All the weeklies are gone?

Rewards for doing hard, normal and easy raids are gone.
Rewards for the 20 side missions are gone.
…get the batteries, leviathans, brawls, wires.

All gone?

There are dailies and clan challenges. That’s it.

I may have just quit playing this game.


The rewards for daily challenges were CUT IN HALF. What is the point of all this? I have to play more than TWICE as many battles just to be where I was 24 hours ago? Weekly challenges are gone. I don’t understand any of this and I don’t like what I’m seeing so far. They expect me to double my effort just to earn less? I love this game but I think I may have bought my last battlepass.

They sure as hell didn’t learn anything from the Warthunder fiasco. If they don’t want people to play the game, just shut the damn thing down.


Someone email me if they change it back.


Artificially trying to increase gameplay by reducing rewards is not the way to implement changes, nor the kind of changes conducive to player retention and has the opposite effect, encouraging players to seek from a myriad of game offerings, a better experience.

Make the game FUN. We will play it MORE.

Adding grind to an already obscene amount of grind moves the needle farther from “Fun” and closer to “Find a New Game”

Edit: There is also a big influx from certain areas of the world, that player base is far more tolerant of grinding than say a player group from N. America.


Ya hope this is just an over sight. I will be uninstalling this thing if it isn’t!! So much potential waisted on such bad decisions!!


Just uninstalled the game. The director of this game is stuck on stupid!!


im just checking forum if they undo their bulshit. if after a month or so, i will simply remove this wasted game from my computer :confused: life keep going


The silly stuff about all this is how for once we got a decent bp with decent fuses without RNG, very useful considering theyre sending the game into the ground for anyone who would want to use these weapons. I guess they’ve sucessfully removing the middle class of this game. Now only Low class f2p people and high class clanners will remain, if not only the latter because the middle class without wallet will end up as low class and prob stop playing entirely with f2p as well I’d imagine.


Wouldnt be surprised if they hadnt had this all planned out in advance to get more people buying the bp. “Look guys you get one of the best bp yet! (although dont tell anyone but the game will become even more grindy 2/3 in!)” Because I can guarantee you that they would of never sold as much BPs if people knew this was coming.

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Just for the record, the above posts are not mine, nor any of my alts, and I don’t think they are Clebardman’s either :slightly_smiling_face:

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oi, so i exited my band to join another and i have to wait 3 days, well all the challenges just appeared and they are only worth 50 badges each. its not to bad if your in a clan but solo this is pretty unfriendly due to the requirements. idk if it appeared for you but they are tied into clans, so if you leave one you gotta wait 3 days to complete / start any weeklies again.

edit: some of the challenges are deal 2 million damage. one i saw was deal 6 million damage (i suggested these before to the devs as challenges… didnt think theyd add them in like this.) some are do 20 raids and whatnot to. and the one mission that was do 40 dailies is now 50 dailies.

Booted up the game this week and no weeklies anymore. Bad choice IMO. Now way less people will be playing certain modes.

  • Batteries
  • Easy raids
  • Medium raids
  • Hard raids
  • Leviathan
  • Brawls

No incentive, so I’ll be sticking to plain battles i guess.


its all locked behind clans. you have to be in a clan to access them now and some of the challenges are pretty absurd…


I played crossout on ps4 and now on PC, … it is my personal relax Time and i like it/love it to play Solo. I dont wanna be in a clan… but now im forced to it… cause if not i had no chance getting forward in this game. I spend real money to give this game my support and now i got the feeling that i wont play this anymore. I hate this feeling cause for me its one of my favourite Type of Gameconcepts. I know that new Ideas lead the way to the Future , but sometimes its better to go one step back. With best regards one longe term “Fan”


What is achieved by removing the weekly challenges:

  1. Making players spend more money on the game:
    a) On better equipment, in order to have better chances in clan battles. This looks like a big plan to try to tie us up in clan battle activity, in order to effect a big boost to trading on the market, and sales of crosscrown and coin packs.
    b) On band and clan creation fees.
  2. A reduction of our weekly profits, which used to be made in more flexible ways, through the weekly challenges. So now players are also more encouraged to buy crosscrown and coin packs if they don’t want to do the clan thing.
  3. A hope to retain new players - because being part of a clan is hoped to make them feel obligated to keep their clans running. Which could also introduce some chaos to clans, if new player retention rate doesn’t improve. They could be quitting the game as often as before, and clan owners/officers would have to juggle free clan slots around a lot more. :upside_down_face: And the developers could also be missing one important thing here - being engaged in an intense activity to farm resources is stressful, tiresome and emotionally draining. I’ve only played four WC battles to date, but last summer I made some 10K plastic during the Chase event, so I know how straining this kind of activity can be. And if it’s obligatory to do that every week (or every day even?), will that increase - or reduce player retention?

