Show us your builds

Dumb suggestion:

All cannons and Steppenwolf parts (TOW excluded) have an immunity to shotguns/machineguns (Reaper excluded).

Makes logical sense.

Argue with me, derp_driver.



Lately I have been having some fun with more abstract builds. I have no name for this arothron abomination of 3 gerridas 6 omni 2 meat grinder

The good thing about sucky weapons that just do not perform good at all most of the times is that even if this was the most well thought out Arothron build the performance would be still more or less the same compared to the more popular weapons, so you can just honestly do whatever because you don’t have to worry about doing insanely good and you’ll gain resources anyway


I miss my Arothrons. My favourite bad gun.
Hope the price comes down again someday.

Already sold them off again, they’re not that great, sadly.


That cracks me up.

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You get some satisfying bursts but it’s not for me, sucks because I love missiles and wanted a 360 one for ages that wasn’t like the waltz, time to wait another 100 days for something new.

It’s sure isn’t the waltz, it would be nice if the waltz was closer to its durability though.

Waltz is smaller so I get it, but oh well… now that I have Helicons I couldn’t se emyself running waltz again

I always look at the mass ratio.

I guess because I never care for mass I take the size/hitbox into account more

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If you look at the mass ratio and then the size you can get an idea of the density. It doesn’t work for every sci-fi gadget but when thinking about chunks of metal it should. If it’s huge and doesn’t have much mass it’s not often going to be durable.

this weapon is the opposite of hit and run

I got lucky with mine and got a set of 3 fused, back when their price was at their lowest in the past

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How much are they like a legendary Thresher? In the test range they seem ok enough but I don’t see anyone doing that good in actual combat with these at the PS areas builds with Lucifer usually end up, just like Thresher does not really do good at all in actual combat, I am worried it’s gonna be Thresher 2.0 just tickling enemies again in pvp use

Honestly not a bad comparison but they just don’t seem to do enough real damage when you’re in a real pvp setting. Being 13 energy instead of 12 is also just another downside.

Plus if you don’t mag dump before your next fight then you might not even proc the perk to get more shots in the chamber, a lot of spamming for not much damage, then mag dumping and waiting on a decently long reload.

The Alactan I is a heavy and durable armored truck designed for breakthrough operations and convoy ambushes. The Brotherhood bought the design from Lock’s raider group after a Steppenwolf officer witnessed its effectiveness at assaulting a lunatic encampment, destroying the enemy vehicles and making it out with a large amount of electronics. While some modifications have to be made, there have been rumors that the Alactan will be in mass production as soon as 2057.


Here is my antibrick craft for 8k ps

Most of the time, I kill brick easy

I drive on tracks and meatgrinders most of the time


Another man of the worm.

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I made this for the Uranium Master mode. Pretty sturdy, I stripped an Equalizer hover with it.