*Planned balance changes (“Dronapocalypse” update) 🤗

Planned balance changes (“Dronapocalypse” update)


Today we would like to share some information about the balance changes that are planned to be implemented in the upcoming update. Please note that the announced changes in the mechanics of projectile damage shouldn’t be expected to be implemented with the next update. The work in this direction is still in progress and the final version is not ready yet.

We remind you that all the new features described in this news are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not be implemented into the game at all.

Rebalancing the cabins from “common” to “special” rarity

Comment: in the current realities, most of the cabins and rare cabins are in little demand compared to the “Duster” and, especially, “Growl” cabins. Special cabins, in general, are hardly in use. Parameters were rebalanced on the same principle as they are configured for the cabins of epic and legendary rarity. For the most part, this is seen in the addition of energy in exchange for mass limit. Special cabins received weakened versions of the epic cabin perks. The change for “Guerilla” is aimed at improving the player’s starting experience.


  • Will give 9 pts. of energy (instead of 8 before)
  • Tonnage will be reduced from 3000 to 2800 kg.
  • Mass limit will be reduced from 6000 to 5500 kg.
  • PS increased from 300 to 350.


  • Durability will be increased from 170 to 200 pts.
  • Mass will be reduced from 300 to 250 kg.
  • Tonnage will be increased from 2000 to 2200 kg.
  • PS increased from 350 to 450.


  • Will give 10 pts. of energy (instead of 9 before).
  • PS increased from 350 to 450.


  • Cabin type will be changed to “light”.
  • Will give 10 pts. of energy (instead of 9 before).
  • Tonnage will be reduced from 2800 kg to 2400 kg.
  • Mass limit will be reduced from 6000 kg to 4700 kg.
  • Max. speed wil bel increased from 80 to 90 km/h.
  • Power wil bel decreased by 25%.
  • PS will be increased from 350 to 450.


  • Will give 10 pts. of energy (instead of 9 before).
  • Tonnage will be increased from 3000 to 3300 kg
  • Mass limit will be decreased from 7000 to 6500 kg
  • PS increased from 350 to 450.


  • Will give 10 pts. of energy (instead of 9 before).
  • Tonnage will be increased from 3000 to 3300 kg.
  • Mass limit will be reduced from 9000 to 8000 kg.
  • PS increased from 350 to 450.


  • Will give 9 pts. of energy (instead of 8 before).
  • Mass will be reduced from 2400 to 2000 kg
  • Tonnage will be reduced from 4000 to 5000 kg
  • Mass limit will be reduced from 12,000 to 11,000 kg
  • PS increased from 350 to 450.


  • Will give 11 pts. energy (instead of 10 before).
  • Tonnage will be reduced from 4000 to 3500 kg.
  • Mass limit will be reduced from 9000 to 8500 kg.

Hot Rod

  • Will give 11 pts. of energy (instead of 10 before).
  • Mass limit will be reduced from 9000 to 8000 kg.


  • Will give 11 pts. of energy (instead of 10 before).
  • Tonnage will be increased from 4000 to 4200 kg.
  • Mass limit will be reduced from 9500 to 9000 kg.


  • Will give 11 pts. of energy (instead of 10 before).
  • Tonnage will be reduced from 4500 to 4000 kg.
  • Mass limit will be reduced from 9000 to 8500 kg.


  • Will give 11 pts. of energy (instead of 10 before).
  • Tonnage will be increased from 4000 to 4100 kg.
  • Mass limit will be reduced from 10,000 to 9,000 kg.


  • Will give 10 pts. of energy (instead of 9 before).
  • Tonnage will be reduced from 6000 to 5500 kg.
  • Mass limit will be reduced from 16000 to 14500 kg.


Max. speed will be increased from 50 km/h to 55 km/h.


  • The influence of mass on acceleration will be reduced by 43%.
  • Perk will be added: increases the number of extra charges from “Ammo pack” and “Microfactory” modules by 20%. Extends the radius of projectile explosions by 10%.


A perk will be added: weapons that have energy damage and are mounted on an armoured vehicle with this cabin deal 15% more damage to heated parts.


