Co-driver stone deaf level is 15 useless

Nobody is ready to spend ressources on this perk. Suggestions:maybe a huge perk on the lovely kapkan , like 50% reload faster.kapkan and cannons are very good together.

-50 points for you sir.

lol.the perk on stone deaf is really useless .

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It is only useless for end game high PS players.

You need to realize some people like to play low to mid PS and they use this perk.

I personally agree with you, but do not think that everything in this game is a “one size fits all” kind of thing.

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In my opinions ,if you reached the level 15 on stone deaf ,that mean you have enough experience on the battlefield to play high ps. If you play low PS with a lot of experience ,that mean seal club. Seal club is really bad for the game.

Again, this game is meant to be played at any PS.

There is no wrong or right build OR wrong or right PS to play at.

Seal Clubber is a term people give people that are doing well in the game at the PS they are playing at.

Even though I personally agree with you and do not play low to mid PS unless I’m doing a trail, I’m also going to have to agree with the people that play low to mid PS.

This game is all about having fun, your version of fun, my version of fun, and anyone else’s is completely different.

I personally think someone going around the game playing only capkans is cancer to the game, BUT I also think it is your right to play that build and who cares what I think.

Just have fun man and let people have their fun the way they like.

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So stop hate the lovely kapkan and stop ask for a nerf on the beautiful kapkan.And let my adorable kapkan alone. Its the only way i enjoy the game , is to be support build for my team . This game is all about TEAMWORK.

I agree with the first part. By the time, a player has the resources for the final level, they will have a better heavy cabin anyways.
On the bright side, you’re not missing out on anything and you can spend your 2000 electronics elsewhere. You could craft 2 legendaries instead.


OP items need nerfs, but while they are OP have fun.

This is the way.

OP ,not really . They got nerfed too many time. The spark,the flash , the argus , a porcupine player ,a full long range team And now the interceptor. And now because of that everybody is running with 3 cheap draco and a interceptor.

5 KPH more seems pretty sweet, specially for heavy builds and if this bonus affect legs and tracks, then even more.

I’m tied to Master jack as long i’m using medium builds, without him my builds don’t work ( the 500 kg bonus)

But with a heavy build and if i wont need the extra kilos that extra KPH doesn’t seems useless.

Just get a better cab like humpback,icebox,cohort.and keep your ressource for something else.And welcome in big lobby.

They don’t want to play in big lobbies with all the sweaty try hards.

Some of us like it, the others don’t.

I was like you for years Frank. But at some point you have to realize the game does not revolve around you.

Do I want the level 15 change? Hell yeah, I would love that. But, obviously some other people like it.

So we can live without it I’m sure :slight_smile:

I know many players they quit the game because not enough good player in the game. That’s why me and skeletronscrew we asking for crossplay.

And also the end goal in this game is to get a relics. And the main way to get a relic is to do clan battle. Good luck with your fast trucker cab in CB.

I guess the new meta is gone be ,the trucker cab with any weapon with AA ,stone deaf level 15 unlocked.

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You are wrong my friend, I to was also blinded by Clan Wars, Relics and Being top 10 for years. I to was wrong.

The end goal of this game is to have fun.

Not to get relics.

I have many sets of fused relics and fused legendary items, but I did not ever need those to have fun. I sure thought I did.

The real truth is 90% of these dudes will never see relics. And I bet most of them don’t even care if they ever get them.

This is why it is more important to balance the game for mid to low PS. It is just smart business.


I’m all about tankiness, i run SGs but i use the Master Jack i can’t use anyone else because of the extra 500 kg, not even Bulldog.
I’m planning using legs and tracks (i finally encounter ones that i think i will like).
Golden eagle or Colossus… i don’t know yet.
Now i’m tanky but i run at 80 or 90 kph.
Perhaps running at 55kph i will not be as tanky despite having much more armour .
you see where i am going.
with this perk i can discard the golden eagle and use Colossus, adding + 30% of survivability to the tracks on top of what they already have or i can use the golden eagle and be fast for that kind of build.
either way don’t seem to be useless …if i don’t use cannons.
It’s not the perk that is useless, cannons are.
As is one have to go to the top to find a cannon worth to the name.
But perhaps is just me but i build to counter cannons

I don’t think it’s useful, and those lazy designers won’t change even if they see it

You can have the cake and eat it. Make that lvl 15 Stone-Deaf perk apply to Machinist too. I’m not saying it makes this lvl 15 much better… But at least there’s something for low PS AND endgame there.