How are you feeling about the balance of the game?

DPS is too strong, shotguns are still way better in general than anything else, Arbiters are still one of the best weapons ever no matter what you attach them to, Catalina and Omamori have thrown any resemblance of balance out the window, many weapons and parts sit around completely abandoned by the game developers, hovers in general are still better than everything else and no matter how much the game tries to sell itself as Crossout 2.0 new and improved, it’s just same excrement but under a new shiny exterior


I definitely agree that arbiters are a little too strong right now, and that hovers are also very strong currently.
I feel like shotguns are in a better spot than they have been for a long time, but probably depends on your PS range.


It ain’t the arbiters it is the hovers. Arbiters is only op on ktm’s and hovers that is it. I use imps and when I come across a arbiter build that is not a ktm or hover i win almost every single time and even against ktms it is a 50/50.

I think it’s a bit of a mess due to the recent overhauls, but I expect that to get reeled in eventually.

I’m not sure it’s a bigger mess than usual, though. This game does that. A lot. I do think the balance was better before the overhaul started than it is now, but I believe it was necessary in order to introduce the new controls, which to me feel lifted straight from War Thunder, and are necessary for the flight mechanic to work.

Personally, I think high ps PVP always sucked and has always been the way you described, and so I don’t play that, because that’s exactly what I expect. As for clan wars, meh. I don’t play that either. It sounds like the very worst Crossout has to offer and always has. Some kids like the challenge, I can’t stand how ugly it is, but whatever. People like different stuff. I like different stuff.

I can’t really complain this morning, because I’m doing pretty well and I’m not having issues, but I am familiar with this game’s issues. I understand your frustration, but, thankfully, today I don’t share it.

I have no advice for Clan Warriors, but for PVP, rotate your builds. Play different stuff.


Yeah, the lower the ps the better the shotgun in general, at 11000+they are not as op as they are in lower ps and other builds get a fighting chance. Arbiters on the other hand are always op, to the point that I rarely see equalizers around anymore, kind of like 3 Medians do everything 2 Astraeus does but better, just 2 arbiters seem to be way better than 4 equalizers can ever hope to be

What balance, there are OP and UP weapons and a single nerf can swap things at a pench.

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Same, though I like the new Omni’s better than the old one, and think that if they had not touched (read as completely destroyed) wheels with their update they’d have a way better of a fighting chance with these new hovers

And get destroyed by the same current meta build that counters absolutely everything, this build, past build and the next build included

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I already had a big long discussion about the arbiter to last me a lifetime so I ain’t adding nothing else to it. Here is a link to the thread

I think the biggest problem right now is hovers with the rest of the movement parts being very lacking compared to it, I think weapon balance in general is pretty good but movement parts are not. Drones like the annihilator can sure use a buff and hopefully that will happen with the next battle pass seeming we are getting a drone centered cab.

As someone mentioned before PS prob determines balance outcome, to a certain degree. At top PS, punishers are clear winners. Destructors are also very strong.

I like what they did to hovers and omnis…but because they nerfed wheels and legs, hovers are currently the best movement part. Grinders get pushed/bullied by too much to be a real competitive option. Revert the changes to wheels and legs and you prob have great movement balance.

I think if they truly wanted to balance the movement parts they got to improve the physics and handling of all the movement parts. I find omnis really jerky, legs are jerky and slow, wheels are rough to control while hovers are smooth has butter with nissan gtr like acceleration. I think the biggest imbalance is the sheer ease of using hovers(let alone the speed) so it is not fair to improve the physics of hovers by a mile, improve omnis control by a meter because it wasn’t much of a buff for omnis and everything else gets dumped on. I always thought legs could of used a buff before 2.0 and then when it released they nerfed the power draw I was like what are they thinking.

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as long as my builds stay within norms, the balancing seems just fine. What I mean by “with in the norms” is this:

If i want to play in the 4k’s then, i do my best to limit what my rig is made up of, sticking to rares and a couple specials.
If i want to play in the 5-6ks, then, i’ll equip more special items than rares items.
If I want to play in the 6-7ks, I’ll ditch all the rares, keep the specials, and equip 1 or two epics.
8ks, all epics.
9ks…well i think you’re beginning to see the pattern.

