Remove 4 mans from PVP

Why can there be 4 man squads in an 8v8 mode that can have 4 bots on each team? There should not be quads or trios fighting a bunch of solos when there are bots. The only thing I can do is SD and hope for a lobby without them or to another mode/game because I can’t beat a quad no matter how well I play. Its futile and gamebreaking.

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I think pvp should be 1vs1 then you will have a chance to win, is it good for you? :crazy_face:

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lol, imagine how it is on console, with only six person teams?

We cope though. I like a challenge, and I don’t mind losing.

Why so big mouth? Im trying to help you and make it easier :crazy_face:

Post your gameplay.

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For what? Does it change anything?

You always talk down to me as if I’m a bad player and nobody has banned you so I’m telling you to post your clips because you are a summer dumpster tier player.


You’re funny but you’re crying too much about ezz things we have to deal for many years. Let me tell you why Im laughing at you. I’ve been in top10 cw for 5yrs , I spent over 14k hours in xo ,been 1st in many events ,mayhems and steel championship ,many times I had 8 kills in pvp when there was 8vs8 on consoles, Im in that point I dont have to prove anything. I stopped playing cw almost 1yr ago and since then Im clanless bc xo sucks, Im still around bc Im hoping xo will back to normal again. Bc ppl like you crybabies xo is broken, ppl who can only cry instead of trying to find solution. Do you get it cryingbaby?


First off, he is correct. Groups are to face Groups, not solo players. This has always been and should still be so now.

That is why I will no longer Group. Group queue times are too long as MM struggles to find a Group for your Group to face. When XO was very popular in NA, then you would see as a Solo Player, the winning group would be your ally one Mission and the losing Group would be your ally the next Mission. Thus, you could still maintain a 50 percent win rate. Eventually, I must play on EU or RU because NA is dead and then add being in a Group and your queue times are insane. So, I will never Group.
If, he was indeed facing a Group with 3 random Solo players and 4 Bots, then MM is broken.
Repair MM! Make it so!

PS Forgive me if you are not a “he” It would be weird to replace all the “He” with “human being”

So, do not ban Groups, just ensure they face another Group of equal size.

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Happens every day man. I’ll see a power squad of 3-4 players against my random team and they win every single game. NA 9k. Whenever I start carrying my team I get focused down by all 3-4 of them at once and its just miserable. If I’m using a one off build for a task its impossible.

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You want teams removed from a team based PvP game? Just no.



How does he know their was not a group in the other team?

You don’t have to be in the same clan to group, or in any clan.

How can you tell if your team is all solo or if it has a group of random dudes playing together?

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4 mans aint sh!t.

Any PS, no problemo.

Never been dominated by them time and time again.

Worse 4 stack to face doesnt exist anymore: 6k bigfoot spark havesters of 2018.

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Right, 3-man group and one solo get matched over and over against the 4-man doom patrol. I have seen MM take two 2-man groups and make them face a 4-man group way back when my friend had not totally quit XO.

I quit playing groups so long ago.

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Complete strawman and a non argument. These are random battles being played by squads with CW communication and composition against a bunch of usually solo randos, and they can easily be the entire enemy team if 4 bots are involved. We don’t even get voip anymore to counteract these squads.

My teams don’t play like a trio with a badger trailing along as an accessory in crime, if they do its a <1 minute steamroll where I barely do any damage.

It’s a 5 minute round at most. Who cares? Just que for next battle and move on.

Even if they removed the group function, people would find ways around it like queuing at the same time to get into the same match together.

Not trying to be mean, but when you say it that way, it sounds like when you are lucky enough to have a good team, you barely contribute.

I try not to worry so much about whether my team wins. If I’m never getting MVPs or Unyieldings, I know I need to improve my build or stop playing so dumb.


Its not a 5 minute round, its like this for over an hour where I win zero games against them and they are in every other match on the enemy team. This game is small enough to where thats how it goes on NA servers.

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Oh look a thread where kuba and fluffy are being crazy.

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