Radiance battlepass SCAM

Ok, now Gaijin is openly scaming people?

Seriously. Great job. Making me close the wallet was a smart move guys!

The game was allready dying in my country, now I will even report it to DGCCRF (scam police in my country).

False advertising is a shame!


taken from patch notes :

  • Until the end of the operation, you will have access to special challenges, the completion of which will be rewarded with event experience points.
  • Every day you will have access to 2 challenges. The first challenge can only be completed in the operation “Radiance”. The second challenge can be completed both in the operation “Radiance” and in any other mode.

Read the treads before you post something 100,00000,000000,00 before you posted, I could make 1000000000 spam sandwiches with this spam


I went ahead an bought the OpRad Pass after all the fury about the “scam.” I’m not really feeling the burn.

I think a large part of the outrage is from people who were looking to exploit the developers mistake of making the Iris a repeat reward. They wanted to run their own hustle, hoard crap like pigs, and got cock-blocked by the developers, and now they are sad, is what it looks like to me.

Whatever. It’s only $10, and I can easily find $10 worth of crap in this pass…maybe I’m cranky and haven’t had a proper cup of coffee yet. Also, I just went out of my way to correct my own redundant post (failed attempt to be useful), and now here this garbage is; another redundant post about how whales are mad they can’t run a hoarders exploit because…whatever…I’m updating my coffee before somebody starts another “Hovers are OP” thread and I spin outta control.

I think I need one of those too :slight_smile:

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Devs mistake exploit?

You can’t even do the legendary items without paying AGAIN. What are you talking about…

So what? Pay again. I don’t actually care, but there are already multiple threads you can go to air your grievance on. It’s not so much that I disagree that the battle pass was fumbled, as it is I’m just tired of hearing about it, because it’s not that big of a deal.

It’s been addressed ad nauseam. It’s a petty, juvenile squabble laundering deviant player behavior in the guise of victim-hood.

Coffee downloading…

Truly, I think those upset about the way this was handled are making some good points. Apparently the developers have also agreed that it was indeed screwed up, and are attempting damage control. I advocate that we allow them to do that, and that the fumble really isn’t that big of a deal. It’s easy to get your $10 out of this pass.

If you wanted more…buy more. I get so sick of hearing about the sad lives of Legendary feature users. It’s like listening to the rich complain about how hard their lives are.

Coffee: Failed to install. Try again? Yes/No

Is it 4:20 yet?


no but it is beer o’clock :crazy_face:


Hell yeah it is.

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It’s gotta be somewhere, right?

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The Radiance patchnotes state, 2 challenges per day for the entire duration, i.e.:
27 days of the Radiance event * (1300 + 350) = 44550, plus the free 1st level =
45 Radiance levels by the last day, with 550 XP remaining.

The patchnotes guaranteed 45 levels implicitly, and if someone bought a BP assuming they’d be guaranteed at least 2 challenges per day, that statement is a part of a binding legal contract. You can say anything, and if you go back on your word, you’ll only damage your reputation, but if what you say or write makes someone give you money, it’s something else entirely.

If I tell a neighbor, “You can park in my driveway for free,” but then I place a fence or a chain preventing them from parking there, they can’t complain, cause it was free anyway. But if I tell them “And if you pay me $30 a week, I’ll also wash your car every day,” and then I stop washing their car, they have reason to feel scammed.

I do believe that anyone who bought a BP and feels scammed has a valid reason for a refund. Though Gaijing would probably suspend their account. The ToS probably forbid me from recommending to do a refund, so I’m not recommending anyone do a refund. :wink: But, should one feel inclined to try, it should be as simple as linking the Radiance patchnotes with the refund request through an appropriate Paypal form. And make a screenshot just in case, should Gaijing do a mickey and delete (something in) the Radiance patchnotes (again, I’m not recommending doing a refund, a screenshot would be just in case you want to preserve that part of Crossout’s history :wink:). It stands to reason that, should one want to do a refund, they may first try explaining it in a support ticket to Gaijing that:

  1. They feel scammed, seeing as the Radiance patchnotes implicitly guaranteed up to 45 levels on the last day, and it’s now obvious they won’t be able to make level 45 on the last day, because it’s clearly stated there won’t be any more challenges, which means 37 is the max.
  2. Seeing as they wish to cancel the Battle Pass purchase, they don’t need the stuff they received with the BP anymore, and could the support please take all of it back, because they’ll be doing a refund, and they don’t want to create a false impression that they’re trying to dishonestly profit from a refund by keeping that stuff.
  3. Should their account get suspended as a result, they’d consider a lawsuit, and probably class action, by communicating with other players in a similar situation, probably on Reddit, including the official Crossout Reddit channel, as well as other social media services, to find the most players they could get, for a nice, big, and very public lawsuit.

