Show us your builds

I seem to be having an issue with imgBB. It’s broken for whatever reason.


Anybody else use imgBB? All of my images linked from that site no longer display here or there. When I go to their page all my images show a blank slate in place of an image, and when I look here, there is simply nothing where I had posted direct links from imgBB, and it used to display an image.

The only images of mine I see here now are images I’ve recently uploaded directly from my computer.

Just wondering WTF. Why did my gallery burn down? Was it arson, faulty electronics, what? Am I the only one who can no longer see my images (beyond the last two, which are directly uploaded from my hard drive)?

I also bought 2 eyes, 10 and 5 of each of the Ravager pipes recently in prep to make something ravager based, not sure when though.

i still see all your pics in this topic,which i always thought was your topic(sorry poony)seems more a Doc thing. :crazy_face:


Thanks. It appears that I had an overzealous add-blocker.

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It used to be such a happy little blue utility truck.

Then, it came down with the sickness.

I would like them to add A.I. to the race mode in the Brawl Editor. Many, many, many, racing games feature A.I. drivers. I would like to try out my race cars. They are fun and fast, but I have access to no track to test them on, because I can’t populate my brawl with bots. Please add race bots. How is this not already a thing?

Got some MVPs with these guys, and that happy blue utility truck up top…before it got sick.


Recently grabbed an Aegis for the f2p


Even if we could do a one player race against the clock, I would be happy.
I really want to run my race cars on a track!

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Well… it’s working again… only…i’m not so sure about the looks… and i could make it prettier but since the penetration changes i’m not so sure about the gegan or whatever it’s name to hit cannon shells either wise it could had a big skirt

I kind prefer the old look, some character as been lost i think.

Regarding my Puncher… it will take a while more.


How about this tweak?



You really like building flying boats, don’t you?

Well since I have 24hr Hammerfalls I may as well put them on something to try out


No bumpers at all, eh? That seems pretty daring, plus explosives. It’s definitely dashing (maxcap kph).

If I want to get Hammerfalls now, does that make me a bad person?


Yes, yes it does. However, with my last 650 lighters, i will getting my 2nd fused hammerfall :laughing: Carry on!

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My new builds of the week:

I made myself a fire engine! Just a goofy art build, but the skadi/jotun combo works better than I would have thought.

I don’t have hammerfalls, so I tried a version of the brick with thunderbolts.
The problem is that with a heavy cabin, you don’t have a lot of energy left for modules. Might pick up some hammerfalls, as there is definitely something fun about plowing into people going fast with a heavy truck.

I made a lot of different harvester/yokozuna builds, but nothing was really working. Not sure if this skadivester really works, but at least it handles better than my previous attempts.
The drawback of fast heavy bricks is that they handle a lot differently than light cabins. I’m finding it a bit hard to adjust to the feeling of a lot of mass moving quickly.


im new and my builds are trash

It was weak but I did pretty well with it despite it not being my playstyle. May as well use them a bit once activated.

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If the unfortunate events of this game actually happened, this is what I’d build and demolish the competition with


Puncher it’s back to rotation.
I now have the ability to survive and kill the melee build that attacks me, it’s far from full proof but as long my sidekicks keep shooting it and if it doesn’t get me at 90% degrees angle… i have a change.
I even had one giving up and go for other one.

I just hope devs take a break of changes and nerfs for me to be able to build something new for a change. instead of rebuilding over and over again.
I don’t know if i can still build

Just for the kicks
Can you guess how many plows i have in there?

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