Hovers out of control

I see lots of hovers around 16kPS, but they don’t seem that OP to me unless they’re in a group.
Sometimes I have some luck against them with my mandrake/Heather truck, but I need some better strategies against the groups that stick together.

I see hovers just not the ones that they complain about.

On my high ps porc build ive had to design it specificalky to take out hovers. And fighting hovers with porcs is always going to put you at a disadvantage. On my 14k porc build i didnt design it to be an anti hover build. You still see lots of hovers at 14k, but its like…aaaalllll hovers at the maxed out powerscores. Siffice to say i dont play my antihover porc very often. I just dont bother with high ps matches anymore. Its boring only fighting hovers and full hover clan teams.


Oh, dont forget other hover players agree with you and run fully fused CW hovers downtiered to 8-10k.

Oh its not a hover porc. Its an omni porc. I have one hover build. And its my waltze dragon head build.
Vegar No!!


Hunting hovercrafts can be fun! :slightly_smiling_face: With Hans’ +2 sec. flight time, the Clarinet was the best tool for this task. I can take nerfing the Cockpit’s perk to the point the Clarinet’s damage is 4% lower than with the Harpy, but if I can’t reach snipers anymore, the weapon isn’t effective enough. And now, the Icarus VII flying at 95 km/h would have to be offset by making that +5 seconds, or by increasing the missile’s speed/manoeuvrability (but would that make it OP against every other movement part?). If that happens one day, here’s a comprehensive ‘zero to hero’ guide:

I expect some gems of wisdom along the lines of the Clarinet being a weak weapon, needing different kinds of buffs, etc., from players that haven’t even owned one. If I can take out a pristine hovercraft carrying two Scorpions within the first 25 seconds of a battle, i.e., before it does any damage, with a single missile, then such a weapon is plenty powerful.

I’d also like to bring attention to the fact that Alex, the main developer, has been micromanaging Crossout’s development over the years. It’s obvious from the dev streams he has appeared in, specifically from his behavior towards the viewers and his subordinates. He has no clue how to properly balance this game, yet for some reason he has been able to make all those mistakes all this time, and it doesn’t look like he’s going away. I don’t yet know if the Icarus VII at 95 km/h is balanced, because if I can’t use the Clarinet, I’ll just play helicopters. But even on paper, it seems too much. BTW, do you see the pattern, how Alex enjoys dispensing punishment? How he reduced the Icarus VII’s tonnage even more than was announced. Or during the latest Twitch Droppings event - the crafting cost was increased by 2 cartridges - to punish those that crafted up to 24 Small Pink Lamps the previous time and salvaged them for up to ca. 1440 coins. Except that way, he punished mostly new players who didn’t even have an account back then. That on top of making the lamps non-salvageable, which would’ve been enough! Double punishment! If you haven’t seen any dev streams with him, do it, and you’ll know why the game is managed so badly. I recommend the Russian dev stream for Mr. Twister (there was no English stream), where at some point he felt compelled to personally ban some viewers in the chat - as if that’s what the chief developer is for. Or to feed an addiction? He’s out of control, that’s why Crossout isn’t a well-organized system of balanced weapons and modules. And now, a legendary cabin for drones and turrets. The last thing anyone’d expect to be released. Is the game doing so poorly that they’ve decided to appeal to the lowest denominator to save it or something? And by they, I mean Alex. Now, a Battle Pass with that kind of cabin wouldn’t be complete without a legendary turret. Not that I need either, but the last such module was the Vulture, so that would be my guess.

This reminds me how the grip of ST wheels was nerfed, in order to promote the use of non-ST ones (in the same update that sped up the Icarus VII to 95 km/h). I only use ST wheels, which is probably why I slide so much on snow and ice. Same rubber, but King Alex knows better. This game just keeps on punishing seemingly at random, don’t it? :joy_cat:

I don’t hate the hovers, but the zero-to-95kmh acceleration in 1 second is disgusting.

That’s all i’ll say about this.


I know I was sure surprised! Not angry thrilled or otherwise, just surprised.

