Show us your builds

I almost put Sleipnirs on that Nag-Manitou build. It’s what I started with, but decided to go with the Atoms…but no. I haven’t done anything with tracks in a long time. I keep thinking I want to do a version of MudnBeer’s shot-gun wedge with the mini tracks, but haven’t. I will eventually, I think, but I don’t have the small-tracks in my inventory presently.

I gave up on tracks a while back, and only have one pair of BP-Sleipnirs currently. Sounds like a good project to tinker with…I might be enjoying myself too much to deviate from my current MO, though.

The PS ranges seem to be very diverse presently. I get lots of melee at under 6K, then they sort of peter out and disappear by 9K. By 12K I see a lot of very timid game play (and less melee). Nobody wants to get hit with that schit at all (really viscous guns up there), and they play it very safe and cautious. Matches seem noticeably longer at 12K. I almost can’t take the suspense and tension.

I don’t play those ranges very often (7-9K or 10K+), so I can’t comment on what’s popular (Kapkans and flame-throwers?), but they are very different in play-style, and in popular META. It used to be just Hovers everywhere.

Where I’m playing (5Kish), I’m not feeling very threatened by the Kapkans or the mines, so I haven’t taken them seriously. My Jannabi build just drives straight over the mines like they aren’t there, and the Kapkans I’m either just crushing with passive melee, or mostly staying out in front of it. I’m actually hunting those guys, like I did hovers, back when that was all the rage. I see my mates who use ACs getting hurt by it though (they aren’t as fast, typically)…they make good bait, because they get stuck by the Kapkan, the enemy attacks and de-cloaks, and that’s my queue.

I haven’t seen any Daze modules. They must be too high in Power-Score. Those are pricey toys (Kapkans and Daze) for that Power Score, and maybe aren’t necessary, or the PS is just too much. IDK.

I better stop rambling before MudnBeer scorns my wall of type.


I’m using hard tracks, they are great as in no weird stuff like they used to do.
I’m thinking in putting 2 small tracks for PS management and for quicker response and weight savings.
small tracks are very cheap now (PC).


I meant have you tried using either to counter melee?

I use them mostly on long distance raid builds and where accuracy issues don’t come into play.

Not since the Auger-Huggin-Gremlin META at PS 5-6K. They were simply too slow. Sitting ducks is what I’ve seen them as, since everything went Omnidirectional.

Only bots use tracks, to my recent memory. I tend to game anybody who tries them, myself. Unless they have friends helping them who are not on tracks, I see them as soft targets generally too.

PS 5-6K seems very rich with seal-clubs too, I’m having a hard time envisioning tracks as being very formidable. I’m not seeing it much in practice either. I see mostly min-maxed 3-legged Gerrida doing what tracks used to at 5-6K, and more…I think I predicted the melee spider META.

Of the tracks I do see, I see Hardened Tracks the most. It’s what the bots tend to use too.

I feel like I have to try it now anyway, but I’ve spent most of my coin hording Manitou. I have like five of them, and the price hasn’t recovered yet. I’ll have to do some creative financing. I’m not going to ignore the suggestion. I’ve had too much fun since I took the last batch seriously.

Ya…I did, because I have a middle finger too (just press W).

I’m calling it “The Degenerate.” It’s got a sidekick in the trunk, although it hardly needs any help.

I seemed to have had these saws thrust upon me by some BP or the other so I decided WTF. I can’t say I don’t find the way the Charybdis gets an erection when it approaches a victim amusing.



:crazy_face: i never thought of it that way’

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I’ve got the middle finger on one hand, and a high-five on the other with this one.

The Nest and Tempura is still a really tough combo for me to score with, but it would be a good support vehicle if I actually had a team to support…seems a bit grim at the moment out there.

Also, I’m not sure if the Tempura just sucks, or if I just need more practice…or more ruthlessness and less bling. IDK. I’m gonna go with more practice, as sometimes I do pretty good (still loose, but whatever). Other times I just get cock-blocked by my “team mates,” over and over, who like face hugging with Acs and MGs, for whatever reason, and just seem real prone to jumping in front of me at the last moment, and pushing my target into the safety of their inept clutches…bouncing me into the wall in the process, where I take a couple cannon shots up my ass while I’m trying to find reverse. Thanks.


