Re: aimbotters

recently posted proof of aimbotting, and the post got quickly removed…

somebody posted and said " shouldn’t be posted here "

my question is WHERE THE (bleep) should it be posted then ?

there are only four catagories


So it wouldn’t fall under rules, because i’m not posting about game and community rules; i’m not posting a violation report, as I cannot identify a specific person violating the EULA,

it’s not a bug…

and it’s not a question/comment about game mechanics

so instead of just deleting my post, POINT ME IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION!


that video had a link to obtain said aimbot , some users might just take that as an invitation to cheat … thats the logic im assuming was behind its removal anyway


Probably to the Bug Tracker even though it’s not a bug: // Issues

The issue on posting it here is you can end up with just more copycats trying to find and use it.


well i’ve been reading older posts on here where people claimed " i’ve played more than 1500 hours and never seen a cheater. "

what I posted was irrefutable proof… the video might have linked to said aimbot program, but all you have to do to find these cheats is type two words into google - ’ crossout aimbot’ and you get all the links to crossout cheats you would want.

posting it here doesn’t make it any easier for cheaters to gain access to these cheats, everyone knows what Google is I assume?

There are probably more people using these cheats in Crossout than not using any cheats.

it’s beyond rampant!

out of every match I play at 9k PS, every match usually has at LEAST 1 aimbotter in the match… I might get lucky some nights and play 2-3 matches without an aimbotter

I don’t think you people understand just how many cheaters are in this game, or don’t know what to look for.

What I want to know is are the Dev’s aware of this issue?
do they care?
are they going to do something about it?

And when irrefutable proof is provided, they just delete the posts!

I have a friend who has played this game since it came out, and has provided said evidence and said proof and every single one of his posts has been removed…

so i’m asking do they even care? or are they just going to sit back and try and squeeze every last dime out of the players? Can I get at least an acknowledgment from a Dev?

You have to dm Hornochs or Hornochse or whatever his name is. He is not very good at what he does though. Hes very biased too. So good luck with that. He probably wont do a damn thing to help you. Ive subbmitted videos that very clearly show a player breaking in game rules and ive supplied half a dozen videos of proof at least showing them breaking rules over and over in back to back games, and hes done nothing to penalize them. Where as before i said stuff he didnt like, the exact same kind of proof got a player suspended from the game. Though i dont think he was the moderator on the occasions my proof was actually accepted and mods dished out a penalty to the rule breaker.

Watch. Now hes going to suspend my account for saying that.

You know how to eliminate aimbot cheaters make aim assist aimbot. In a game that has guided missiles, land, and air drones that score 2000 pts a match, while the player hides behind rock, and standoff weapons that can destroy 3 players in one shot, why limit guns? When the game first came out I could run from someone and shoot behind me and strip shotguns off of wedges as long as i didn’t run into a wall. They need to bring that back.

Make a support ticket with the proof and send that in.

Posting a video to where someone can get an aim bot is just promoting the aim bot.

I understand your concern and why you posted it, but it would be against form rules to post that here.

We all understand, but posting links to said bots on the forum only helps spread the bots.

People are trash. That sums it up pretty well :slight_smile:

Hello @142274214,

We decided to remove your topic because by posting the video here, it makes you promote the hack, the description contains a link to “download” the hack.

Game rules

7.1.3. Installation and/or usage of unauthorized modifications to the Game client, using cheats or another software and/or devices which modify in-game process and/or original images generated by the Game to obtain an advantage in the Game without clear authorization from Gaijin.

Forum rules

3.9. Users shall not discuss the ways to crack the protection of the Games, illegal ways to circumvent the security software of Gaijin (including forbidden modifications, hacks, exploits) or other ways to break the limitations set out in Gaijin EULA.

Publication of threads and messages that promote piracy and counterfeit products, as well as placement of links to online resources that offer pirated content is forbidden. It is restricted to discuss counterfeit or otherwise infringing software in any form. Violations of this rule may lead to Users being sanctioned temporarily or permanently, including the following sanctions:

1 violation — 3-days ban on the publication of threads and posts

2 violations — 7-days ban on the publication of threads and posts

3 violations — 30-days ban on the publication of threads and posts

If you want to report someone for hack, please follow the procedure as described here: Game rule violations & Appeals against a penalty

You may have noticed that the video is old, it gets reposted again and again :slight_smile:

Best regards,

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Maybe some of them are aimbotters, and maybe most of them have more refined mouse control techniques and superior nervous system genetics to you? Maybe they are on adhd meds, kinda like most kids in high schools who were honors kids/valedictorian.

Coming from tarkov XO really has almost no cheater problem. If there is I’d bet money its ONLY a CW thing.

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The new death view is interesting, because it allows you to see which surviving players on your team are using aim assist on console.
I would assume on PC you’d also be able to see if they were using an aimbot.

I will say that at least one forum member is using aim assist with certain weapons. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I will keep their name secret.


Actually problem with today meds, especially in US, is works the other way around but I’m inclined to agree on CW thing. I’d bet it’s 95% CW problem and the rest 5% can’t get over losing a single match in missions.

I know what your talking about but I think the new death view makes the crosshairs jump around if they use aim assist or not.

I know we had someone in our clan freak out and take a video of someone to prove they use an aim bot, and it turned out to just be the new view.

But I’m not 100% sure, haven’t really did a test.

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I’m not attempting to discount any theories about cheating & hacking, but…

FWIW, I don’t do CW.
About 50% of my play is PVP between 5K & 12k.

I can only remember ONE time when I was truly amazed I’d been killed. By that, I mean I had no idea how I’d been killed and “dang, that dude is good” wasn’t a viable explanation.

The match started on the… I forget the name. It’s the one that looks like a woman’s reproductive system. :rofl:

Within seconds, I exploded. No Madrake or Heather hit… looked more like a Scorp shot through the Apollo. But, it was too early in the match for there to be a line of sight shot.

I do believe that’s the only time I’ve experienced something truly fishy in like 2 years.

However, the number of times I’ve been accused of having an aimbot or other hack is off the charts. It’s almost a regular accusation. Funny how the human brain works.

I don’t think aim-bots are really a thing on console, but I definitely see crosshairs locking on some players and not on others, which suggests aim assist.
Having said that, projectile crosshairs always jump around, which can look like aim assist and isn’t.
I’m talking about destructors and other hitscan weapons. Pretty easy so see them tracking.


Yeah, I get you.

the built in aim assist is pretty strong in this game , to the point it can force you to miss shots because you try to lead and it just yanks the crosshair over to the enemy , even pulling the crosshair down to a point your normal gun depression wouldnt allow

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Yeah, aim assist isn’t really worth using, with the exception of a few specific builds and weapons.

It’s nice for shooting mines, drones, and Kapkans though.

i like the “precise” setting , it doesnt pull the crosshair around but it does kinda stabilize it so your camera isnt going crazy when trying to track an enemy

This is the way I see in a game that has guided missiles, automated drones, stand off weapons that can destroy 3 players with 1 shot, from 3/4 away on the map, these ar all weapons that aiming means very little. That why I think the aim assist should be better. I should be able run from someone and shoot behind me with some degree of accuracy. You used to be able to do this on console. If you put aim assist on the computer then there’s no longer cheaters. Then “EVERYONE“ is on a level playing field.