Operation Radiance

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so jacked for it! Looks like Red Light for sure!

Hmm…what am i gonna make…

Ill def be makimg a bu ch of different things to try out. Like ill make a juboko/king/hadron build for one.

Probably a backwards faceing porc build too.

Going to run my plasma omni in it the first few times to see how it works.

Funny event till you get disconnected from server again :confounded:

did this have a plastic reward?
Edit: it’s scrap reward.
I am less excited. Like not at all.

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Everything in this game is reward based. Even a good mode can be ruined with a bad reward.


Sorta the same as it was before. Different and better map. And timed gate in the end.

BP rewards are meh. Only one CK and a bunch of Arguments and Millers.

I wasn’t going to buy it either way, but I would have participated for a plastic reward. And that probably would have gotten me to buy it half way through tbh. Because F-it.

Edit: Meta build is of course … hovers.

They are not BTA as previous ones.

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I have tried it, Rather dislike it will not invest. 1. Hover’s, (not hover h8) They are the meta and game mechanics for the hovers are slightly broken. I have had hovers simply float over my ravager and just click the top of the vehicle with NO recourse. 2. The rewards do not entice me to invest. The marketing of this event was far too soon IMHO.


my question is how anyone can control hovers anymore, they are so awkward to control the blues. their turn is absolute garbage, the acceleration is good but man that handling is a dumpster fire. and good lord that lean on them. i just dont see them being good. i still dont understand how some people can use them so well. i tried, believe me i tried, but they are just hot garbage to me.

i wouldve liked a plastic reward but eh. cant win em all.

what really disappoints me is this is YET AGAIN another TIMED EVENT. devs for christ sake stop with the temporary modes and give us something permanent!!

agreed and they shouldve had more rewards for it.

idk how people can pilot hovers so well. i tried it and they are just hot garbage to me. a monkey could turn a car better then a hover could turn. they are so bad but some people manage to do it… somehow…

ive been playing it and my rewards ranged from 45 - 7 scrap. i was a ravager and got 1 kill only to get 7 scrap. i feel that if the ravagers complete their mission and prevent them from getting far then the rewards should be alot higher. idk what do you think?

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I do not like this game mode at all.

I guess it is a step up from raids…

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Ravager cars need boosters.

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I find it odd you can purchase a booster with cross crowns but not any battle passes for any event with cross crowns. money invested either way.

Wow… I usually try to stay positive, but this is dumb. I mean, the chase will be fun to play, but the Battle Pass is pathetic. Two arguments, two millers, a CK, some storage, paints, stickers, a CK & crap for the test drive? That’s literally it? Oh, and if we complete multiple extra levels, we get a scope so we can craft… wait for it… more millers & arguments? :clown_face: Okay, okay, there are a couple of other very unloved weapons in there, but… and I can’t stress this enough… yawn.

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Welcome to the forum! I won’t be buying to BP for it either. But I love the brawl, it’s right up my alley and will be playing it just for the fun of it.

As for the hovers. I been playing wheels for 3 years and only recently joined the hover crazy…i’m enjoying it a lot. No shame about it either, specially since my jet seems to be performing really well after all the updates.

this might sound like im joking but it’s the truth. You got toggle the WASD buttons constantly, and there’s no pattern to it, you just tap each button while, at the same time, tapping more in the direction you want to go.

me too.

sorry to hear. It gets my blood going just right.

I don’t think that would be good.

agreed. I won’t be getting the BP this go around.

But then FOMO wouldn’t trigger! They need to hook people up, come on…

Two cosmetics? I guess I missed another one.

Eh, they are basically for crafting three legendaries.

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Nah, I just typed it twice by mistake…

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Wait… I may be wrong about this.

Are the builds we get just blueprints, or do we get all those parts & weapons, too?

The 1st reward behind the paywall is a rig with a growl, tempests, iris etc… I forget what. But, if you do get all those parts, the BP suddenly becomes a no-brainer.

Can anyone confirm? Bueller? Bueller?

I’m just happy that it gives us some more challenges to advance through the main BP.
It’s a fun brawl, and playing it will help me make more of the main BP. I’m happy enough with that.