* Attention Forum Mods* someone is abusing the 'Flag System'

Thus why people think he is either a dev bot or flat-out works for Targem/Gaijin or even is sucking up to the forum mods in order to become one. The best way to do that is to say nothing is wrong with this game or any of its updates while doing your part to flag “inappropriate” content which would be a great disguise to flag only those who you don’t like so killing 2 birds with 1 stone


Ya, almost all of that flagging served only to insulate Targem from reproach. Much of the criticism flagged was delivered without personal insults or profanity, and by people with notoriously rational perspectives…I’m not saying I’m that guy, but those youtubers certainly are, and most of the other kids here that got flag-spammed are too.

I said some mean shit, and deserved it, probably, so I’m not going to defend myself in that regard.

Clearly, he was putting out fires on behalf of Targem. Why? IDK.

I’m sure most of you don’t want to my theories on the flagging, but here’s what I think:

The flagger(s) are either doing it for laughs or out of rage. Chances are there is more than one frequent flagger, and they may be doing it for different reasons.

If it’s someone (or multiple people) doing it for laughs, then the best way to counter it is to ignore it. Every time anyone rages out about being flagged, it encourages more flagging. Every thread where people try to figure out the flagger also encourages more troll flagging. And to be honest, I can see the humour in how easy it is to get people riled up and paranoid with a bit of random flagging. If I were a different kind of person, I might do it myself. Trolls like to get people to embarrass themselves and rage out online. The more you freak out about it, the more fun it is for them.

The other possibility (which I think is more likely), is that the forum has a lot of hot heads, and it doesn’t take a lot to get them to flag someone. And the more flagging happens, the angrier they get, which leads to more flagging, rinse/repeat. Think of it as a circular firing squad.

I believe that the hot head theory is more likely to be the explanation for a couple reasons. First of all, people on all sides of arguments are getting flagged, suggesting it’s coming from multiple sources. And multiple angry flaggers would also explain why the mods haven’t found a single mad flagger.

I don’t know if that’s true. In fact it looks to me like they did have a little chat with him, but if you know something we don’t, lets hear it. You got an inside ear on this? Sounds like maybe you do.

I suppose it doesn’t matter, as it’s clear nothing is going to change. In the grand scheme of things it absolutely doesn’t matter.

I think I’m building an immunity to the Crossout virus, as it hurts a lot less to not play these days. It’s become a lot easier to resist.

what :crazy_face:

'i have edited several of my flagged posts 'only to be flagged Again the very second i click Save.
and that went on for an hour of the same posts…

clearly someone is watching me edit and then flags it again and again.
i’m not going to ignore someone punching me in the face repeatedly.you get it yet? :kissing_heart:

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I got the impression when I posted today’s announcement that my activity here is being followed too. He got his nose wet almost immediately after I posted it, like I triggered a notification feature.

He certainly couldn’t have actually read the announcement before posting his routine, groveling, and generic accolades.

But, I don’t care, and unfortunately I know nothing for certain. I will say I afforded him more doubt before the debacle was resolved in the manner it was. Now, it seems harder to remain skeptical. I don’t feel bad about giving him the benefit of a slim doubt (Poony4u shouldn’t either), but that water has gotten a lot heavier to carry.


What I meant is that they may have banned one or more people who are abusing the flag system, but we haven’t noticed because there are so many other people flagging too.

I have no inside track on this. There have been periods in the past when I seemed to be getting targeted for flags, so I spent a while thinking about it and watching the forum.

One thing I realized is that truly malicious flags don’t really matter. Eventually a mod will log on, check it and clear it. Presumably they can see who flagged it, and potentially suspend them. Even if they don’t, nothing bad happens to me, other than my post seeming more interesting than it probably was. We all click that “show hidden post” button regularly.
But I also realized that some of my flagged posts were in fact violating the rules, even if I felt I was being righteous about it. I can’t really complain about that. They made the rules, so we know the risk if we don’t follow them.

You do get flagged a lot, which is actually one of the reasons I don’t think it’s Monkey. I’m pretty sure he appreciates your particular brand of insanity and respects that you’re still out there having fun on the wasteland after so many years. Of course he disagrees with you on lots of things, but that’s just because he’s passionate about his opinions (even when he’s wrong).

I don’t have any theories about who might be targeting you specifically though. Is there a theme to the posts they flag? I remember a couple members of the old forum who seemed to get mad when people were funny on the board, but I don’t know if they’re on this board. Is it your meme posts that get flagged? Off-colour jokes? Or just random stuff?

But I could be wrong about all of this. Just one man’s uninformed opinion about all this.

Could you please stop defending this flagger? I know that there is a thread of understanding between you, especially since you like to like your own posts and pat yourself on the shoulder in many situations. Nothing will change the fact that he flags the most here, maybe you’re right and someone helps him with it, maybe is one of the devs or maybe some secret friend of his with whom he pats on the shoulder, and they both laugh behind everyone’s back. But someday it will end and the flagger will be exposed :sunglasses:


It’s entirely possible that it does end up being Monkey, but your certainty isn’t very convincing.

