Show us your builds

Well, at least you did a proper paint job on it.
Min-Maxing tends to be a strong expression of the character and individuality of Crossout as a game, I think. Rigs like that, sideways-hovers, and the notorious shotgun-wedge are sort of hallmarks or icons of this game. It could probably be argued that if you haven’t played one, you haven’t really played Crossout.
My art builds, on the other hand, are not expressing the personality of this game as much as they are my own vision, and I’m often wrestling against some of the game’s features and mechanics to make it work, rather than indulging, encouraging, or developing the innate character of this game.
Either way, this game’s genius puts on a good parade, IMO. Crossout is a cult classic, and the various creative interpretations are endlessly entertaining, I think…and you can ride around and blow up schit in them too. It’s a win/win situation…when it works.

I thought I had posted this one before, but I guess not. It’s been in my rotation for a while. I built it simply because I crafted Big-Feets and I don’t usually craft anything except to sell it, but this time I went ahead and hit the grind and crafted something I wanted. It’s only 53 parts and was just meant to take the wheels for a joy ride on, but it turned out to work.

Once again, I’m not really taking full advantage of the perk but the improved reload time does help. The wheels have been good for resisting all the melee it gets pitted against, and I think that’s what’s making it playable.
Anyway, it’s been handling my Cannon dailies, and has held a spot in my rotation for about a month(?) or so.

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I would have looked probably at a harpy probably rather then a dusk. Then fused everything for explosion radius.

Hmmm…I like the Harpy, for it’s looks anyway. Maybe I will. I’ll put that on the menu for this evening, I think
I’m probably not dedicated enough to this play-style (missiles) to fuse anything though, but it sounds like a good project for tonight.
I actually have a good bit in my inventory that would (should) be complimented well by a Harpy, now that I think of it.

I’ll be back…

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I noticed the explosion radius upgrade seemed to net more damage then the damage upgrade when paired with it. I’m rather fond of little missile cars though.

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Time for another overahare of tenshi builds!

  1. First build is my favorite kaiju build with inverter/verifier/engine/cloak

  2. Next is a cohort mastadon I made last week and barely used. I was trying to make a pretty looking big spider mastadon.

  3. This is a redesign and final state of that omnibox waltz build I already shared. It looks better now.

  4. And finally a build I love to death. I’ve already shared it, but I did some small rebuilding, like putting those heavy bumpers on my fortune sides. I also gave it a sweet arse paint job, and everyone agrees.

Damn I love building things.


Maybe this week I will make some new Omniwheel builds. Getting some new ideas from some of these cars.

Here ya go.


About time they did that.

Finally got some traditional legs, and made myself a fire breathing Green Monster.


What if I told you I have a 2 porc 6 falcon small track build with 1300 hp at 3999 ps? Would you believe me? (Yes. I am evil mwuahahaha)


That’s just mean to do.


Diggin’ the fresh paints. I don’t know what everybody else got for their “Special Reward” celebrating Crossout Day, but I got a top-shelf can of “Ice-Crystal” paint. I like my paint, but this one would have been a bit out of my price range, so I appreciate the gift. I like the paint that came with the free pack too, and I think they look good together.

I rebuilt, restored, updated, and customized that old dusty Wyvern that was hanging off the Land-Ship and found it makes a pretty good drone-boat (dinghy?) with my Fuzes. I added a few minor things, like an extra set of Bade-Wings to the front grill, some lights, Wheel CKs, a rear Bumper, and Buggy-Corners for a steps into the cockpit, but that’s about it. It’s been a surprisingly fun build somewhere under 5K.

I’ve got a total of 12 slots for blue-prints, and I’ve got my main rotation down to 6 (I deleted some stuff). Now With this build as a stepping off point, I think I’ll continue the tradition with my next 6 slots, and build some more rigs in the faction-action theme. I suppose if I wanted to be a proper purist I should put some Sidekicks or something in this Wyvern to make it all Nomad, but I’m not too keen on those, frankly. Maybe, a couple Grenadiers, just to keep the project disciplined?


how are ur builds so bad yet u claim to be so good???

Now your just pointlessly trolling and putting words in people’s mouths. Your so muppetty.

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your builds are not good idk how thats trolling

You probably couldn’t build a nice looking ride to save your life. Stop being so bitter and negative all over the forums. Go chase your boring meta cookie cutter builds. I only play ugly meta in clan wars. These are all my fun fun PvP builds. Maybe you should learn to just have fun in the game too.

something nice looking look at ur masto spider that does not look nice at all looks like a jb rider build

When have I claimed to be good? I have consistently described myself as an average player.
I enjoy the game. Sometimes I get MVP, sometimes I don’t even get 40 points. I have a good time either way.
Why not post some of your builds? I promise I won’t make fun of them!

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bro not u tesjsjsjsuijejsn or whatever his stroke name is

Nice, it looks like a Dragon. I dig the use of the Feathered Serpent flare.

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