Buff Icarus VII

I agree with this. We have movement parts that are in a bad spot like the ML-200 and Armored Tracks.
The Meta seems to seesaw between Dogs and Hover builds. Nerf 1 meta, and the other ones will become more powerful. The first step to breaking this trend is to improve some of the underperforming parts first.

yes buff those jet engines and make them fly with supersonic speed in the sky like they were designed for


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Stop crying it will be more healthy for the game :love_you_gesture:

Frank, we all Know your a anti-hover wheel guy.

I play wheels, hovers and bigrams. I personally think that hovers are fine as is.

Their was a time when I would only use hovers. Now I feel like different movement types are better for different weapon sets and this is a good thing.

Now you will see a good mix of movement types on the battlefield.

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I’m not against hover, its just the speed make no sense. But every topics you always answer ;it’s fine the way it is. The forum is made to suggest some change. Not keep everything the way it is and let the game die.


Yeah keep useles co-driver.

no. Hovers and rams are the sole reason for many ranged builds becoming obsolete. You are just merely defending your powercreep. It is not possible to preserve the distinct capabilities and weaknesses each movement part has if you buff them to contend with hovers, dogs, and bigrams.
It is complete fact when I say that these two movement parts are suppressing every other movement part for ranged builds.

Well, some movement parts can’t even do what they are meant do to;

Take a look at the goliath tracks for example;

They have the least effective health in the game, yes, they may have the highest numeric value, but it is so large that it will just dissapear instantly, almost the same durability as armored tracks, 90% of all the enemy fire will hit the track, even acidentally, and with the lack of damage resistances, it goes down even more quickly, you don’t even need to aim at them to hit them, and it is impossible to miss a shot on them, making them basically glass, and if you rely on them, you willl lose a single one, and be basically dead, and if the enemy has any sort of armor piercing/energy weapon, you may as well selfdestruct, as even just trying won’t be worth it; and no, retreating back to cover when you spot “the big counter” is not an opition, due to it’s ridiculous slow speed and acceleration…

oh and also, almost forgot, they have ZERO traction, if a hover skinners a goliath build, it does not matter how much it weights or how heavy it is, IT WILL get pulled by the hover effortlessly

It is literally better used as secondary movement part as “armor” than actually being a “movement” part, and i hate it.

They are fine as is, just because someone makes a suggestion does not mean I have to agree or does it mean they are right.

That is how we have a conversation. You can think they way you think, and I can think the way I think. If everyone agreed on a post then all they need to do is “like” a post and move on. I guess then we can just stop talking all together…

And now that I think about it… your kind of right, the speed of a jet engine going slower then wheels does not make sense. So I agree, buff hovers.

Not really… Hovers are fine, they have been nerfed a lot. I personally think they have been over nerfed, but I’m fine with that too.

I’ve not contemplated the Goliath question. But what I do know is that they would be better if hovers and bigrams were not so prevalent, also if the devs re did the scorps perk so it could not do to compact builds what it does.

I’m not asking for a nerf ,a rework. Less speed,less acceleration, more tonnage,more durability.

[quote=“FerrariFrankQc, post:33, topic:1992, full:true”]
I’m not asking for a nerf ,a rework. Less speed,less acceleration,

If no hovers or bigrams, we would have some mix of ML-200s, omnis, and grinders. The ability to strafe will always make a movement part more attractive for peek shooting than parts that cannot strafe. Many have asked for MLs, omnis, and grinders to be buffed. It is folly to suggest they cannot be buffed to contend.

If you think every part should be nerfed to make heavy track builds worthy of high level play, you are simply trying to simplify the game, making all parts slow and cumbersome. That might give unskilled players a better chance to compete but it isn’t what most in the community want or what the game needs.

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If anything Hovers need more speed and acceleration, not less.

If the hover are faster than wheels,where is the point to have wheels.

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jet engines belong in the sky on supersonic planes

You are completely misrepresenting what I said. I said hovers and rams should be nerfed, not everything except tracks.
ML-200 don’t need a buff, they would be Apex meta w/o Bigrams and hovers. They are already very good compared to the baseline which is wheeled range builds; what everybody started with and has played with.
Omnis could use a slight buff to their multi-input acceleration and PS reduction, nothing else.
Augers need their old handling back and Targem needs to add two new auger parts that are a forward and reverse thread pitch, because they worked based on individual contact patches before they got changed to work like Omnis.
Tracks need a lot of changes that can’t be a straight nerf or buff but I don’t want to get into all that.

Sure do tweaks and adjustments, but making augers go 80 km/h or ML-200 go 60/65 is not going to fix anything in a good way. The biggest and best single thing for game balance is for hovers and rams to be put in check already with some dura nerfs to fast purple parts, because small fast builds simply have too much durability for everything else they have. Dewheeling has not been a viable strategy since bigfoots and its totally dead with hermits and small tracks.

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hovers dont need a nerf. they been nerfed enough.

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