Leviathan advice thread

I’ve started sending a leviathan out on invasions, and I’ve also been playing invasion lately too. The player designed bosses make PVE a lot more unpredictable and interesting, and I’ve always liked the idea of these massive war rigs.

Unfortunately, since we can’t see the matches our Levi participates in, it’s hard to tell what aspects are effective.
Any advice?

I have very little experience with Leviathan CW, but I did find it more interesting than normal CW, so I might try it again someday.

To me, it seems like fast leviathans are harder to fight than slow ones, and that Argus is suddenly important to counter Acari. I’ve seen some with multiple shields that seem effective, but haven’t tried it myself.
Do leviathans know how to trigger cabin perks? I’m pretty sure I’ve been buffed by Yokozuna bots before, but do leviathans use the same AI?
Also, what PS range gets your Levi more
matches (and what platform are you on)?

Would love to see some pictures too.

Here’s my current one:

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I’ve never had luck with any of my levithans, so I stopped playing them. But yes, the fast ones are hard to counter, especially for incinerator-players.

My anti-leviathan car is based on a blight cab, 2 incinerators, chameleon, and a ka-2, and sports a heavily-armored front end. I can do incredible damage when the levi is pinned down (using the blight’s perk); otherwise I’m in a support role keeping it glowing for the other guys to rip apart.

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Players that fought mine when they had issues with it were. Ability to flip and pin it. They lost more the harder it was to do so. I sold a few parts off so I haven’t been sending it out recently. Those up prices on remedies were just too good.

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I made a thread similar to this a while back. Here’s link

Since I made that thread I fought my levi a second time and lost to it this time around. Here’s video

The flaw with my levi the first time I fought it was that the levi don’t know how to use wheel mode on the bigrams. Once I saw that it was incapable of using wheel mode I then decided to swap them out for gerridas. I fought it a second time with the gerrida version and lost terribly despite inflicting like 120 000 damage and trying my damn hardest to win. Acaris/porcs/incenerators you name it couldn’t take the beast down.

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on PC here, but I think my tip will apply for all platforms. I suggest making at least 1 levi for the low ps (5000-7000) as that’s one of the ps ranges that gets the most players (since it’s basically the last level of gameplay for beginning players). Then, make one for 10k -14k ps, as (to me) that’s where PvP begins to suffer from balance issues, prompting players to jump into PvE with said rigs to have fun with it. That’s about all I got.

But what PS should a Levi be to face those PS brackets?
Also, it seems to me like Invasion Leviathans progress in PS, so you’re seeing a wide range in PS from the first to the third wave.

i guess what I’m saying is make your levi’s to be the ps ranges I mentioned. I had one that was 7.6 k and it saw action very frequently. I had one for 14k and it saw SOME action but had bigger rewards. My current one is 24k and it see’s little action with little reward.

Huh, I think mine is at least 35kPS, so maybe I’m making mine too strong?
I’m not even using that many legendary items on mine, and no relics.

You’re on PC, right?

yeah, pc. give me aboot 15 minutes to grab a screen shot.

lol, thought i was going to have to patch the game for 15 minutes. forgot I already did that.

It’s got a vindicator, a heather, 2 destructors, 2 equalizers, a whirl, 3 sinus, 2 millers, and 3 emiley’s. Put a Torrero on it to increase the Godmode aiming.

It seems I always get one match with my Leviathan, but I have yet to get more than one match, or win a match.
I usually get at least one kill, sometimes
up to four. Seems to always get placed in the second wave. Gets me 40-50 copper per day.

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that’s not bad at all. That’s more frequent than my current levi.

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You will get about 1 match every 10 minutes during peak hours and one match every 2 to 4 hours during dead hours with a 54-57k levi. That is on pc.

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That sounds like I should rebuild with a lot more legendary items.

I’ll report back if it makes a big difference on PS4.

Trust me having a high ps levi yields way more matches. This is coming from probably the first player in crossout to ever earn the strategist level 5 medal so I’m not leading you astray.

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i just stopped using my leviathan. i have one built but i just gave up on it after countless weeks of no matches when the highest i can get my levi is 35k. imo its just not worth it to me. the copper would be a nice reward but id prefer to have something else a leviathan can do. like maybe set missions specifically designed for leviathans that you send it out on for extra resources and itll take a specified amount of time.

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i dont think this is how it works.

im pretty sure i remember there is a formula based on the total ps of the team with different mutlipliers for each leviathan stage.

so in your example four 7k ps players would be a total of 28k ps maybe divided by something and then multiplied by say 1, 2, 3 for each leviathan stage. something like this.

obviously a higher ps leviathan means less competition. but if it sucks and loses too much it wont get picked. so you probably need p2w whale stuff and have a strong build for a high ps one.

but you can try to build for the first or second leviathan bracket and spam mid tier fused fomo garbage ftw.

You think the performance of the Leviathan impacts how many matches it will get?

That’s it. I seem to remember Levi PS = PS of your team *0.5 /0.75 /1. Basically for your hypothetical 7k PS team, first levi is 14k, 2nd is 21k, last is 28k

Making an effective Levi isn’t too hard, but it requires owning a LOT of weapons that are effective on it, and matching movement parts. I’d suggest sticking to light cabs since tonnage and mass limit are barely influenced by gear. A fast levi is really hard to nail with Heathers/Mandrake (my fav pick in Invasion). This kinda restricts the use of slow-turning weapons tho. If you want to make a brick, try to think about what would happen if it took a nap in an inci puddle and build accordingly (it will happen)

Best weapons are hands down Destructors, an Aurora isn’t bad either obviously to heat up cabs fast. Also Athena OP, ofc. A Drake will really mess with your opponents and is probably the other obvious choice for a Levi, besides the heat hitscan weapons.
Oh, and fixed weapons are mostly bad, obviously.

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Any opinions on Kaiju? Avalanche?

I’m unclear on how well the AI works with weapons like those.