As long as I do this, I see no issues.


I have my doubts over this

I saw somewhere in this forum or in a vid that arbiters and equalizers are essential de same. (i don’t really know)
If we go by this, equalizers seems to be more, the better weapon…or the better deal (PS cost)
That’s up to 1.5 k PS less (not counting with an aurora.

P.s. - Just in another day i was going back and forward between the two with i just told you in my mind.

But i think i still prefer burst damage over DOT.
DOT it’s more a defensive type of thing, burst damage it’s way more useful in an assault.

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What leg nerf are you talking about? Seems to me my spiders got a big buff in the 2.0 update. Better speed, better pushing ability, better climbing ability, and the new controls work as well for legs as for hovers.
I also find that heavier auger builds are almost impossible to push around. Dogs smash into me and they just lose some bumpers and get stuck on me. As long as I can shoot sideways at them I’m ok.

To me, the biggest problem with the update was that the devs paid too much attention to the hover players who initially freaked out at the changes, and made too many compromises to please them. Plus, it only took a couple weeks for people to figure out ways of making the new physics work for hovers. If they kept the original changes, hovers wouldn’t be so OP right now.

Shotguns are definitely more powerful at low PS, no question.
I only have equalizers, and they definitely don’t perform as well as arbiters at the same PS.

I’m confused by your median/Astreus comparison though, but I guess that explains why medians went up in price. I took advantage of that and sold mine, and bought a couple Astreus. Much easier to hit long range targets, but harder to build around. I think both are fine for people who want a cheap lower PS version of a scorpion type sniper weapon.

Pre 2.0
Post 2.0
You don’t call that a nerf? lol

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Not when combined with the buffs. The speed buff and climbing buff essentially cancels out the power draw nerf, at least on my builds.
My heavy spiders feel much more mobile than before the changes. I’ve never enjoyed legs more than their current state, although I rarely played them before this past year.

Edit: just realized you were only talking about bigrams. They needed a nerf. I’m talking about ML200s, which are definitely better now.

I don’t know where you are getting your spiders from unless they got next to zero weight but my spiders turn slow, slower climbing over hills and more difficult to control then they ever was. When i am on even a little bit of a slant i can’t keep a steady shot because it moves on it own. wish devs would fix that. Only benefit i can think of since update is that it is not has easy to push around anymore by smaller builds that is it. You said legs not ml 200

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How am I feeling about the balance?

Honestly, I don’t worry about it. I know this game… no… heck… every game I ever play will have “balance issues.”

I could whine about it, and sometimes I do.

Generally, though, I just find out a way to have fun in whatever game I’m playing. CrossOut is one that keeps luring me back in because I have a lot more creative freedom here than I do any other combat game.

this weapon is too strong… that weapon is too weak… these wheels suck… that component is useless… this meta is OP…

Whatever. I’ve been here for something like 5 years, and have never had a problem finding a place where it’s fun to play. That’s not saying there aren’t balance issues. There are. Yawn… Is your glass half full or empty?


That 5% extra power suck takes a huge hit on my spider maneuverability. You need at least 6 legs which is what I uses and that adds up to 30% extra power drain. I am slower turning, slower getting around dead corpses in my way, slower getting over hills and dead corpses stuck in under my build makes the problem worst and makes my build even slower has if the problem wasn’t bad enough. If your using fixed angle weapons on your spiders or just using unlimited angle weapons setup has fixed angle that extra power suck now means you are going to be slower aiming because your aim speed is effectively your turn speed. Sometimes I wish they could push me around at least I could get going faster, I can’t think of anything positive for legs with exception of ml 200 buffed to 50 kph and they even took away our only cab that buffed it, wish they left steppe has it was and buff ml 200 to 60 kph like what was the big deal of having 60 kph legs compared to how much faster everything else in the game is.

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I guess I should try my bigrams before commenting on how they handle right now. The only spiders I’ve been playing since the update are ML200s, but they’ve typically been very big. A few eight leg spiders, and currently one six leg one.
But do you not think that bigrams were a little OP before? I never really loved their feel, but I played them anyways because they were far superior to ML200s.
Now they’re more balanced against each other, although I still see way more bigrams, as they still have the mobility advantage.