Show us your builds


Well, this is the crazy bold here, when a new group comes in saying they have shiny guns I have to join them. Shinies are fun… This one gave me a mortar that fires shells so cold they freeze things… not as good as fire but IT gave me something to do with these old US M113s I had laying around. I was just going to strip them for spare tracks. But well ice lobbers are fun.


I do get a bit of hate sometimes and what i think is russian cuss words aimed at me after a kill but i dont take this game or many things that seriously so im just here having fun.

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If you don’t read Russian how would you know if it’s a complement or an insult? I do some times see them tossed as insults though too but I do use the phone to translate sometimes…

uhhhhh thats not a vehicle, are the pajeets running scams on Xo forums now too?


Damn that thing sent my virus scanner crazy just viewing the site.

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Ye good olde Storm chaser is back to rotation and active, literally Ye olde version.



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Speedy boi
This is an upgraded version of my older Built for Speed model (no picture available), capable of reaching 120 kph without boosters in 5 seconds (0 to 110 in 1.5 seconds).

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Dragonfly MK5A

An update by to the Raven MK4P the 5A swaps the standard rotors with something a bit heavier. this allows it to have a much heavier lift profile and take on larger weapon loads. Sadly though its mounting positions are similar to the 4P meaning it is generally only seen armed with two side mounted automatic weapons.

This modification was made at the requests of the nomads of all people as a gift to the seekers, not one to turn down such a request the bold put his heart and soul into this aerial beast. Sure it is just a custom model of a craft his crew already produces on mass, but it is one that shows life in the valley in new ways.

So far two have been produced, all armed with a standard twin plasma repeater load out, a power unit, doppler, and cloak mk2.

though the hope is in the future to load a personal one up with the northerners cloak, maybe this will help the nomads and seekers more in their search for knowledge.

((EDIT: build has been renaimed to Dragonfly MK5A))


Anihilators or yaguai are ok enough. My 14k anihilator build def does not dominate. But it gets the odd mvp. Not often though.

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New build I just created. Works pretty well for PVP. I hope it works well for Confrontation.
XO Vulcan


Dragonfly M3KA

After Receving the two prototype units, the Nomads where overjoyed by their new toys, but had some requests including the improvement of the engine and cloak built into the thing. Ever the one to experiment the kobold went to work. Replacing the old engine with a Cheetah to boost its speed from 93KPH max to 106KPH max. along with that the Dragon fly was given a state of the art Yeti cloak its fuel tank allowing for 45 seconds of un interrupted cloak.

those two new features allowing the nomads to remain high in the sky acting as recon with out worry of detection.

Along with that the rear has a latch point (not in the actual build.) for a single werewolf or recon drone. Allowing it to deploy a remote scout where needed and when needed.

This all comes at a cost though as a large part of it interior cargo bay has been replaced with the electronics to run said systems (a charge generator as a Big-G has to little HP.). granted this means the dragon fly can asupport a more robust defense package if one ever comes.

note: just a build update and finalization as there are some things on the older one I don’t like, that said the older one will remain in exhib for obvious reasons.


Here is my Ravager Mech Build! (Really would like a Ravager Season Pass) Be nice to have a cool bad guy! Seeing Ravager builds in PVP would be awesome!


I would also love to see a ravager BP.


This is not my original Mech. I did adjust decals and decor to make it more in line with a military mech.

Hats off to the original creator for making a cool mech!



Here is an upated Spider Mech build.


Easily my favorite heli. “Its not over yet” on the exhibition.


Why does the helio’s with out the CK look really good but only one one side.

Wish we had a mirror option.


Hello, today I come to show you some of my vehicles, they are all functional, whether for pvp or pve:

“CTUF Artillery 7” my main build

“CHAR 2C WW1 Tank” a recreation of the French super heavy tank of the WW1

“MH-60 BlackHawk” my main helicopter, I just finished building it a day ago

“Truck Wasteland” a huge truck

and finally…
“HMMWV or Humvee” a build for low PS for pvp

In the cases of the “CHAR 2C” and the “Truck Wasteland” they are incomplete because the limit of pieces to build vehicles is 80, and I could not place certain additional details such as mirrors for the truck, a headlight on the front of the CHAR 2C and parts that simulate the side machine guns, etc., even so, these They are 95% complete.

If anyone is interested in these vehicles, you can try them in my garage.

that’s all.


my 4 year project build nd still in the making


Nice to see some big heavy tanks in the thread!

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