Players are leaving this game. Why probably?

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The upvote number on that thread is in red when I look at it.

That thread is full of troll spam.
Maybe there was a hidden goal to disrupt communication in the community by making Reddit the default platform for players’ opinions of the game.
From the forum post inaugurating the launch of the new forum: “we began linking Reddit instead of the forum,” “forums don’t seem to be the same viable tool they were back in the day.”

They definitely don’t have as many pages of forum comments to delete after bad updates as in the past.

The original post also had 89 upvotes. While there are trolls, there are also plenty of people saying they are leaving the game as well. Some of those are clearly very veteran players. I don’t know how all of them leaving is anything but bad for the game. I am puzzled by the glib nature of some of the responses trying to pretend like nothing is wrong with the player base numbers.

Do these people really think cross out is going to attract enough new players to counteract this exodus?

I was looking at the steam charts web page earlier today. I have known this game was bleeding players since the day I started playing, but I always figured it had several years left before it dried up. Now I have a sense of doom about it.

It literally puts a knot in my stomach to think about it.


Eh but many of the players saying that are bloodclat and would like nothing more than to see the game fail. There is this constant drone in the background for it just from players that are frustrated and leave.

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Reddit uses orange for upvote and blue for downvote

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He’s just mostly a blatant spammer. We don’t need to make fun of him. he’s already been reported. I’m just tired of seeing all these barf faces, random pics, and off topic stuff from him. There are reasons I flag him and I think they are fair.

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? I do not know this word. I looked it up and now I think I know it even less.

Jamaica slang terms.

That word aside, I have been reading a lot of the reviews and responses. I do see some posts like you are referencing, I think. Most of them, though fall in line with how I feel. Part of why I’m angry is that I think this will destroy the game. It won’t do it immediately. It will take time.

Don’t dismiss the complaints too quickly. I think that is a mistake.

well if you read the reviews lately they’ve been spamming them negative hate but that comes after ever change. They will start calling me a shill for saying it too.

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You can go look at the review chart on Steam.
The only time it’s been like this was in 2017.
This is different.

I hope it isn’t a game killer, but by golly, it looks like a game killer to me.

They did announce that they’re giving badges to solos, though. I’ll find that & post a thread unless someone beats me to it.

I have several hundred XO players in my friends list.

Not one of them left because of the last patch.

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Your trolling level is just horribly low.

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People got bored. It’s same story for any MMO. You need to be reaaaallly into the game to stay with it more than few years.
Their interest gets faint and then it’s only takes a bit of frustration to break.
If there were sound reasons - people could agree on them. The only thing they can reliably agree on is weekly for solo players - which are only extra farm and progression and will be fixed.
So it comes to if you believe in things like “a straw that broke camel’s back” or if you have more intellectual capacity to see bigger picture.
In simple words - if you playing for building, fighting raids and pvp - those things aren’t gone anywhere.
If you so concerned about losing extra grind speed, those gotta think what kept them in the first place. Might as well thank devs for freeing them of their grind prison.

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Guys, a little criticism will never hurt, if you agree to everything, you will never achieve anything and the decision-makers will not care about you.
It’s the same with your government, if people don’t go out on the streets and show their dissatisfaction, the rulers will do with you what they want, here is a similar situation.
Therefore, if you do not want to support such an initiative, at least stop crying if someone is dissatisfied.
We all love this game in our own way and no one wants it to die, but we also cannot agree to its intentional killing by the developers.

Yeah and especially on XBOX :rofl: :rofl: hard to believe.

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So if everyone is leaving because the changes made it harder for solo players to get badges, will they all come back after they add solo challenges back this week?

Agreed +1

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Peak players over the last week (give or take a few days) are up from before the patch.

If people are leaving then other are taking their place and then some. That’s a win.