New faction “Hyperborea”. Part 2

New faction “Hyperborea”. Part 2

Part 1

Hello, survivors!

We continue to observe the parts of the new faction and prepare for the arrival of the Hyperboreans in the Valley! Today we will discuss a new tank track, a legendary machine gun, as well as a number of structural parts.

We remind you that all the new features described in the “Developer blog” are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not make it into the game at all. This applies not only to information about possible unique features of new parts, but also to the appearance of the parts themselves.

“Sleipnir” tank track

A very curious new movement part, at first glance similar to a “Reinforced track”, but with its own features.

First of all it has increased cross-country ability due to greater road clearance. It will be especially useful for those who prefer to conceal everything with frames and don’t want to cling to the terrain during a fierce battle with a protruding module or other parts.

Another equally important feature is the increased resistance to fire damage (2.5 times more than the normal reinforced track has). Flamethrowers, fire puddles from the “Incinerator”, “Mandrake” or “Porcupine” — the part has enough resistance to drive through a dangerous area and not be afraid of being immobilized.

Among other differences from the “Reinforced track”, which are worth mentioning include slightly higher speed, but lower tonnage and durability. The mass of the “Sleipnir” will also be lower.

Engineers from Hyperborea presented an excellent prototype of tracks with increased cross-country capability. And very soon you will be able to try them out.

Legendary machine gun “Nothung”

The form factor of the new machine gun is different from what we are already used to seeing: “Nothung” has a squat and elongated model with a slightly enlarged base. The weapon’s barrel rotates freely around its axis.

If we compare it with the already familiar “Aspect” and “Vindicator”, we will see that “Nothung” doesn’t lose in anything in terms of parameters and stands out with its enviable accuracy.

The weapon is demanding to the player’s skills and has the familiar mechanics of the spread growth as the firing progresses. Its perk gives a 100% damage bonus to the first 5 shots the weapon makes after being completely overheated and cooled down.

Advice for the future: take a closer look at this machine gun. In conjunction with the new epic cabin (which we will talk about in the next part of the development blog) and cooler, this weapon is able to work real wonders. Lots of smoking wrecks of your opponents nearby will be a silent confirmation of its power in the hands of an experienced engineer.

New structural parts

We are also happy to show you other structural parts that will appear with the arrival of “Hyperborea”.

Left and right “Pauldron” (1x1x2)

Left and right “Nautilus” (2x1x2)

Bulb (6x3x2)

Captain’s bridge (4x2x2)

Don’t miss the third part of the blog, where we will show you 2 more parts of the “Hyperborea”, as well as new customization kits of the next season. Stay tuned!


Looks like a lot of predictions came true. Hopes, as well. Very nautical themed LOL! Captain’s bridge? Flying submarines, anyone? Floating battleships perhaps?

And a hinted new epic cabin and another module a module designed to help machine guns. I did not see that coming.

CKs, too?

I’m genuinely hopeful that this will be pretty good.


I love the structure parts. The new drone cab is cool…and the tracks are interesting. I was kind of excited about the drone cab a little. But tbh this battlepasses non structure parts just arent my style. They all seem kinda boring to me. I dont think ill be getting this battlepass.

On another note there is a lot of content in this battlepass. That worries me a tad. Simply because it may also mean we will only be able to craft these parts after the bp is over useing workpieces.


These were both mentioned a few times when talking about tracks and how to improve them. Makes me wonder what ratio will end up being.

It’s probably something that speeds the actual cool off period when overheating a gun as that would work with the perk.


I’m liking the looks of the new structure parts. They could work well on both tanky monsters and little sports cars, not to mention how they’ll look on hovers.

Very curious about the new cooler. Could it be a legendary cooler? Or maybe an epic one that’s buffed by speed instead of by standing still?


I think not, because Rads already do that.
Rads works best at high speeds while coolers works best at slow speeds
A cooler working best at high speeds would overlap the other’s function.
Or maybe that’s not a bad idea.
cause, if so, you could have slow builds with cooler and/ or Rads optimized for lower speeds and fast builds with coolers and / or Rads optimized for high speeds.
Specialization while retaining diversity
each type of build with the best of two worlds.


The machine gun is called “not hung?”


