Confrontation balance

Is it just me, or would it make sense to outright not allow relic weapons to participate in the 4v4 confrontation? It’s supposed to be a lower ps, new player friendly diet clan wars with no uranium as far as I know, and honestly relics (porcs) have no right in taking part in it. Go seal club in regular pvp or take part in regular clan wars with your relics.

Would you think it would make sense to only allow weapons up to legendary rarity to participate?

Then again this mode has already gotten as cheesy as it can be with the builds so not letting someone bring their porcs to the sh1tshow does not do much for the overall balance, or lack of it, but at least then people could pretend the devs are not running the game with the mental capacity of a common fungus

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Sorry. You’re wrong. That’s not what it is. I say that with respect, not trying to be a jerk.

This isn’t CW light or whatever.

This is a strategy by the devs to get more players spending more money.

Many of us on the forum have been saying for a long time that the sweet spot for PS is around 9k. That’s where the biggest variety of parts, build styles & playstyles has been. It’s no coincidence that this is where Confrontation lands.

The devs’ goal is to pit all those players who have been playing nearly for free against each other in serious PVP in order to get any real rewards. This forces players to no longer play casually… to pursue the META they’ve been ignoring… to do everything they can to acquire the parts necessary for that META.

To do that, you have to spend money.

Think about it from the devs’ perspective, and this whole stupid thing makes sense.

If they ban relics, then all those casual 9k power score players won’t be exposed to them. They won’t get their @sses stomped by them. They won’t feel the need to acquire them…

The relics will never be banned from lower PS matches. Ever.

This is all a marketing technique to get you to buy those expensive bits…


The mode itself is 100% clan wars lite. With all its flaws and everything.

The rest of that stuff has nothing to do with how the mode is played.

not just you :crazy_face:

I disagree that relics should be excluded. Relics come with relic PSs, which most view (myself included) as being inferior at 9k.

Porcs are one of the few relics I have seen in this mode. They can be effective but are also builds with great weaknesses. They command my attention but do not command my fear.


Agreed, how do you have CW training with limits.

That’s not how CWs work - the limit for everything has always been PS.

I’m not seeing any problem with relics or legendary weapons in this mode. You have to sacrifice a lot to get them into the PS range, so they don’t really give a big advantage.
I’ve been trying a variety of builds, and one of the more successful ones is a therm build. I’ve tried some legendary weapons, but they didn’t have any advantages over epics in this format.
I’m pretty sure porcs are the only relics I’ve seem in this mode, and I’ve only seen a couple of those builds.

Success in this mode seems to have more to do with teamwork than gear, although making a smart build is essential. You just don’t need to have the most high end gear to make a good build for this.

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how do you first ride a bike without training wheels? you fall down.
i know its just a game,but as i said before 'new players don’t have what seasoned players have.
'let’s not forget confrontation is not ‘clan wars’ so it’s random clans playing.
they can make more money giving players a choice…

9k is training wheels.

Haven’t you been playing 9k for years?
I would assume your very good at this mode with all the practice.

This isnt a response directed at him in particular but i do recall lots of the CW haters (those that failed at that level) bragging about their dominance at PS levels around 9k. And now some still try to blame their lack of success on inventory at this level. While it is true that not everyone (newer players) has the inventory to compete in this mode, it is simply an excuse for those that have player for 1+ yr.


Maybe PS is the limit for everything, but all I know is, every time I played CW, I was ALWAYS at least 4K BELOW the weakest enemy team’s car. If I ever complete this confrontation crap (and I no longer care if I do), I will never play anything that resembles CW again.

I’m noticing that none of the people who regularly complain about the matchmaker pairing their 9kPS build against 12kPS builds have said much about how they’re doing against a hard 9kPS limit.

This mode is the closest we’ve ever come to a balanced competitive version of PVP, and with no bots. It’s what many have been begging for, for years.

I’m not going to lie, I am finding it more challenging than I expected, but it’s also a lot more exhilarating than normal PVP. And the hard PS cap really gets my builder creativity going, except instead of focusing on looks and vibe, I’m focussing on efficiency for a change.


Ya, I think that’s a fair assessment. I think most people have outright accepted that Clan Wars was Pay to Win mode, and were wise to avoid it.

