New damage type

Does anyone else feel like there needs to be a new type of damage/effect in the game? These days if they bring out any new guns, it feels like it’s just old gun+heating or old gun+explosion

Especially the last three relics they added, while thankful that they are not super special as I will never own any, have just been cannon+heating, shotgun+heating and missile+heating. Next they’ll roll out a relic meelee weapon and it’s just harvester+heating. Next battle pass weapons will be things like autocannon but instead of explosion they heat, or shotgun but last shot before overheated is an explosive shell, there really is not much creativity left until it ends up in the whole Athena situation (Destructors but better and artificially bloated price) and they’ll start rolling out rehashed weapons but better and with bloated prices.

Or then they start to pump out strange obscure weapons with mismatched roulette wheel functionality that end up not really doing much anything, like Vulture, drilling and explosion super epic drone goes invisible and follows the enemy for eternity, that nobody uses and is just a worse Yaoguai all around even if you can run 4 of them rather than the three yaoguai

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I want to see acid weapons

I know I don’t want to see ice/freeze weapons.


How about a Ravager tag infection gun that takes over enemy cars and makes them do what the host wants?

How about No :slight_smile:

Damage types essentially cause different effects on different types of targets, and new damage types don’t require new weapons

I really don’t want them to add any more variables to damage because they can’t even juggle the current ones for s****

Take a closer look at this statement, doesn’t it have a familiar ring to it :wink:


Agreed +1

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There’s a leaked cannon, “Stegodon”, with a freezing effect that stacks 3 times and reduces damage resistances. IIRC, each hit increases that effect by 30%. I seem to remember it looked like the Typhoon, but rotating. The leak was some month or two before the Hyperborean season. I was expecting for it to be in that BP. I guess they shelved it for now.

Don’t agree with me, it’s not my opinion, I quoted a message from the headline writer to me some time ago

There’s not a ton of types of damage that I can think of that would work well:

Frost type of damage is kind of iffy and there’s the what to do with icing heated parts on an enemy or ally too and the reverse. I kind of think it introduces more problems then are worth dealing with as it will take writing exceptions into the code. As well as potentially deviating even more from realistic physics.

Acid is just periodic damage unless you have some sort of aggravated corrosion effect attached to it and then it’s kind of just like heating it and not letting it cool off. It’s probably going to be the more feasible one to do. The bigger issue with acid is really how to deploy it. You’re kind of stuck with water pistols/cannons/catapult for delivery. If it puddles does it do self damage and will it be a different color for each team?

I don’t think it’s an issue of lacking creativity but there are things to think about with most of the realistic damage types. It’s easier to do scifi damage effects though as they won’t conflict with things as much. However a number of players complain about the scifi aspects already. They probably could easily put in disruptors, antimatter weapons, ion cannons, and others if that wasn’t an issue.


Anything that stops movement is an awful idea.

I will gladly exploit it if they release one - but stun effects are cancer.

How about Ravenger Mines

If they explode on you then your controls get reversed, can be blocked by Kami perk

I want a Black Hole Generator device. You launch a static drone which generates a black hole of limited duration. Any player near the black hole gets sucked in; he’s no longer in the current battle, and is transported into another active Crossout battle with a differing mode. Black hole generator-equipped cars would surely become the new meta!


Hey Purple,

I want to say that your Black Hole would work, but I would say instead of joining another match, just somewhere else on the map that is empty.

Suppose I wanted to earn “Wires”. I don’t want to go to another match that has “Scrap” as an reward.

But I like the idea

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I’d like to see oil slick, to help keep melee builds at bay. A temporary rechargeable hologram projection that looks like a real build to make other players shoot at it while you plan your attack. Also stationary but slightly stronger Pork mines like in the raids would be cool, since they are already in the game.


Everything. New type of everything.

I’d like to see a Ravager melee weapons that, upon contact with the enemy, spreads nanobots which will eat away parts for a certain time period.

I’ve wanted to do oil slicks for a while though I’ve never figured out if it should be also treated like an unlit fire puddle so it could be combo on as it’s a rather passive weapon otherwise.

I think periodic damage like that generally could work much like I said about the acid above.

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It would be nice if hovers ignited the oil slicks and turned them into fire puddles.
Would be a combo anti-dog/anti-hover weapon, to appease the people who think both are too strong.