Buff Icarus VII

Top speed 80 KM / H
It moves like a sloth in all directions.
It is constantly slipping in all directions relative to the steering wheel. (improve) + Force a lot of time to start in the other direction.
Improving shooting accuracy Contraction of the Icarus VII crosshair at 5 km / h due to lack of parking brake or air brake.

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You are trolling, right? Be honest.


Death I seriously wrote what I wrote

Hovers need a huge nerf and Bigrams need a nerf as well. Before hovers were added quad tracked triple executioner builds were CW meta. ML200’s were meta after their buffs before bigrams got added. Guess what? Tracks are shit nobody uses unless they are small tracks on melee/breaker builds, and Bigrams killed ML200’s which were already totally obsolete to hovers. What happens next? Every build gets a speed nerf while hovers now go 80 km/h with a linear acceleration curve while literally every other movement part has a logarithmic acceleration curve.
Over a year ago I conclusively proved that hovers also have no throttle delay by using engine rev audio. Everything except hovers has a roughly 350ms delay between braking and accelerating, its obvious if you look at the audio in audacity. Hovers have a 0ms throttle delay, as proven by the total lack of a break between switching directions.


No.they should slowdown the hover . The hover shouldn’t go faster then a build on wheel build. With the recoil of the typhoon you can go 100 kph.


Good one. I rly like early morning jokes :crossed_fingers:


They just should be removed from the game, this is not a flying game, if we have sci fi hovers then why not give us helicopter parts and pew people from above?


The hover can fly and strafe so no way they should go faster.


Man, what are you talking about? have you been playing lately?

8 sec reroad once for 1 second 100 KMP/H grat

I understand the joke: D in retrospect

Why ? Instead of 5 wheels, 9 and so should be fitted, as in the case of the icarus ML200 -Bigram. then just a real cry …

stop asking for them to nerf hovers and bigrams, start asking them to just buff everything else, it will do way better for the game;

if they nerf hovers and bigrams they will become bad; but all the other movement parts will still be bad with no improvements!


Please nerf Hermit wheels and Bigfoots by nerfing the tonnage and power to get them inline with hovers! For a good cw hover you need at least 9 hovers to be effective, and if you dont have them fused then you are really slow. On the other hand wheeled builds need 6-7 wheels to have full mass limit while on hover you never get over 70%! Maybe even nerf the durability of the wheels as well. The problem is since hover was nerfed to 75 wheels have such a high advantage in comparison. Also fix the broken brake mechanic when running only st wheels!

U dont understand ppl, 1st thing is that I laugh of Ferrari and his statement about hovers being faster than wheeled builds, 2nd thing is derp and his bs about removing hovers and sci fi stuff.
Hovers were added with Down children faction in September 2017 , 3 months after game were published and much before broken op bigrams and you’re asking to nerf ezz kill hovers? How big nub you have to be if you strugle to kill a ezz hover?

Derp leave this forum and go to reddit together with other “pc pros” :rofl:

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I get it :slight_smile: finally a sensible player who plays with it. not just the forum writes the netĂł (stupidity)

This is a reasonable request. But I think the speed is good where it is.

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Why the hover should go 200 kph and the wheel 50kph? The typhoon and the scorpion should one shot the ennemies cross the map ,why not.

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Hovers are pretty much fine where they are for the first time since ages, but ofc you’ll always find people who cry for a buff to their toy/nerf to the thing that counters them.

I played hovers for a while, play with an excellent hover mate in CW regularly. Just don’t go in CW with 3 hover builds or you’ll get torn into pieces by melees, obv…

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My opinion is probably worthless because I only recently started playing around with hovers, but they seem fine to me.
I never found them that scary to battle against, and while I now understand why some people love playing them, they still seem to have enough weaknesses to balance out their advantages.
From what I see on PS4, hovers seem to be a minority of builds at most PVP PS levels. I see more wheels than anything else, with bigrams and tracks also being at least as common as hovers.
Only Omniwheels and Meat Grinders seem less popular than hovers (probably because both have a steep learning curve).

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