Any time whether or not Crossout was pay to win has been discussed, the general consensus has been, oh hell no, but conceded that Clan Wars probably was, and if you didn’t like it, just don’t play that, and that was what most of us did…now?

Now that Pandora’s box has been opened, and that garbage mode has been thrust upon everybody, I would expect that pay to win dynamic to contaminate the rest of the game, as the developers probably intended.

As a solo f2player, I think this mode is a death knell. As a P2player, my opinion isn’t much different, but has a broader scope. From that perspective, there are a lot of other things, in addition to that, making this game unappealing to me.

I logged on last night, and access to confrontation mode read, “opens in 57 minutes.” Usually, I would just log off at that notice, but this time I decided to go ahead and play for an hour and wait for the mode to open while I played PVP or whatever. Couldn’t do it. I didn’t make it. Not even close.

The current state of the game is awful, and I don’t expect this new incoming update to fix any of it. Add to that the stupid forum crap, and it looks like this game has earned it’s negative popularity rating. They appear to have worked very hard for it.

It’s sad and disappointing. This was my favorite game ever, and I have no idea how they put this cat back in the bag, or fix the system they have now, but I hope they do something, and I don’t think this incoming update is it.

I miss Crossout. Update 2.O is a death spiral that continues to get worse and worse.

That’s JMO, but I’m not just a F2player. I also P2P and spend an average of $100 a year here. I’m sure there are other companies that would appreciate my patronage, but I’m not into 3rd person shooters so much. I came here for the build feature, and character customization. That’s hard to find to the degree Crossout can do it. Impossible? IDK. looks like it.


The old saying “Be careful what you ask for. You might get it.”

Everyone wants it like this until they realize they need some building and combat skills that are specific to this type of mode.

Just like we have “Raid” builds you need “CW” and “Confrontation” builds. Who would have guessed?

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If you spend $100/yr for 2 years, you would have enough to not only be able to play this mode competitively (gear-wise) but you should also be able to play CW competitively.

If you hate CW, Confrontation, and PVP, what is it that you do like? PVE?

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Not something I normally complain about though I did notice a fair number of 7k and lower mixed teams being matched against straight 9k teams while playing solo last week.

You aren’t really breaking down what I said very well.

I used to like PVP, and basically that’s all I would play. The current state of it is awful, though, and I’m not a big fan of PVE, but sometimes I find raids relaxing and will do those. I like the extended maps they are played on, and the lack of a requirement to have a god-rod to participate in. I can ace raids in an art-build if I want, and that’s basically what I do, and I find it more immersive than some of the other modes.

I do a lot more patrols these days, just to complete challenges quickly, because this game sucks to play and I want to be done with it as soon as possible, but I do have a bit of cash tied up in it, I like the collection of stuff I have in my inventory, and am hoping to see some improvements, so I feel like I need to maintain my account with some minimum activity.

No, I’m not a fan of Patrol mode.

The short version is: I don’t like pay to win. Whale Wars is that, everybody knows that, and I’m not going to invest my money in it. It’s chasing the wind to eat it.

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I don’t think there’s much matchmaking in confrontation mode because of the PS limit. Most of my games have only been with people building close to the limit, although I’ve had a couple games where one member of each team were closer to 6kPS.

So yes, newer players who don’t have the gear for a 9kPS build will still struggle with this mode, but it also shouldn’t take very long for them to grind out appropriate items to compete.
A mixture of epic and special items will get you there, and I’ve been using a few rare items in some of my builds. Shouldn’t take people more than a month to move from a 6kPS build to a 9kPS build.

I bet you I could make budget 9k builds that work.

The gear thing is an excuse.

Thanks for the new project :slight_smile:

Also, old players can tell them what is necessary to get started. Something like a Huginn, three Whirls and some wheels or something is all that is necessary to have a successful 9K career. This isn’t a huge investment and you can get 3 fused Whirls out of the current battlepass for $10 and sell the Damage Counter from that battlepass and get enough money to buy a Huginn cab. Also, with Confrontation, you don’t need 3 builds as a lot of the builds are about the same. Just get a good machine gun or autocannon build and play that.