Doesn’t matter how immune Gaijing or Tard’em may feel to international lawsuits, sitting behind that big and strong Iron Curtain (while pretending to actually be based in Hungary, also with an office in the Cyprus for tax reasons). The publicity alone would be reason for concern. And, seeing as they do have those offices outside of Russia, that makes them vulnerable to international lawsuits they couldn’t ignore - as they probably would try doing if they’d have stayed based in Russia. Both Gaijing and Tard’em should be subject to Hungarian law simply due to having offices there, especially that those offices pretend to be their main centers of activity.

Ultimately, ask yourself this question: do you feel being bullied by Gaijing or Tard’em by them going back on their implicit promise of 45 levels by the end of the Radiance event? Are you going to stand up to bullies, or do you want that Omamori so badly you prefer to pay a little extra to get it? And again, I’m not recommending you do a refund of the Radiance BP :wink:. It’s up to you to decide if you’re a person or whatever Gaijing/Tard’em consider you to be.

I’m focusing on Gaijing in this comment, because I assume it was the publisher’s decision to turn Radiance into a scam. Some of the developers have intimated, in at least one live stream before an update, that they have far less control over the game than they’d want. But then why would the developers lie to us on so many occasions over the years? Is that part of their contract? Also, who really owns Crossout? Is Tard’em only a front for a roster of easily replaceable developers, who are actually employed by Gaijing, but it’s supposed to be a secret? As we’ve found out from various sources, a number of developers were replaced some months or years ago, to the point of calling it a new development team, at least in a recent Q&A that Goth Princess Yuri did. And which I still need to post here.

BTW, it’s funny how they didn’t even try to avoid legal trouble by giving us 2 challenges a day with ANY amounts of XP rewards, even 1 XP per challenge. The could’ve done 2 x 300 XP per day and call those ‘bonus challenges’ for anyone that missed some, in case they don’t actually stack (I wouldn’t know, as I did each of them before the daily refresh).


I don’t even have to read any farther then this.

If what you say is true then this is pretty messed up and they should honor the agreement.

I hear they are trying to fix it, but I have not seen any official statement myself.

I personally don’t care one way or the other :slight_smile: but free stuff is free stuff, I’ll take it!


Can you give me 1 sandwich?

Nah I’ll step on it for you to make it easier for you to eat it Mr. Baba

It looks like all the crybaby spamlords have left forums and moved on to reddit. Its fairly tame here atm in comparison.

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I think it’s obvious that they made a mistake. I’m happy to let it go. Otherwise, people would gorge themselves like pigs on all the Iris sales, and that would outweigh by leaps and bounds the amount of goods the developers would rationally have liked to present for a $10 purchase.

Clearly they dropped the ball, but IDGAF. To me, it’s not that big of a deal. I think the BS they do with Crosscrowns is a bigger deal. This one sweeps under the rug a lot better. It looks like an honest mistake…it’d better be. Is anybody prepared to claim this is sinister? I’m not afraid to accuse them of being that, but I don’t think that’s this…Karma? IDK. Maybe.

They’ve jerked their player base around enough that I think it’s understandable that they are cynical and opportunistic, and when they actually make an honest mistake people are happy to pounce on it, but I’m not in the mood, I guess.

I’m not sure what their legal obligation actually is, but I’m relatively certain they have a disclaimer available that would put to bed any armchair lawyers, and I think pursuing this from a legal perspective is futile. From a moral perspective I think it’s an invitation to hypocrisy…but technically you’re probably right (as par usual), sans disclaimer…I bet there is a disclaimer, though.

EDIT (opinion update): In a way I’m glad they are getting the heat they are, simply because it’s obvious the developers need to think about what they are doing more carefully. This isn’t the first time they fumbled crap miserably, and while I don’t agree that their fix was a bad thing, this mismanagement of resources and merchandising needs more oversight. Their marketing sucks. They need to talk to a professional…or at least get a white-board and start learning how to illustrate agendas and schedules.

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i read this and instantly thought you mustve been downvoted to hell again. didnt have to search for long, first post, the lame ass excuse about that bp “scam”, the topic itself is downvoted to hell too btw, but topics cant go negative.


got some some more memes about this topic from the frontpage of the crossout reddit, i know its lava for many here so ill share:




hey you made it this far, so i got something special from our beloved xbox420 aka lexi aka lord4chan (title included):

“I broke no rules, meme criticism is a legitimate way to show our opinions. You can’t expect no negative criticism on the subject. If it was spam then leave 1 up. Do not ban me for free speech.”

free speech :slight_smile:


There’s no 3 days premium btw.

I wasn’t surprised to find this out. I rarely miss with blocking people.

didnt know but thats funny if true.

and yet you havent blocked me? thank you kind sir.

thats just a criminal degree of naivety. i know nobody ever uttered those words, but the hivemind on reddit is considerably weaker compared to you old die hard naysayers in this lovely forum we call home.

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