Do you really think the mods are protecting whoever it is? Seems a bit far fetched to me.

‘i going to say this for the last time’…

‘i never said monkey was flagging me’
and you still don’t get what i went through being a ‘victim’

‘so lay off on the justifications’ thx :kissing_heart:

‘or just don’t include me in them’ :shushing_face:

I’m sorry, what do you think I’m justifying?

I think I was the first person to start a thread on the new forum about the mad flagger. I’ve had my account suspended a couple times due to shenanigans. I’m not interested in justifying anything about this kind of thing.

Flagger in attack :crazy_face:

I’d be willing to bet a super-sized happy meal that he’s got a promo account as payment for this.

The only things getting flagged are posts way off topic OR criticizing him and/or the game. That’s it.
After I got PMs from multiple people accusing the Monkey, and after mine started getting flagged after the Weekly Challenge debacle, I started to get suspicious. So, I started paying attention.

I’d log in, and check to see if he was online. I’d then check to see if others were online at the same time (no offense, but you were one of them since you’ve almost defended him).

Seeing you & others were NOT online, but he was, I’d post something criticizing the he!! out of the game.

Mind you, he hadn’t posted in something like 18 hours the last time I did this, but there he was… online.

Within seconds of my post, it was flagged.

This happened 3 times.

Yeah… this is what I was doing instead of playing the game. :rofl: It was honestly more fun & more rewarding.

It’s entirely possible that someone else is the flag-monster, but I doubt it.

This was the latest… It was actually funny to watch it happen.


Hasn’t he always been pretty civil and friendly with you? I’ve never noticed you guys fighting, or him saying anything angry about you.

It’s possible I missed something, but I spend a lot of time reading this forum.

Yes he has been defensive about this update, but I’ve seen nothing to indicate he’s mad that other people aren’t happy about it. Maybe I’m blind?
To me, it just looks like he thinks many of the complaints are premature and because people haven’t figured out the new system yet. And it looks like a lot of you guys are mad that he’s not taking your complaints seriously. Did I miss some big blowup between the two of you?

Edit: I would be curious if any of the people that messaged you accusing monkey have a history of mischief. Because if I were trolling the flag system for laughs, I would definitely send messages like that to get suspicion off of myself and to stir the pot. Thankfully I’m not like that, but I know some people are,

Yep. We’ve always been civil - even in PMs.

None of the people who PMd me insinuating Monkey have any history of mischief that I know of. One is a little salty for my tastes, but I wouldn’t call it mischief.

I’m not really referring to what he’s publicly posted… just that after having my suspicions aroused, I started watching to see who was online when. It’s pretty easy to check. Just click their icon & it’ll show you if they’re online - and if not - when the last time they were online was.

What he publicly posts is pretty defensible. I’ve defended it - both publicly and in PMs.

It’s the fact that I’m quite certain he’s the one flagging everyone. That’s inexcusable behavior to me. He’s flagging people for not being happy with the changes… for not agreeing with him. That’s scummy behavior. Not even the Muppet is/was that obnoxious, and that account is designed to be obnoxious. If it was Muppet, I might even be okay with it, because Muppet never pretended to be a productive member of this community.

The Monkey’s entire persona on this forum is a lie.

He’s not a polite, thoughtful, knowledgeable and helpful member of the community. No, that’s not what he is at all.
I was fooled.

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Mine that was flagged was in all caps and had profanity. Not me at my best for sure. I don’t blame anyone for flagging it though. I don’t actually care it was flagged.


You say you’re certain, but I can’t imagine being certain about something like that just from trying to keep track of who is online when things are flagged.
Like you said, for it to be true, everything he has represented online was a complete fiction. Do you really think that’s the most likely explanation?

You mention muppet, and to me they seem like a more likely culprit. To be clear, I am not accusing muppet, I am just pointing out a hypothetical situation.
I’m pretty sure that muppet doesn’t like monkey, based on their online interactions. Muppet is definitely capable of mischief, and has some skill in that department. Muppet also has at least one alt account. I’m 90% sure muppet has made comments citing the rules and pointing out how people are breaking them.

Now just to repeat, I am not actually accusing muppet. I am just pointing out that they are just as likely to be the flagger.

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Post a well thought out criticism of the game & see what happens.

Of course, now that he’s been so repeatedly shamed for flagging, maybe he’ll leave you alone.

I posted a link to a CrossOut Youtube Partner’s video about the new update & it was flagged. Many of the responses were flagged… There’s no criticism - polite or otherwise - he won’t flag. The only reason he isn’t flagging more of them is that he forum apparently sets a flagging daily limit.

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‘well i’m sure muppet will be happy you brought his name into this instead of using your own name’ :thinking: :crazy_face: :rofl: