Crossplay just dropped for PlayStation and Xbox

Ladies and gentleman, it is here

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theres limits on what can and cant be done but its at least something. hopefully things can be a little more interesting in events and pve.
now lets all run boom sticks and welcome the new vict—uhhhh players from another platform! :smiley:


Well, looks my hiatus is over. Kinda scrambling to get my lineup tweaked. Gerrida tonnage nerf and hovers not helping tonnage his my spiders all out of whack. And my wheel builds that arent aegis based need the fin whale added. Ive some honework to do after work today. You wanna try and meet up in game sometime m420? You play CWs?

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I don’t do clan wars, I play 8999/9700 PS on EU servers. Sometimes I’ll be on NA with NA friends but if EU is populated we may play on EU more. We’ll surely run into each other in due time, I’ve been having fun against the PlayStation players who aren’t used to how I play yet lol

I expect apologies from all the forum members who said this was never going to happen, and that the devs were just leading us on with their empty promises.
Looking forward to running into some of you XBOX players!

I hope they manage to get cross platform groups and market going soon. I know some XBOX people in real life that I would like to group up with, and the market would be better with more people buying and selling.

Not to pick nits, but crossplatform with PC hasn’t happened yet. Still might never happen. No apology forthcoming.

Fair enough, but there have been people here who claimed that even console crossplay wasn’t going to happen.

I do hope they manage to get console and PC together. I think that is the key to the longterm health of the game. Low playerbase is the biggest threat to the game.

So far PlayStation’s builds don’t seem to be as meta as Xbox

That would explain why I’m often confused by some of the complaints from XBOX players about build diversity.

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You do have some squads it seems, I know it’s only been 6 hours or so of gameplay. The overlap I see are tusk miners, dogs, spider cyclones and I saw 1 MG V hover.

A lot of players seem to run this dual Impulse car on omnis but it’s kinda bad, apart from that I’ve enjoyed seeing new players and different versions of the meta stuff I’m used to seeing. It’s funny how the same metas feel different when the copy pastes are different.

Had this dual hover, dual dog squad earlier and that was the most meta squad I’ve seen so far. They gave me my first 4k in a while so lol.

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I find the squad factor very schedule dependent.
Weekends and evenings can be very different from weekdays. I don’t really mind though, except when I’m in the mood to play casually during the death squad peak time.

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Those are xbox players on the enemy team, hence the xbox controller icon next to their names, right?

No the symbol is PS for us, I think the controller symbol just means “the other platform”

Been enjoying crossplay so far. Nice seeing some different builds and styles, and had a lot of no-bot matches today.

Maybe we can go back to 8v8 PVP again?

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it;s great, it seems PlayStation players are obsessed with Impulses at 9k?

Ive been out of the lower leagues for ages. I pretty much only play top PS unless a friend has me coming down for something specific. Although some of my favorite builds like corvos end up around 10-11k. I might have to make me a 9k rig and see whats what.

Top PS is boring af, seems to always be the least skilled area of the game

I dont disagree, but beating the CW sweaty death squads is satisfying. Plus, i like my Punishers and using 16-17 energy legendary builds. Its also the best training ground for new builds for CWs.

Im guessing, PS permitting, a fin whale parser build at 10k would slap.

Edit: i built a parser fin whale build that ended up at 14k and it was a hella fun time.

Hmmmm, this maybe interesting.

Haven’t played any video game in months.