  • Tonnage will be reduced from 6500 to 6200 kg.
  • Mass limit will be reduced from 17500 to 16800 kg.
  • A perk will be added: taking damage temporarily increases the inflicted damage. Max. effect — 15% at 1000 damage.

Other changes in part parameters

Car jack

  • The part will no longer drain energy.
  • PS will be reduced from 85 to 65.
  • It will not be possible to install more than one jack on the vehicle.
  • After using the module, the armoured car will receive a penalty to speed and power for 5 sec.
  • The time to activate the automatic car jack will be reduced from 15 to 10 sec.

Comment: we would like to make the module more popular, as well as give players a choice: wait 10 seconds until the automatic jack is activated, or install the module and be able to immediately return to combat after being turned over, but at the cost of a short-term loss in mobility.

Avenger 57mm

  • Firearm damage will be reduced by 9%.
  • Mass will be increased from 370 to 468 kg.
  • Ammo will be reduced from 35 to 20 pts.

Comment: analysis of statistics after previous changes to reduce energy drain while improving other parameters showed that the weapon has become too effective for a weapon of “common” rarity.


Durability will be increased from 30 to 45 pts.


Durability will be increased from 36 to 72 pts.

Comment: both generators, in comparison with other generators (including the light “Thor-6S”), have a very poor ratio of survivability to damage caused by detonation relative to other generators.

ML 200

  • The ability to mount the legs on all sides of the armoured car will be added.
  • The animation will be changed: The legs will no longer stand in parallel to each other, their placement will resemble the legs of a spider.
  • The model’s hitbox will be slightly reduced.
  • Durability will be reduced from 810 to 750 pts.
  • The height within which the legs are still trying to find a point of contact when they come off the ground will be increased.

Comment: frontal mounting is aimed at expanding the capabilities of the in-game constructor. The changes in animations will be aimed only at visual improvement.
Because of these changes, the hitbox and durability of the movement part were slightly reduced. Changes in height should reduce the number of situations where the leg “bends” and doesn’t look for a point of contact, although the length of a straightened mechanical leg allows it.


Power penalty will be reduced from 25% to 20%.

Comment: these legs show lower efficiency compared to “ML 200”. Because “Bigram” was initially designed as a “lighter” version of mechanical legs, it should consume less power.
We should note that changes to the animation and installation on all sides of the vehicle cannot be implemented to “Bigrams” due to their specific features.

Icarus IV

PS will be increased from 220 to 350.

Icarus VII

PS will be increased from 220 to 300.

Comment: we are happy with the current parameters of hovers (especially considering the planned changes on firearm damage for projectiles, after which a lot can change), but in the 5000 - 6000 PS range they stand out too much (especially “Icarus IV”), which we wouldn’t like to leave unnoticed. Increasing the PS should improve the situation.


  • The minimum delay between the accumulation of the bonus will be increased from 3 to 4 sec.
  • The amount of damage required to accumulate the bonus when using weapons of “common” rarity, will be increased by 12%.

Comment: increasing the delay should slightly equate automatic weapons to single-shot weapons in terms of the rate of bonus accumulation from the perk. The damage requirement for weapons of “common” rarity turned out to be too low compared to other rarities.

ST-M26 Tackler

The perk of “ST-M26 Tackler” is now implemented through damage blocking rather than damage resistance. This is due to technical features and optimization.

AM-5 Avalanche

Fixed an issue where the “Avalanche” projectile didn’t lose direct firearm damage when destroying vehicle parts.


Fixed an issue where the damage absorbed by “Omamori” was further (repeatedly) reduced by the resistance upgrade, the talent of the co-driver “Grizzly”, or any other similar perk.


  • The drone’s maximum flight speed will be reduced from 150 to 90 km/h.
  • Now the reduction of speed and power of the cabin from perk will be 3% (instead of 4% before).
  • Drone durability will be increased from 58 to 84 pts.
  • Damage will be increased by 6%.

Comment: with the drone’s previous flight speed and the size of the penalty to the enemy’s speed and power, it was almost impossible to break the distance and drive away from him. These changes are aimed to equalize the two types of counterplay destroying a drone or breaking the distance) without drastically changing the overall effectiveness of the weapon.

