New Acid Weapon Idea

I submitted a suggestion a while back for acid weapons. I don’t think they wanted it though. The idea contained an acid remedy, acid retcher-like guns, acid yongwang, and acid darts (among other things). When the acid hit a part, it would corrode it slowly dealing damage for a short time, or until the part fell off. It’s kind of like poison in other games, but with armored cars and acid. I don’t know if the devs will see this, or if they even saw my suggestion, but I think this would be cool. They could have their own ammo tank, too. (Extra note: flamethrowers should have separate ammo tanks, too not the normal ammo boxes. Drones have microfactories, why does everything else use ammo boxes?) Maybe they could add it in the upcoming season, or put it in then engineer crafting bench temporarily. Let me know your thoughts about acid weapons!! :smiley:


Acari is kind of an acid weapon when you think about it

It functions kind of like one, but I think it’s supposed to be electrical.

I’ve been advocating for acid for a long time. It should behave differently than fire though. I think it should do extra damage to pass through parts, let it melt those buggy frames and gun mounts.
I think acid should come with a whole new toxic waste faction. But I don’t know what that would look like, other than mutants and hazardous waste. Maybe they could have some new shielding modules too? And maybe a conventional real world hovercraft movement part.

Only the blast is electric. The tick down effect is just normal damage.

As long as it looks like its made out of a fire hose/fire truck parts, I’m all for it.


But it does damage to the entire build, like spark/flash/annihilator. How is one arrow going to do that other than with electricity?

I just read Fahrenheit 451, and I feel like the concept of firemen whose job it is to set fires could work in Crossout.
Fire hoses that shoot kerosene and scary fire trucks seems very wasteland. The mechanical dogs could work as drones too.

It’s just how they coded it apparently. They just left it as normal damage. The small little explosion at the end is electric type damage though. It’s just not that large of an explosion.

What do you mean by “coded it”? Where are these details found?
I have so many questions about damage types.

Parameters cards on the parts. They show you what types most of the damage is. Unlabeled with some exceptions is normally normal damage type.

the only question is how youd balance something like this?
acid is an interesting concept but think about it… how would you balance it so its not broken or overpowered? having a puddle of acid like the incinerator would be interesting. it would speed up the heating on parts and do increased damage over time.

what id like is mini nukes. like mini nuclear fuze drones and even nuclear missiles in the game.

i know there are acids that can dissolve metals to irl. but idk how you could make a weapon out of it without it being broken. the one there that acts like an incinerator but with a bigger puddle would be doable but as for other themed weapons like it… im not so sure…

Hmmm…which acid would they use? Phosphoric attacks metal very easily, but how long would the exposure have to be to do significant damage in a few-minutes-long battle? If it’s raining out, that might negate the effect since the acid is soluble in water. Since it can soak into the ground, would a puddle be around long enough to make a difference? Upon reacting with metal, it gives off hydrogen gas, which could be an extra source of damage if it ignites, which could be fun to see. :laughing:

Nasty stuff…and then again, they add it to some sodas. :unamused:

How about a nice water-based, environmentally-friendly paint sprayer instead? Spray the car enough so the driver can’t see anything, and rides around bumping into things for the rest of the battle. Then we just have to worry about the color of the paint (purple would be nice). :smiley:

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It would bring more into the games story base by including the factory maps acid pond. Or use of anyway.

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I thought of that too, I just don’t know how that would work. It would likely only affect the movement parts, other than hovers obviously, because acid doesn’t usually jump into the air or anything, whereas fire can rise because of the heat rising effect. Not a bad idea though, just need to figure out how it would affect builds. It could work on tires though, because my very quick research says acid dissolves rubber.


If you go by the effects the acid pond does, it’s basically just a heating effect to the hitbox along with periodic normal damage for a duration of time after leaving contact with it. It seems to do more damage while in it. I’d assume that the effect should only coat the build rather than act like fire does where in penetrates in. The anti cab would be by default the Kami unless they duplicate the heating effect and do some changes to it.

Figuring out good ways of applying it is a other challenge. i.e use fake fluid dynamics or simulate them. There’s a number of ways to do that. I would think they could fake splashes and similar.

Outside of that it’s like pick the squirt gun/cannon, sprayer/sprinkler, or catapult system.

They could do an alt-incin with it fairly easy - could have the effect detonate at target with a splash or with a second button click in mid air so it rains down acid on the targets for a fair distance instead of a puddle too.


H’m :thinking: A mini rotational sprinkler module that sprays gelled Sodium Hydroxide caustic acid. Instead of a machine gun or rocket launcher as many are now equipped but a mini Ag rotational aquafer. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: What an evil concept for the unknowing enemy to roll in on.

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certain acids give off corrosive fumes to. Fluro antimonic acid itself gives off very harsh and corrosive fumes, not saying that they would run that because it is very dangerous but it is an example. getting a direct hit could heat up all parts directly hit and cause an effect where the car takes a certain amount of damage for X amount of seconds. if the acid is strong enough it can corrode even elevated parts. judging by what they did on the factory map they gave the acid pond the ability to damage even hovers that are above it, so if anything the acid from that area is strong enough to damage hovers and anything above and inside it.

sure all you need is a fire hose and a few gallons of water.

the incinerator but with a paint bucket instead? xD

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They could also add acid-resistant armor, or a acid-resistant cab too. Just another thought.

I can get down with acid weapons, acid resistant armor etc etc. Anything that causes destruction is a win in my book