Got canceled by DerpDriver a couple times with his version of speedy dual Emilys, so I decided to build my own.

I like the Emily, and I like speed, so I put a couple boosters on this buried Wyvern. It’s fun. I had to force myself to quit.



A warning, Dawns supply transports heading over ravager Territory have started going missing, as such all Air travel over the areas controlled by the Ravagers has been bared by both the Dawns and Engineers unless it is combat focused or CAS for ground forces.

Update in reports the lost dawns aicraft have been spotted heavily modified by the ravagers. I repeat the ravagers have AIR SUPPORT. all ground units are to watch the skies. So far only a single squadron has been lost but knowing the Ravagers this is only the first step.

If you see any of these craft blow them out of the sky, as there are rumors that they are using them to grow more ravagers allowing for them to spread outside of the containment areas. Steppenwolf AA is already on high alert.

Yip, this is the kobold do not be alarmed. I have hacked one… well we have hacked one, it is us… we are ravager after all… well where human now ravager, like the looks don’t worry will help with the others. just look out for us. We have more armor, and marks. Also we yip. Please stop shooting at us, we only have one of these… our supply trucks still can’t make them… to focused on water purification for you squishy things.


Roll your own META. I just slap some guns and a bunch of crap on it, and call it an MVP.

It’s stupid, and I’ve been doing more stupid lately, but because I think stupid should be low energy, I’ve just been downloading crap off the exhibition. It’s so very META out there that I don’t see the point in being creative, or aiming, for that matter.


That’s what I started with. It’s a nice solid just push W for win build. Fast too.


I stretched it out a little, added some beef and bling…MVP.

I like the Maulers better than most of the other melee, and I tried some, but the Boring Melee-Brick is slow…boring, and gets moshed by groups pretty bad. I think that kind of Melee-Trucker crap works a lot better when there are several of them working together.
The Maulers allow for better speed and agility, and as a lone random, depending on team work isn’t a reliable strategy, IMO. It’s great when that happens, but whatever. I like being fast enough to get out of trouble on my own.

Next, I try my first faction build (Firestarters of course). I’m done being all creative for a while. I don’t see the point right now, and I’m looking forward to this balance update…but since they didn’t address melee at all, I sold all my schit and invested in melee. Aiming is so 2022.

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You know those elbows parts are not registering durability correctly last I checked.

I did not know that. All I know is that four out of five META users choose elbows, so I threw them in there.

It’s easy to check by pulling them off and on the bug just hasn’t been solved yet.

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None of those parts move the needle on overall durability. None of it. It has the durability of the cab and that’s it. There are three modules on this build too (two Taymyrs and a Hardcore).


No one told you to strip it all off… lol

It’s funny how someone after years and years just realized they don’t even know how anything in the game works.

:crazy_face: :rofl:

Well, how are the elbows different than any of the other pass-through parts then?..and the blue print is saved, so I’m not sure what it matters if I stripped it all off.

I’m not sure what bug you expected me to see. If I go shoot this build on the range, they all clearly have some durability, despite not having a reference number tallied into the overall health score, since they do fall off after shooting them a few times, but this is the same with all of the pass-through parts, modules, and the frames. How are the elbows different? Are they supposed to be different?

They’re only different in the sense that they’re objectively the most effective 90% passthrough parts. Elbows are only 70PS and have 261HP. Gun mounts are 133PS with 342HP… so nearly double the PS and double the size and only about 1/3 more HP… mass is only 8kg between them so is negligible…

You can run 2 Elbows for practically the same PS as 1 Gun mount… giving you 522HP compared to 342HP… giving you 2 points of failure for only 7PS more.

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Do you know what bug he was talking about? He suggested I delete these parts and then alt-Z them back to reveal some bug. I saw no difference in health, should I have been looking at the power-score to see the difference?