These are all planned changes for the upcoming “Dronapocalypse” update. The update is planned to be released next week. See you soon, survivors!


Yay perks for cyan cabins, finally
All around ok balance changes, but if there is one thing that confuses me, it’s Icarus IV powerscore being so much more higher than Icarus VII.

They are the worse of the two, and now they make it even worse of the two with a higher ps? Especially in the seal clubbing builds it’s usually the Icarus VII that is used for the faster speed and better mobility, that gives hovers their advantage over other builds, and now on top of being more sluggish than the Icarus VII the Icarus IV will also have a higher ps? To me it would make sense to have the higher ps on the faster more mobile hover parts rather than the supposed heavier, slower and sluggish ones.


Quite disappointed. There are a dire lack of changes that everyone would be happy about. Where is the reduction in the effectiveness of punishers and breakers. When are you going to address gank mechanics in the game aswell. THe flash currently litterally stops reload weapons from working


One guy is elated, and the other guy is infuriated.

Imagine being one of the developers reading that.

I’m just excited I get to build really stupid looking things with those MLs now. :joy:


one of my fav events. Too bad I have such a bad taste in my mouth from Radiance.


This is being addressed indirectly with the upcoming cannon change, I’m sure.


I’m excited to make some new spiders! Glad I got myself a bunch of legs a while ago.


They have a lot of solid changes here.

Many of them seem to be a response to forum posts.

If I had to add one more thing. I wish they would have rebalanced/buffed drones as needed to make them viable again.


Cannons that have traditionnaly been useless on any non-hovering movement part U_U

Can’t say I’m thrilled. If we’re getting one balance patch every trimester, it could be more ambitious. Anyway, I’ll take it, even if 75% of that patch should have happened like 2 years ago.


Lol, right! Even though new conversation have been sparked about some of these items lately, these are very old problems that have been mentioned for years.

But, like you said, I’ll take it.


Indeed. Indeed. :+1:

This looks to have some needed changes we have been discussing quite a bit on the forum.

Most seem good on paper. Probably more than any patch in recent memory.

I am really excited about the special blue cabin changes.


Ah yes the Omamori update when you just scamed all the Radiance battle pass buyer…


same :face_vomiting:


Yup I wanted this to happen but someone told me it’ll ruin the game balance guess they’re crying now!

You sound like a person who wins 100$ and complains it’s not enough :clown_face: :poop: :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :salt: :baby_bottle:

1 guy gets lovin’ and the other watches stuff on adult sites!

Build a spider and use the skinner like it’s web/thread :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I like this event too and I’m cautious about this too, especially if they make it to convoluted and suffers from lag

You got what you paid for, you clearly seen what was up for the take and anyways they did another post addressing it and I think their releasing more tasks


Bigram has been strengthened, and when the warhead mechanic is implemented, two hovers and two mechanical legs may be balanced, which is better than before, but don’t forget that there are many other epic mobile devices


As for the one complaining in THIS thread… it just dawned on me they’re complaining about relics. That echoes my new theory about the unhappiest players in the game being the Clan Wars/Uranium/Relics addicts.

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What they do not like are strong independent people. People who do not need government to exist.

Then they treat everyone they disagree with and do not like as if they are trash as exemplified here with our self-identified “woke liberal.” It is supposedly offended that I or anyone else has said something mean on the Forum and it is completely blind that it’s spent all of its time on the Forum insulting and attacking people.

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I’m excited about the buff to the low-tier cabins. They’ve needed some attention for a long time. I’m looking forward to the changes to ML-200 and Bigram as well.

Avenger nerf had it coming. The ammo count was oddly high. Could the other cannons get a few extra rounds of ammo? Pretty please?



And Dronapocalypse is also good, along with Radiance. It’s a fun PvP activity, which is rare in this game.


I got a few good laughs from Dronapocalypse as well as Crossout Day. I also really liked Off We Go.
I wanted to love Radiance, but I prefer its predecessor, Operation Red Light.