During one of the russian dev streams last year, he felt compelled to do some banning in the stream chat. Why would the chief developer do it? Don’t they have people assigned to that? He could’ve ignored it, or have Yuri do it. Maybe he’s that kind of person.

From watching the dev streams, I know that Alex approves every change to the game. So it was his decision to punish the playerbase for the developers’ mistake of letting some players make up to 1440 coins during one Twitch Droppings event. Because due to an error, we got extra 19 cartridges, and some chose to only craft Small Pink Lamps and salvage them all. IIRC, two Twitch Droppings events later, the crafting cost of all rewards was greatly increased, and later on, the lamps were even made unsalvageable. That’s how new players got punished for something some older players did only because of the developers’ mistake. And I believe it was Alex’s decision. It’s like I could see his Russian hand pulling the trigger on that nerf. That’s how he comes across in the dev streams.

And maybe it was his decision to now punish us for his previous decision to set up the raid challenges in two tiers, which resulted in some raiding more and getting richer, by removing those challenges altogether?

I haven’t been plaing PvP for fun since the Barrier IX nerf, but actally even since the Omni nerf (when braking by pressing any other direction key was removed - now I have to brake by pressing + holding the keys for the exact oppositely direction, so diagonally it’s two keys; and the promised fix to uphill slowdown didn’t work). Without Hans’s per for the Clarient, and with a faster Icarus VII, I had to abandon boosted Clarinet play, and with the Omni nerfed, and the BArrier IX buff reverted, using the weapon got even harder - at 11-12K PS. So I’ve mostly been raiding. Now I’m having loads of fun in Defence raids with a Heather car. After the live scoreboard was added to raids, some started to more aggressively fight for the MVP patch. So, with the increasing numbers of AC users, my Incinerator car was not only making me fewer resources, it was helping them score more points. Now, with the Heather car, it’s no more free heating for them (but also for the reset of the team :neutral_face:), and I can compete with Retcher users even better than before. It’s funny seeing Retcher and Porcupine players having to scramble all over the Crater, to fight for the scraps I leave for them. Though it’s not fun doing it to everyone else (and AC players barely have to move).

So, because the weekly PvP challenges are gone now, I’ll probably just raid, and try to figure out if it’s worthwhile collecting confrontation points in PvP.

If this is true, then I’ll just do Patrol for event challenges, and the rest will be raids. Raiding with 2 Heathers is even chiller than with 2 Incinerators. No constant aiming and clicking, like with MGs or ACs. I’m like, “Hey, raiders! Eat this up! I ate it yesterday, and now it’s all for you! Ha-ha!” Then I get to relax for a few seconds, while the weapons reload. :sunglasses: Plus, now that I can’t record videos showing cool Clarinet gameplay, I’ve had more time for building art. Trying to promote art built in the 180-part slot, after that update which put the exhibition stats in the player profile center - which mostly resulted in like farming in the 80-part slot. I’m hoping that the Atom would drive and break better than the Omni, so maybe I could go back to PvP, even at the cost of an extra 400 PS (from 4 Atoms).

BTW, that’s nice logic on Tard’em’s part:

  1. Upset a lot of players.
  2. Give them an atomic ball wheel.
  3. Hope an atomic intifada doesn’t erupt, and bissfully go to sleep, to enjoy some happy dreams about money (perhaps some reliable foreign currency). While an atomic intifada isn’t just totally brewing right this very moment. :sleeping_bed: :atom_symbol: :bomb:

Everything is not gone…

Right now my clan is working on the dailies and weeklies for everyone while
I’m at work :). I might have most my challenges complete before I log in tonight.

All I have to do is collect the reward.

Then when I log into the game. I don’t even care about what the game wants me to do. I only play the modes I want to.

This new system is freedom to play the modes I like and only the modes I like. I will still get the reward. And if for example no one liked raids then we would invite a few people that do and they could do the raid challenges for everyone.


iirc the nerf wasnt that bad. they brought it down to 2 energy but reduced its durability by… how much was it again?
i have a barrier 9 and its quite a good one. decided to keep it as is.
mine is
resistance to all damage +10%
protective field durability +10%
activation speed +20%

its pretty bad in raids to… they limited the points so heavily and made it so that its very hard to get things done.

you need to put in the effort to collect the reward. your not off scott free you know. they made it so you have to put in at least some effort to get the rewards as well.

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I hope they will kick you out for not helping them to get badges :rofl:


I’m a General in this clan (all the other ones I was leader) and have been for a few years. The system was built to help people with less time and to work as a group.

We are almost all ex or active military/police officers and we have each others backs.

Just becuase little nerd rage clans have political issues we don’t. We have a group of full grown, professional fighters that are all adults.

We don’t have the baby game drama of most clans.

Let me ask you, what are you doing here? Why not supporting the country you have flag on?