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Well the kobold got bored, some how got a box set of every single “cars” and “planes” movie and a ravager AI core. after forcing the AI to watch the movies on loop for who knows how long he put it into an old armored humvee he had.

The result was “Otis”, to make maters worse he put a voice box in the damn thing. Otis here has the personality of an American redneck, drunk, angry and thinks warcrimes are Just spicy war. And the bastard of a kobold gave him a rotary cannon(reaper).

The good news Otis is for hire and a pretty good merc if you can deal with a car that acts like an American redneck.

The bad news. you have to pay him in moonshine which he uses as fuel. And that stuff isn’t cheep not sense the firestarters stills blew up last month.


Locate your target, get up to speed, hit the cloak, and…what could possibly go wrong, right?

I’m often surprised.

It’s got a grenadier in the trunk to try and keep myself useful post smack-down. I don’t like being a one hit wonder, so I like to try and launch my first drone early, let it do its thing, then sneak around, read the field, and pick the most constructive (destructive) target. Sometimes I can get two or three kills with one of these, and I’ve even gotten MVP with’em occasionally.

I didn’t have that kind of luck tonight, but it was a fun buzz-killer anyway, and cancelled a feeding frenzy or two. It always makes me feel heroic when I rescue a mate getting mauled by melee or something horrible like that…then I ride off into the sunset like the Lone Ranger, disappearing into the Wasteland.



I have been doing this play-style lately as well. It is a good change of pace.

I have not been playing lances though. Them seem a little under powered at high PS in comparison to harvestor for hunting hovers.

I just got sick of playing hovers :slight_smile: so decided to play a counter.

Here are two different versions I have been using the last few days.

One of them is double flash and double harvester on the beholder cabin.

The other is a single flash, double harvester on a Kami cabin.


Looks good for a little ultra-violence. Very Horror-show, oh brother.

I had some Lancelots, but I thought what you thought; for their power-score, they are disappointing. The Boom-sticks actually work better relative to their Power-score. Sledge hammers used to be like that too, but I’m not sure how they are sitting lately. I stopped using shotguns altogether for a while, but I built one for dailies the other day.

I know you suggest avoiding dailies, as it’s impractical or not profitable, but I like the routine, and the game seems more user-friendly to me when I run a rotation of play-styles and game modes, and don’t grind on the same build for too long.

My MO is to set up my blue-prints in a way that I can just start at the top and go down a list of six builds, with each build arranged for different play-styles, or game modes. I might deploy some builds two or three times before I go to the next build if I’m into it, but I do try to stay away from repetitively playing the same style for long. The Dailies compliment that agenda well, and offer resource bonuses and badges that help make my routine a little more practical and profitable…and they help let me know when it’s time move on.

I have twelve blueprint slots, and I use the other six for clown-cars and build experiments.


I wish the Lancelots hadn’t gotten nerfed. They really don’t work in their peer-group anymore, and they are hella-expensive for that level of dysfunction, I think. I’m not sure why they decided to nerf them. I know people hate them because there is no real counter, and they often scare the hell out of me when they come from out of nowhere. It does suck to get cancelled by them right at the beginning of a match (I get it), but they have rather profound limitations that I thought justified their strength. I think their nerf was just a hate crime, and was unreasonable.

On Topic:

I’m still lovin’ my Thug. It’s my EZ raider, and copper scrapper. When I feel like a simple relaxing arcade game, Easy Raids is where I find that. I actually get a very good gas to reward ratio with that thing, and usually come out on top in a very casual way.


I’m thinking of trying some lances with buggy wheels. I have a single Lancelot that I got in a crate a few years ago, but I almost never use it. I think I tried it with some boomsticks for a week and then sold them.

Currently working on some sparkvester concepts, trying to fit in a skinner and a single Draco too.

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Excellent use of bumpers on that clown face.

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I try to organize my blueprints. But i build and delete so much my blueprints fall on to unorganized chaos quite fast. Atm they are just everywhere and anywhere.


can we still use exhibition to store our rides to save on blueprint space?incase ppl forgot that trick :crazy_face:

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I suggest people to avoid dailies in one of two cases.

  1. If you are a new player - the biggest thing I find with new players is they get overwhelmed with trying to make so many different builds. The dailies are designed to make you feel like your missing out on a prize if you don’t have every build you need to complete them. So I find that in many cases it is better for a new player to concentrate on building one build they really like to skip low PS. No need to have a bunch of builds with blue items IF you do not intent to play at that PS bracket.

  2. If you don’t enjoy it - this is the golden rule of all game. If something gives you entertainment then screw what anyone else thinks, just do it. If you hate it then Don’t let the game play you. You play the game.

For people that enjoy dailies this is great advice.

Sadly :frowning: most of my advice is how to power through low and mid PS and not on how to enjoy lower PS levels. As a Min-Maxer my brain only works that way :slight_smile:

Well, Hybrid (6 Lance, 1 Harvester, 1 flash) can still one tap a 16k+ hover. But because of the height that blue hovers fly at it is harder to do and vertical harvesters can instant pop multiple builds if you catch the right targets at the right time.

lances where nerfed because the cannon guys back in the old Typhoon meta didn’t like getting one shot. They kept screaming the “no skill” and at the same time defended the Typhoon stun perk. But the way I think about a Lance build is you have given up everything for the “Chance” to one shot someone. Driving a Lance build is kind of like driving a one shot TOW missile. Sometime you get high reward, it sometimes you end up driving into a wall and get shredded before you can even get your car to move in reverse.

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You just need an empty slot in your BP storage to swap them out, but yeah… I do it with my artsy builds.

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My snowplow, I call it Smack’em. Savior Cab.


Been making some anti-hover builds this week.

This one has some thunderbolts, which don’t seem as bad as people say.

And this one is an aggressor/harvester/skinner/spark/draco experiment:


I went looking for surveillance cameras in Adventure mode, so I thought I’d build something pretty and fast for the gig. I’ve found 50 or so, and now I’m bored with it at this point, but the car was fun.

I think I’m ready to do some PVP


Currently pvping on a build ive named “Dragons Gold”.

Ps a pick with lights.


Lol, that thing looks awesome!


I would look for them when I didn’t want anything intense or when I wanted to goof around, but had a bad connection (I often play remotely on a laptop).

Dragon’s Gold looks awesome.

Imagine getting slaughtered by that while in one of your dedicated serious builds. :joy:


As much as I don’t like you, you do have an eye for artistry. Nice build

That’s one of the coolest builds I’ve seen on this forum. Sweet.


Decided to get rid of the Draco and try just the spark/harvester/skinner combo. Put in an averter buffing the durability of the harvester, skinner, and cabin, and also have a cheetah, verifier, and cloak in there. Only a two energy generator.
Pretty deadly against hovers and a lot of wheeled builds, but almost useless against spiders, tracks, and augers.

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