* Crossout turns 9! What to expect in the upcoming May update

Crossout turns 9! What to expect in the upcoming May update

Hello, survivors!

For nine years now we have been building, fighting and destroying in the mad Wasteland. For all this time, Crossout has continued to evolve. And we don’t plan on stopping, so today we would like to share new information on the next update that coincides with the game’s anniversary. We note that this update is not the start of a new season, it will begin in June.

We remind you that all the new features described in the “Developer blog” are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not make it into the game at all.

“Crossout Day” and “Mad chase” brawls

The “Crossout Day” returns for the anniversary of our project. Fight in the free for all battles on updated wild vehicles selected from the exhibition and earn unique rewards!

And then side with the Brotherhood in the PvE mode “Mad chase” to destroy the Lunatic trucks. But be careful: the convoys are protected by raiders armed to the teeth, and the trucks themselves can also fight back! Stop the marauders from crossing the Red rocks and getting away with the goods they stole, or you will lose.

“Omega Protocol” event

The new “Omega Protocol” event with a reward scale will start at the end of May. It will bring various useful rewards. The more vicious the enemy becomes, the more he is driven into a corner. And Foxy learned this from experience.

In addition, we plan to make a number of other changes and improvements in the update, as well as fix some known bugs.

That is all for today. See you in the future devblog entries and news!

barely. what have they added to the game in the past few years apart from temporary modes and armors, weapons and modules? noth-diddly-othing.

bet the rewards will be nerfed or suck straight off the bat.

how much you want to bet itll be more cosmetics… oh joooooy :expressionless:

How many forum members have been playing for 9 years?
Does that donut banner thing they gave us a while ago update our years played number, or is it stuck where we were when we got it?

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I think it keeps rolling. Mine says 5 years now. When I got it, I think it only said four.

I’m only interested in the aesthetics at this point. In PVE, you basically set your own difficulty, and PVP admission is on a sliding scale. I’m not sure I need more guns or modules to do any of that.

I’d like more maps, more aesthetics. I’d like to start a hubcap collection. I don’t need another gun…or melee weapon.


mine says 6 now…

not a single one ofc! the beta launch was april 2016. why would you ask such a thing?

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i had no idea crossout was this new, what a disaster. no wonder it keeps devolving without opposition, its barely even got a playerbase before the horrible updates started rolling out

You mean resources lol

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I am confused apparently. Why does it say Crossout turns 9? Are they looking forward to April 2025?

There are currently two types of players in this game: the “people” who play the shitshow that is PvP, and the people that art build and play PvE. I’m guessing that cosmetic event rewards are for the latter half, and the battlepasses are for the former half.

“Oh no, I don’t get resources from this event? It sucks and I won’t play it.”

Sometimes you can play something to have this strange little thing called “fun”, I wouldn’t expect a PvP player to know what that is though.

I’ve been playing art builds in lower PvP PS.


I hope we don’t get any more stickers as “rewards”. Stickers might be nice for 10-year-olds. Wish I could sell off most of mine.

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You could recycle them

I kind of wish you could put them up in the test area on the blocks.

luckily i dont play pvp huh? i prefer staying away from the meta same build people and prefer taking it easy destroying bots. its more enjoyable for me.

the chase event looks interesting ngl.

how do you get it on your profile? is it in your banners?
actually i looked for mine and mine says… 6? yeah mines 6 so that means i been playing for 6 years? i didnt know that one of the banners did that. huh! the more you know xD

mmmm not exactly. i play pve and i like getting the new weapons to use in pve to see how they fair against bots and how their damage is.

that would be nice honestly.

Can we please get -17% mass on the cabins for the upcoming fusion event instead of +10% durability? The durability and resistance upgrades are useless compared to -17% mass.

I was glad that I would finally upgrade my Hadron until I saw that +10% durability. Same for the Whaler in the current BP.

Honestly, just get rid of the other two options under reliability and leave only -17% mass.

resistance can be useful and it acts as a damage resistance all the time. it gives you a tiny bit more hp in a way. but i get it though, the mass perk is really good especially on heavier cabins like cohort, and especially bastion. hadron is a good one to get it on to. hope you do get it though!

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Sorry, I thought you WERE a meta player. Good to see a sorta sane (no crossout player really is nowadays lol) patrol player around here.

Although I don’t get why you hate cosmetics so much.

i dont hate cosmetics though, in fact id like more. i pitched ideas before on different cosmetics they can add in the game like the glass cannons skin and the nuclear fuze drones. hell i wish we had some more fireworks that were permanent! it is nice to get cosmetics but at times they make it very convoluted to get them like in those ranked brawls i never want to do.

not even close. i HAVE in the past tried a few meta builds in pve to see how they did and… it was just boring playing a meta build. even when i used to do clan wars theyd want me in a meta build which is another reason i stopped playing that. it just isnt fun to me to run the same thing over and over and over again. plus it gets repetitive running into the same meta builds over and over and over again. its why i like pve more, less garbage to deal with and more relaxing fun destroying bots.


I just came here to say that people have been proclaiming this game dead in these forums since 2018.