So i finally added the thor to my super compact munnin build. Its 3x Annihilator/king/cheetah/8x small track useing R-type codriver just a hair under 14k ps.

I tried tripple anihilator at 16 energy before and it was very mih. But with munnin and rtype? Fantastic! Better than i could have hoped for.

Going 86km max its a decent speed. Even under max speed im getting awsome ram dammage. Im getting hits on cabins that can range from 700-1000. Even going like 40km im getting hits in the 300 range.

Based on what i hear other people say about other drones with this cabin im going to go ahead and say, “this is an anihilator cabin”.

Im not a drone guy. I kinda hate them. But i like anihilators. This cab iced their cake.


I have been meaning to make a similar build.

I fused a set of annihilator drones as soon as they announced this cabin.

Just have not had time to build it yet.

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I’m pretty disappointed that they limited the range to be the range of the drone or turret rather than radar on the vehicle itself.


I havent seen one Munnin anihilator build yet aside from my own. I feel like im about to be the reason anihilators see a price spike on playstation. Im def killing it right now. I only have one of them fused.

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I just can’t get past the lack of speed with that cab for my play style with annis. I really prefer a zippier triple anni build…especially since they just nerfed the anni speed to 90 which affects chases a bunch and target lock catchup ease…i really need to get closer to the enemy faster…and i think a cloak is a big help to its effectiveness in the 3 anni build.

Once the anni build starts getting too high in the PS its effectiveness lowers. I like to keep my triple build closer to 10k myself.

I admit i havnt played with that cab…but i will at some point…i just can’t take any more lack of speed. …such a turn off.

I’m running a similar build, but with Bigfoots and no King.
Also finding it stronger than I expected, and more fun than I anticipated.
I’ve been trying grenadiers with the cabin too, but they’re not nearly as effective or fun. It’s nice to be able to tell them what to target, but they want to follow me too much, which means I have to stay way too close to the target, and they’re not fast enough to keep up with many builds.

That’s the range issue that I mentioned as soon as they are out of their range they try to return.

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Yeah the anihilator speed def is an adjustment. I cant get a hit on a booster build. I have to wait for them to run outta juice before i can take care of those guys.

Bigfoots definitely give you more bang for your buck on that cab perk as long as you have a cheetah too.


I’m considering swapping in the new tracks. I really like how they feel, and the full speed reverse has been useful on my grenadier build, especially when I lose my rear armour.
To me, Bigfoots always feel too sluggish, but I like how they look.


I’m considering using my lighters for those tracks.


I mean, all tracks have some issues, but most aren’t nearly as useless as people on the forum say.
You just need to approach how you drive them differently than wheels or strafing parts.
I’ve been spending a lot of time playing tracks lately, and it took me a few weeks to really get the hang of them again.

Things I try to remember:

  • high reverse speed is an advantage that you should be using if you’re playing tracks. Don’t try to turn around, just reverse. Not the same as how hovers use reverse, but still useful.
  • use the tracks as armour. You should be able to hide all delicate bits quite well (with the exception of small tracks).
  • use turreted guns whenever possible. You really want to be able to shoot sideways, and even better if you can also shoot backwards.
  • don’t brake for turns. Just ease up on the gas a bit when you want to make a sharper turn.
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Slepnir are actually kinda op. They have crazy resistances and their weight to durability ratio is off the charts. They also have quite supreme tonnage for their weight. I was able to get the bp gryphon to over 4,000 cab hp with them. Thats just crazy af yo…


I was thinking i was zipping about faster than i really was in my annihilator build because of my growl build but i also run the Call cab a bunch which is only 5 km/h or so faster than munnin is so i might be able to make it work if i like how munnin acts.

More damage ability is always welcome so im just waiting while i slowly creep up the battlepass to get my hands on the cab. Now im more excited for this with your report!

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I def enjoy munnin with cheetah. Without cheetah im sure it would feel too slow to me. Its great at pushing people around and ramming and that suits anihilators well.

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I’m finding it best to activate the cabin perk after the drones have already done a fair amount of damage. Seems like the time reduction starts counting from when you trigger it, so triggering it towards the end of the cycle you can milk the most damage from it.

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Yeah im activateing the perk near the ned of the feones lifespan. Other reasons i activate the perk are if i see their cab burning, or if i see them aim at the drones,


That’s pretty much all you can do… The only other reason to activate it would be if you spot them being targeted.

I’m still debating if I should spend my lighter on fused BP ones.

I think I’m going to regret it if I don’t.

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There’s some data here you may want before getting them.

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