Caucasus is the new weopon of choice--thx crossout!

everyone complained about aim assist and auto targeting.
and your update pushed everyone to caucs.
so with your nerf i cant shoot off 1 cauc now,so how do i shoot off three???
stop nerfing and give back my damage i Fused to Get spending lots of coin!!!

… if you can’t handle one of the lowest performing purples in the game. Then I suggest you stick to Patrol and get some practice in bud.

Maybe some time in a awakening learning to target weapons against vehicles that won’t fight back?

I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time developing the skill to play this game. I’ve seen you struggle for so long. They really should write up a better tutorial for players like you.


This must be a joke thread.


Lmao Caucs got nerfed like 4 times last year, and they were worse than Whirls to begin with.
What was your point already?


Don’t talk about that, you will be accused of spam.LOL

I remember a time, when Caucasus had 450 hp.
That was before everyone started copying my build and people started crying and then they got nerfed to what they are today.

Caucasus seems useful on light disbalanced drift builds on jannaby - at least my impression. Disclosure - I used only shortly, and it seems it is best paired with evasive builds. So its very situational but seems to counter well canons on mid to short distace. But it obviously cant be used to disarm or counter rockets - so I see why somebody who is used to shotguns (may they swallow 3 spiders a night) would be upset.

i use to be able to shoot them off,but now this update ruined that,and i never struggle.

You’re constantly in here asking for nerfs and complaining about things.

A blind person could see your struggles. Bless your heart, you’re trying so hard though. It’s just not fair that the devs don’t cater to your need to be the hero in the video game isn’t it? :slight_smile:


Sooooo…Nobody is in the Old Forum you can pick on? (aka -Crimsom_Widow)?
so you just have to Belittle and control this Forum?..
how dare you bring your toxic poison here.
no one really cares about what you type ,and your game stats are very Odd–do you work for this company? or did you pay thousands of dollars to play a fake game?..
you just play Relics ‘shotguns n cloak’…
hmm maybe alittle bit of humility will help keep you from picking on players…maybe not…
but heres my first gif for you…

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I’m a casual player and free to play…and i stand with all ftp casual players…see…

and your not…see…whales have no opinion here…

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I’m no whale (only buy battlepasses), and I also think the majority of your threads seem to be about why the game is unfair to you because other people keep beating you.
I’m still not convinced that this isn’t just a joke thread though.
I tried Caucasus for a couple weeks a while ago, and while they aren’t as weak as they used to be, they definitely aren’t particularly strong.
I can’t imagine anyone other than a complete beginner complaining about them being too strong.

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I’m no whale (only buy battlepasses)

Battlepasses are so cheap, what are you talking about?
I only started buying them because I felt bad that I’d never spent any money on the only game I play.

If buying the basic battlepass once and a while makes me a whale, I guess I don’t understand what that term means anymore.


No… this is XO forum community logic as to what ‘whale’ means. You spent a single cent.

Not that you spend hundreds per month.

Not that you can snap a credit card magnetic strip and spit out a new set of fused *insert whatever…

No… if you aren’t just a meat-machine AI in the game for them to profit purely from your presence, then you are a Whale. You get used to that being the normal definition around here after a while.

Editing to add: I really do mean it mud, perhaps they could make a mode for you where it’s all easier opponents but slightly lesser rewards… They could call it “Scout Mode”… no… Hmmm… Well, anyway, I think that would be good for you wouldn’t it? Somewhere you can practice obviously would be valuable.

Incidentally… Just because you play inefficiently doesn’t mean I am a whale and CW Isn’t recorded in match records sweetheart. Might I also add something real fun for you to consider that everyone else already knows: My Original account got lost due to an email service provider going out of business and no 2FA. This account had to be reset partially at one point. :wink: So there’s that too. What you continue to do is try to deflect from the fact that you don’t have the skill, after 42k matches… to handle caucasus. Hey though… you play down at 8k? I have a few old Caucasus builds down there… perhaps I can come visit XD

And a mace wedge? How… quaint… and chasing an old hyper meta.

i spent 0 dollars on this game but alot of dollars on beers while playing this game, *burp
I guess its pay to have more fun?

Ew, shotgonners :crazy_face:

The Cuckcasus is an annoying POS regardless of how OP or UP you think it is. An autoaim weapon has no place being a hitscan weapon that goes straight for the cabin wit 100% accuracy. That goes for turrets and drones as well. They should nerf it to deal the same damage as the Hornet just to spite all the guys that use it but get super stingy and call people who ask for a nerf n00bs that can’t aim well enough to shoot it off, lul.

Yeah shame on those autoaim weapons that have 100% accuracy towards your cabin, now tell the bots to stop firing with their 100% accuracy towards your cabin too, and disable their wallhack.
Because this game is for honorable people, and everything that kills them is a cheat.

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Take another look at what i wrote,i’m not going to edit it…because it Shows how many people have turned it into me saying to nerf something…
i simply want MY Damage back that i earned…
so stop trashing every persons post like your so are just very annoying.
you have no respect for anyone,only your ego and hoping people will like you…
i used caucs as an example to what i use to do to them because they are annoying.i dont want them nerfed at all…
i want my hard earned sht unnerfed…

lemmy has a great point,but derp doesn’t,only thing to shoot at is the cabs,they can’t write a script to shoot off any particular parts because ppl use many diff builds,but they have to use the cabs,so thats what they shoot at.that goes for any autoaim…but that’s a different topic all together that needs attention…