Reduce the maximum weight of the growl

Let them be truly light cabins and not low PS universal cabin

In addition, special cabins require buffs, giving them a special ability while their attributes remain the same, just like epic cabins

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what do you mean a true light cabin , catalina, harpy, janabi ,aggressor ,blight , all light cabins with higher maximum weight than the growl

This is relative, at high PS, you will see heavy designs with bulky, 20-ton heavy vehicles, while lightweight designs are even less than half, but with low PS of growl, most people use lightweight designs within the maximum weight of growl, except for trucks that use drills

i guess im not seeing the issue with this … it seems as though youre trying to fix something that isnt broken and benefits just about everyone

You say about everyone, that’s the problem, such a high usage rate is unfair to other cabins

i just feel like instead of suggesting nerfs maybe we suggest buffs on the competing items , i dont want the whole game to feel underwhelming

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Growl should be 10 energy, it makes all special cabs redundant when you can get 11 energy for 550 less PS


apparently you disagree and as usual resort to insults , anything relevant to add to the topic this time ?

i already have, but i see you need more help. buffing every single blue cabin so that the growl isnt op is completely backwards because the growl is 1 cabin and all the rest of the blue cabins are many more cabins. therefore it makes more sense to balance the situation by simply nerfing the growl.

this defies logic. your perceived strength of an item depends on the context its in. or do you think multiplying all stats by 1000% would make every weapon feel like the latest fomo? it really is a very childish perspective.

Lets leave growl alone.

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typical growl user be like

See no you hadnt , most of your responses are nothing but trying to trigger people , talk down to or insult .

maybe you should get counseling… maybe its you who needs help


I think one of the reasons why the Growl is so popular at low PS is the lack of options available to a newer player. The Wyvern cabin is unremarkable and the Trucker is just downright bad. You could nerf the mass limit, but people will still use it because of the high speed, 11 energy, low part count, and lack of structure parts available to a newer player.

That being said, special cabins are underwhelming and do need a buff of some sort. Epic parts can take a while for a new player to obtain.

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well, if i make substantiated posts like the one before you dont even get into the matter, so whats the point?

this is the short version:

the growl op debate is 4 years old and low ps lovers have been defending the crutch ever since. and the “dont nerf anything, buff everything else” argument is at least as old and i find it really really dull.

at least fess up and admit to being a growl lover like the other chap insinuated.

im sure you factored that into your original response seeing as weve never interacted before :roll_eyes: youre just a low life troll bud


Nope. Ive no growl builds.

What a pathetic graps at a straw youve made.

Unfair to other Cabs? Weird argument. I never hear those other Cabs complain? But seriously, no one is obligated to play with Growl, not even you. If you think it’s unfair you can play with other Cab, maybe a bit more challenging, but that might be fun.

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So are you 12 Da Muppet?

True, I don’t remember anyone complaining about this either, but a lot of people, when I ask them what is the most powerful rare cabin, they say growl, so why is this?