on the situation. Not sure if it would be a good idea or not.


tell them to stop playing TOW :crazy_face: :rofl:

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I know what your talking about, but that seems like a lot of hassle for a 1.2 modifier.

People will try to abuse anything, that’s does not mean it should not be done.

Fair, it would only be impactful for scrap. Wires and batteries wouldn’t really be affected.
People would certainly do it if they got less rewards for grouping up.

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I don’t care about winning or losing. Tbh I only care about scoring 40 points. That is from the viewpoint of over 30k games. People should not confuse this with not being able to singularly influence the outcome of a game if I pay attention. Two different things.

Playing on a new account? The mats you lose seem to matter more. I mean I sill don’t care, but I can see where it’s way more of a big deal for someone that has parts for 2 or 3 builds compared to “nothing stops me from building anything I want”.

I agree with you, but I can see it from a different viewpoint also.

I do not, nor will I ever, support removal of squad play. Limiting other people’s options by refusing to adapt seems like failure in the making to me.

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Are you sure you’re replying to me? Im a bit confuse tbh bc your message doesnt correspond to this what I wrote :thinking:

Im completely against removing squads!