Planned balance changes of the next update and a new co-driver. Mass testing

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buff breakers

I too am in the same boat. The fun to me is developing the build, but when I go into a new project my goal is to build something OP under the current game conditions.

I could spend an hour or two, day or two, a month or two on a build, it really depends. But once I got that sweet spot down I launch all my builds on the exhibition to raise Havoc on the game. Once I realize the designs I already kind of lost interest and start a new project.

Now, my more successful builds I keep in my line-up and I will play those from time to time, but mostly I’m always riding around in the latest build I’m working on.


Same… If I’m not working on a specific build or build type, I’m working on a specific goal. For example, right now, I’m not working on building, but on fusing all the components I use… and getting a fully fused set of the weapons I use.

4 Sledgehammers, 4 Maces… vectors, guardians, Sinus-Os, pyres, coolers, radiators, chameleons, radars, wheels… The bump a fully fused build has over others is immense. I wish I’d learned that much earlier.

I have one build for each of the daily weapon challenges saved. Those get updated, but rarely change significantly. I also have a faster slightly higher PS build for the easy & medium raids I keep saved & a 15k+ dual retcher for hard raids. The other 5 slots are for the builds I’m playing with.

Building just for fun takes up a huge amount of my time in the game. I have more fun fighting (and winning) in something absolutely silly or beautiful than I do in anything “meta.”


If you really enjoy playing a build then it is worth fusing. Non-fused versions VS 100% fused version are night and day.

I have mentioned it before (and I normally get attacked for saying it) I 100% fuse all builds I’m going to use. If something on one of my builds is not fused, then I have not completed my current project OR I’m testing a build to see if I want to play it. This testing could go on for awhile, so I might be seen from time to time with unfused parts, but not often. Also Relics take longer to fuse :slight_smile: so my relic builds might take months to complete.

Modules are always a good fuse. You will be able to use them on many builds going forward and are never a waste. Same with cabins and movement parts. Guns are the last thing I fuse.

Side rambling below: (skip this part)

If I remember correctly (without looking)
I’m pretty sure I have every cabin in game fused except like 2-3.

I also have sets of all epic movement parts fused except for 2. I believe One of the tracks and the Sabbath wheels.

Also I have every module in the game fused except tormentor and natrinio scope (or however you spell it)

Again… that’s something I wish I’d realized long ago. You’re 100% correct.

I saw a video long ago on Commie-Tube…er… Youtube showing the difference between a fused gun vs a non-fused gun. The 2nd part of the video was a completely fused build vs. a non-fused build. Night & day. Night & day.

I also suspect that people who think others are cheating are going against completely fused builds with completely un-fused builds. The fused-perks compound each other… making a fused build insanely more powerful for the same PS.


If I can’t find that vid, I may make one at some point…

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While I think Kaiju’s fine, sayng it has no skill requirements at distance is… a stretch. Gotta charge up for 5s, gotta get to the right position at 40 kmh, and you gotta stay out in the open and lead your target perfectly for a whole second. If that thing doesn’t require some skill to be used at long range, then nothing in this game does.

Regarding Yongwang, it’s always been strong, and with the introduction of Omamori and 2 energy aegis, its nerf isn’t surprising. Went from Yongwang + Aegis to Yongwang + Omamori + Aegis in a couple months.

What I really don’t get, is the Avalanche nerf. I see a grand total of 0 Avalanche in CW every week (while I see a couple Kaiju every session), and I don’t see them in PvP either. It’s Snowfalls but with worse rotation speed, worse damage, worse projectile speed, worse accuracy, and twice the reloading time >.>. And that’s a fused Avalanche vs unfused Snowfalls lol. 13 energy (reloading module) vs 15, but still. That gun is crap.


I hope remove genesis, and please just merge it with ammo pack
not balanced

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How is it not balanced?

I see lots of people still playing Avalanche on PS4 in PVP.
I use mine with Deadman, and the reload is pretty quick.
I think the devs are just trying to get people to use it more like a cannon, instead of like reloading lances. I always thought it should do more self damage at point blank range.

I saw a few in the copter brawl early on. It was hilarious, but seemed to be working.

Considering how slow and surprisingly light on blast damage it is, even with the +25% projectile speed… Yeah if it’s not usable point-blank it’s not usable.

I don’t use mine at point blank unless I’m pinned. It’s very hard to hit anyone at medium long range, but I don’t find it hard to hit people at close/medium range.
It might help that I run mine on omniwheels, so I’m pretty fast and can use strafing and rotate to compensate for the limited firing angle.
Honestly, I haven’t been playing it much lately because I found it a bit too easy. Instead, I’ve been trying to make executioners work.
I see lots of Avalanches around 10-12kPS still, and there’s definitely some PS4 players who do quite well with them.

The developers need to have a work day once a month were they all just play their own game, without the god-accounts, for 3 hours, then discuss it.

On the other hand, they could continue to simply analyze the numbers and make logical judgments based on averages, statistics, and popular business models, and then eventually hand that system over to A.I. Then, they can just go home and collect the check.

Our final Utopia will have been spawned, and eventually all of our burdens will be carried away, one by one, without judgment, by our sinless and pure, mechanical, servant-god.

Peace on earth.

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This is why I so rarely watch any gamers’ videos online. They’ve got ALL the parts… fused… and multiples of each.

Like… that’s not the game I’m playing, bro. That’s not even close to what I’m playing. They may as well be out in the back yard playing whack-a-mole for all I care. That’d have about the same in common with the XO I play.

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Genesis only give +1 unit
ammo pack has epic and its parameter is better than genesis,
It’s been years since this released


You make a good point…


No Catalina nerf?

New codriver, nice, good to see they have not completely abandoned these things like they usually do with many things they say they’ll add more of later on

Other than that these balance changes do not feel that great, sure it’s nice they are making cannons a bit better, sure it’s nice they’re supposedly making hovers be less…something, but at the end of the day I’ll be fighting the same annoying bullsh*t that I always do

Avalanche not being a meelee weapon anymore sounds promising though

What I am not excited about is the Yongwang nerf, I already find the weapon to be extremely lacking in use, and the only time I struggle against these things is when they have a Daze, but that’s not because the Yongwang is strong, but because Daze is annoying. Any build I use, the Yongwang just feels like it can’t deliver a good enough punch to do massive damage no matter how I try to run it, be it with Deadman or Harpy or any cabin and modules really. Should have unfused this and sold it off when I could, now it’ll be as bad as Impulses and Threshers


A fused drone (not fuze drone) will also give you an extra unit, removing the need for one Genesis.

But yeah I agree, it should at least give +2


Like I said the kaiju is basically fine, in caparison to the yongwang though its fairly easy. Yongwang may be good in CW where you have a team to reinforce you but in regular play when its a coinflip that your team will be good combined with artbuilds, experiments, and tolls, its terrible or at best average.
I do think ammo should be reduced for the yongwang, I hardly ever use more than like 20 in a match