Bumper Melee Stats are WRONG (video)

The melee stats for the bumpers are wrong… so wrong, it prompted me to crank up the video editing genes & have a go at it. Hope you likey. :slight_smile:


yeap, that seems in line (small plows).
even double digits numbers in combat at low(ish) speeds or at other hardened parts.
In the garage ramming my own build with my build at full speed ahead. i got 400 (ish) damage with the flails.
With what i normally use (small plows) i got 355 damage under the same conditions.

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I’ve been using hatchets on everything… just learned they’re no better for melee than a jar of crunchy peanut butter. :joy: :clown_face:

the work you put into that is much appreciated. you should know that.