After playing for several years, but not listening to any of these streams, the pattern I think I’m seeing is them trying to buff parts or classes of parts in the game that rarely get used. God knows drones and turrets and the like are rarely used!

I see a trend here and on Reddit and on Facebook where it seems people who are the most vocal in opposition to parts or even praising them are people who do not have them and have never used them.

There’s enough hover bashing on this forum alone to last a lifetime, but I have to agree with you. I’m not sure if I agree with you for the same reason, but I agree with you. To me, it’s just unrealistic. It’s not believable. I know the game is not supposed to be 100% realistic but at some point my capacity to suspend disbelief gets overwhelmed by the stupidity of the game. The instant acceleration and rotation of hover builds certainly does that.

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Yes, hover pilots are exploiters.

At first glance, they exploit the developers’ idea that everyone should be able to play the game. This apparently includes the exploiters, cheaters, and the mentally handicapped.

Since the developers do not drastically increase the power score of hover BS builds, for years now, only confirms my statement above.

However, there is another possibility:
I’ll go so far as to say that it’s a fancy word in the gaming industry for cheaters, exploits that are deliberately allowed or part of the business model:

The word alone in gaming is already hard to beat in ridiculousness, hard to beat in mockery as well.

In the past, you were banned if you deliberately exploited exploits - nowadays it’s part of the business model to serve this ‘player group’ as well, to the disappointment of the mentally normal players.

Don’t think that the unfair or even malicious mechanics will change, as they are built into the business model. Unfortunately, few understand this.

:roll_eyes:It never ends…

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Its probably just an alt account. Dude sounds exactky like a player with one of his accounts named “mickey the wolf”. He just makes dozens of accounts and spams nonsense like that dude just spilled out.

And i got chat banned for calling him crazy and saying go away.


Eh okay, so I should just ignore the child-like behaviour or probably mute him if need be, thanks for letting me know

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This is true, and it works somewhat… but not really the fun I am looking for…

And as for the replies “get good” and so on. This is ridiculous. If I had a god mode and could one-shot everybody, would you still be saying “get good”?

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It would be learn to dodge instead.

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Lmao check this shit out. You can’t even come close to being half as maneuverable as hovers with anything else in the game. Top speed is irrelevant when hovers can prance around and spin 360’s while traveling in a straight line over 80kmh. Oh, and they all have enough spaced armor to tank multiple shots from all ranged weapons in the game.


I gave Omnis the best chance with 4 that are fused with an oppressor and 95kmh cab. They are still slow asf and unresponsive compared to hovers. Crossout 2023 01 15 19 22 08 11 DVR Trim - YouTube

Yup, and lie in wait praying they get overconfident, stupid, and get themselves killed by letting u pull the trigger, which is exactly how it is 1v1’ing hovers w/o one. Wait to punish them for making a mistake you were ready for. Really great and fair gameplay if they are competent enough not to do that, cause its not like they have 10x the acceleration as everything else and enough spaced armor to disregard cannons, astras and MG’s for a while.

I think what’s worse about this whole ordeal, it’s that there is no single ps bracket free of many of these meta builds, ive find them constantly, be it, 4k ps, with 3x avenger hovers, that deal massive damage, plus their agility cause no armour, in 5-7k with mg hovers, and lastly all of the meta build at high ps, be it the highly armoured mouse guided builds, at somewhat classic tall hover build, that can delete your guns, forcing you to have: a roof or a hover catcher, a 100kmph build, which really grinds my gears.

TLDR: No matter wherever you go, youll find them, well, maybe not pre-prestigue, since that has the noob protection in the MM, but anyway.

PS: Dont burn my house.


yea I toyed around 4k 3 or 4 weeks ago and noticed squads of those avenger hovers mopping the floor almost every match. Wasn’t fun. It is alright if they are just randoms but when you got 3 or 4 of them in a group then you just as well playing any other power score bracket.

So when is a hover tweak coming? These fast running hovers that turn around like ctazy , espwcially quad arbiter, are not fun to fight against. You have to do 0 mistake while they can just retreat and fire without taking care.