I've got builders block right now

I’m trying to build a rig for confrontation and struggling. I have a bunch of parts, modules, weapons, movement parts, all kinds of stuff. I’m just struggling wicked. Any ideas? Please suggest something.

if you’er on PC, look up a rig in the exhibition called The Dealer. make sure you un-check the trending box so you can see older rigs. it’s a 2 or 3 equalizer, 1 aurora on omni wheels with a torrero cabin. I use it mostly for support as it can strip weapons pretty well.

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I am no expert at confrontation, but I’ve been playing it enough to get a sense of what you can expect.

Mid-range DPS on strafing builds are most popular right now, because they’re useful on all maps and decent in most situations.
If that’s not your thing, longer range DPS is good against those builds, which is why you see a lot of cyclones.
A close range flamethrower or melee build can be a decent counter against the first two approaches, but you have to adjust your tactics based on who else is on your team.

There are a bunch of alternatives to those strategies, but these are the things I see the most.

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I’m on ps5

check out this forum thread

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For weapon ideas that are going to work - I would start with this post and not the build post - most of that stuff is art.


I’ll suggest my favorite but not the best. 4 Omni wheels, Harpy or deadman cab, golden eagle, flywheel, 2x Fortunes. Fortunes hidden inside of a roof structure like a fire dog format. I was the original builder on xbox, it has since been copied and posted on the expo so it must be decent :kissing_heart:

It takes thought and strategy to play unlike the over whelming spider Millers that are too poor to get Athenas. With this build you can dog and kill a hover just as fast a typical fire dog but with the added bonus of playing from range.