These tracks are going to go 80 kph (slightly faster than half tracks) That just happens to be the speed you get out of an Echo cab with a Cheetah or a Hadron cab with a Colossus. These tracks are going to be high in the air. That just happens to be what covered Porcs need the most to hit hovers. These tracks are extremely heat resistant. That happens to also be what Porcs need.

Could these tracks be the buff that Porcs need? I’ve been playing Porc Hadron on fused Omni wheels, and it is kind of lacking because Omnis have a major problem with turning around from being in place.

Cmon Tenshi, You aren’t in for $10 to get a fused set of tracks tailor made for Porcupines?


Thanks to the game makers for realizing my idea, that track was almost as I expected


As mentioned before I think the “Nautical” part is confirmed. The “Flying” part, not so much.


I think it’s understandable to be skeptical after all we’ve been through with this game, but so far this looks like a pretty good offering to me, even if I’m not that into the Legendary cab, or other legendary goodies. For most kids, I think they’ll get their money’s worth…it’s only $10, like Darth said. You know you like that cab. How could anybody not like those tracks? I like the tracks and I’m not even into tracks.

I’m considering supporting this Battle Pass, simply because I want to encourage the dieselpunk thing, but I’d like to see something I can actually use in it. It sure looks sharp, and I think the dieselpunk theme works for this game really well. I hope to see more of that in the future.

I’m probably not going to use or want a bunch of Legendary stuff simply because I don’t care for the game up high. The stabilizers and work-pieces aren’t any kind of motivator for me either. A purple cab would have gotten me onboard easier, but there’s still more to see, I reckon…it sure is pretty so far.

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I am liking the structural parts and aesthetics, but so far all the main parts of the battlepass have been very lackluster. Slow droneboat heavy cabin, gasgen but more energy, tracks but fire resistance yay, yet another machine gun 45.5 meta boogaloo, a cabin that most likely will totally help with the dps machinegun meta boogaloo and some hinting of a new radiator.

I hope we get something unique as a weapon at least, but so far nothing interesting that makes me want to get said item


I have heard you say this a lot over the years, but I have never asked “What is to high?”

The reason I ask is that you can play Legendary weapons easily at 9k in great builds.

I do not personally play 9k, but to me, I feel like this is kind of that sweet spot. If I played med PS that is where I would play.

9k is where you can dip your toes into the high PS fun but all the lower PS stuff is also still good.

Read above again :slight_smile: they already announced a Purple cabin in the next announcement.


As well as nothing interesting will be presented. I stopped giving them money and I was right. They gonna bleed whales dry instead of making a good game.

Translation: come buy our new imbalanced toys and wreck the opponents before we nerf everything. They are not even hiding it.

I am bewildered by this idea that Battlepasses are for whales. They are very cheap compared to packs or buying coins. I would argue that the whole BP system is an attempt to cater to non-whales, and allow us a cheap way to get some high end gear.


Oops, my mistake. I read that but it clearly didn’t register. Thanks. I can’t wait to see more. That’s probably what I needed to hear to get on board. I can get my $10 value out of this pass with that in there, probably.

Since the Battle pass has at least a purple cab in it, I’ll likely get this pass, then I might try the 9K thing again with some of the Legendary gear that’s in it, since I’ll have some…at least once, before I scrap it.

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But the frustrating thing is that a considerable number of players are willing to spend money on temporary power,they take the opportunity to get more money

I think you’re right. My fave build I keep saved is 9.4k. You get into matches quickly & still get to use just about anything shy of relics. Lots o’ fun.

Agreed. They’re even better that packs when the packs are on sale 50% off… assuming there’s something in the BP you actually want. Those weirdo weapons & modules they’ve come out with lately didn’t really appeal to me, but everyone can use a machine gun. :slight_smile: And a 4x2x2 structural part? I’m always needing that, and I’m not even being funny. I mean, I’ve been told I look funny, but that’s another issue all together.


Eh, their loss. Digital numbers in a videogame have no practical meaning. If you don’t own the videogame, that is. Or if you don’t collaborate with the videogame in any way to get some ka-ching for yourself.

Basically for everyone who buys anything in XO :slightly_smiling_face: