It seems that there will be no more challenges for the Radiance, there are even 5 days left.

Tell me that I am wrong, please, or do need more money?

Let me know please


Yeah ended today from the looks of it. I’m fairly sure the 5 days are extra to let you have time to craft what you want and finish up any existing missions.

Mine says I have 17 challenges left… I’d happily gift them if I could.

wow , they are just screwing with us now , first the 20 hour reset gets changed and they take 2 days of challenges , now this … maybe they realized they were saturating the market with high ticket items and people would either get too much value or the prices would be too low for them to profit off selling coin


I’m done buying anything.

Not just small event packs. Anything. When my scanner expires, I will not renew that either.

I already have so much that sits there unused while I play my incinerators…


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Lmao :joy:

i noticed that, im questioning why…
i did all the challenges without buying the pass and it only goes up to 35. and i am 300 points in to level 36 but it stops there. so im guessing im being forced to cough up cash for the pass??
i mean im kind of wondering if its worth it… the blueprint storage and the millers are pretty tempting…

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Imagine buying the radiance pass just to waste time and get screwed instead of just picking up the price dropped items from the market



Yeah, they are pretty much forcing people to buy level packs at this point, and the growl cabin not being tradeable at all that comes with the Witched car is also very scummy

Definitely the last mini battlepass I’ll buy even if it is sort of worth it if you think of it as just a bloated coin pack, but as a battlepass these are pretty much the devs just whipping it out and pissing in our eyes


taken from patch notes :

  • Until the end of the operation, you will have access to special challenges, the completion of which will be rewarded with event experience points.
  • Every day you will have access to 2 challenges. The first challenge can only be completed in the operation “Radiance”. The second challenge can be completed both in the operation “Radiance” and in any other mode.

And this is why you get screwed over and over again , enjoy , sneaky masochists who bought the battlepass


It seems that they do not want us to play anymore, and I love this game, well maybe I will look for some other game from now on,

maybe a game in which money is not so important, one in which even when you buy what they offer they don’t want to take more money from you to complete it, it seems ridiculous and disrespectful to the players


the problem is there is no other game like crossout that’s why the developer are doing this to us


This is devs testing to see what they can get away with. If they keep this up i wont buy anymore main bp either. I already dont buy the mini battlepasses. Screw crosscrowns. Lets see where the main bp chalkenges cut off. Hopefully they smarten up and dont pull the same crap as with radience. Though still. These main bp crafting recipes are already enough to have me say no more buyin any bp for me. If the next bp doesnt have this new recipe bs ill get it. Otherwise…nope.

At least they arent making crossut like crossout mobile where all the good structure parts are behind a paywall. Yes. Mobile’s STRUCTURE is behind a paywall. That game is blech. Cant make a pretty car without paying? Im not feeling that.

I heard someone say they replaced all the old devs with new ones. Of thats true i dont like these new devs. Theyre even greedier somehow. Huge dissapoimtment.


The issue is probably with them putting the Iris at the end as a repeat prize. Typically, it’s a small coin prize in that spot (like 20 or 50 coins?), and not a 250 coin item.
As it sits, I have to do all these grindy bonus challenges that suck, because they all take place in Operation Radiance, which isn’t very fun, but it looks like I could complete the pass if I wanted to.

I’m presuming the past challenges stacked, and if you didn’t do them right away they would still be available to do, ya?

this is today…for reference i guess on this topic…


You basically get 3 millers or 3 arguments.

Devs and management f*cked themselves out of any money from me ever again.

Im not buying BP’s either because if you use any of the workpieces your F*CKED royally on the next one. Which means you can’t make anything in that BP because you might need it for the next BP.

As easily as I spent the money I would normally spend on buying games with them, I will go back to buying games again.

Doesn’t mean I will quit playing, I have more than enough variety to satisfy that itch. Just stop paying.


The level 36 picture says 36+. No one was warned that Irises were only available for purchase and not earnable after level 36. I think this should be corrected by the developers as I think they did the math wrong.


seems odd that it ends with us at 300 xp towards nothing