Good English Crossout YouTuber?

It would be nice if we had a good English speaking YouTuber for Crossout. It seems that most of them over the years fall into the “Mr G” category.

I do have a lot of respect for Mr G doing his own thing and spending his time on his channel but I think many of us can agree that he really doesn’t know much about the game and he even admits it himself. All the other English Youtubers I have seen are in the same boat. (Except a few Russian ones)

Is there anyone out there that knows what they are talking about?

I’m looking for someone that has solid experience and advice. Not the “Art Build” guy hanging out in Bedlam (to each their own, it’s just not what I’m looking for)

TreeBurgers might have been the closest we have ever had, but that guy would put hard spin on things and would defend broken OP stuff for the sake of CWs.

i vote for you,you know everything…now just start a youtube channel :crazy_face:
i’ll sub ya.


Lol nah :slight_smile:

Looking for someone already established.

If I thought there was money in Crossout YouTube I might consider it. But being a YouTuber for Crossout is pretty much a waist of time.

Maybe that’s why we have the low quality YouTubers we have. :thinking:



Not really what I am looking for personally BUT I did watch two of the videos (mostly) and it seems that this guy sticks to the facts.

This seems like a really good channel to suggest to new guys wanting to learn the game.

Good share man :pinched_fingers:

check out his series Battle of the Builds

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Now I have something to watch at my desk between jobs :slight_smile:

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I wish we had a fun youtuber like Gromek or was it Entak or whomever. Memes and fun stuff rather than paying some obnoxious random small time or big time youtube celebrity with generally 10-year old fans to play the game once or twice, especially now that they stopped giving us free paints with them.

Back when this game had some fun to be had in it with slam jam builds and such, I miss those kinds of videos. Back when you watched videos because it was fun content, rather than just getting a sneak peek at new parts or battle passes or balance changes or whatnot.

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I also love this. For Crossout we have “Black Hat Gaming”. The only thing is I wish he spoke English. But his stuff is awesome enough that I will use my little knowledge of the Russian language and watch it anyways :slight_smile:

Has anyone seen this guy before?
I haven’t watched any of their videos yet.


i watch every day

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I like this guy, too. he’s currently on kind of a break from XO but he’s got LOTS of videos.

and this guy

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If there was money in it, I would start a channel and a clan. But then I would have to be an a hole and I am trying really hard to move past that.

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Hell yeah man.

As soon as we can make money on it, I’ll join that clan and help with that channel :wink:

I’ve seen a few of those, not bad videos, and ran into him in battles lots of times which is nice because I rarely see any youtubers in-game. Did manage to be in one mr G video briefly though

They’re very informative and a good source to get the latest news on oncoming parts, battlepasses etc, but other than that I personally don’t like them that much, he’s pretty much one of those stale meta players rather than being any amounts of experimental or playing humorous builds

But he does some loving the unloved stuff where he tries weapons that sucks and either makes them work with catalina+hover, or agrees that yeah these guns just aren’t good at all


Just wanna say this for my own sanity’s sake but y’all know I do the youtube thing too?

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I do like watching fun videos, But stale META guy would be exactly what I’m looking for in a YouTuber. I just want the facts and to know what the best combos are. Everything else I’ll watch on Russian channels.

I’ll have to watch some of his stuff and see though.
I have no idea if he is good :slight_smile:

Yeah, I knew you did and we have some German guy that only ever comes to the forum to promote his YouTube channel.

Can’t remember his name.

Thats hilarious.

This guy used to be called BigRedFry or something similar before my friend and i joined his clan. My friend Remedy11094 and I got relegated to the B team every session, dominated with their two bad players and carried the clan into gold out of the bottom of silver. Clan leader didnt like that his guys all of a sudden were pining to play with me and my buddy, and some were messaging on the side trying to reserve a spot for CWs beforehand. Anyways, leader powertrips, kicks me and my buddy out. The clan leader and fry start talking shet and it devolved into pettiness pretty quick. Fry lost his shet so bad he renamed his account DeathHulk216, as a parody to my name, Deathhawk216. Not sure what he was thinking he was proving. All it proved was me playing XO at a high level made another player change his entire playstation account name.

Anyways, this is the second person ive made freak out and completely change their entire screen name from playing crossout. The other was called Redman3000. Now his name is Redmankill216.

You might call all this a brag, but it’s actually just plain fact.

But while it’s all fact, it is extremely satisfying, ngl :joy:

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ya i played with him a few times on pc…
here’s 1 vid you seen a while ago

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