The Wobble

What people are you reffering to?

People who stop and use cover?

Corner campers.

God, I hate corner campers.

There are alot of people who think this is a racing game with weapons on their car, when in fact it is a tactical shooter and you should take every tactical advantage you can get.

I can understand tactics, and that is something I wish more people who play this game used. But using map cover to ensure your survival and just camping in a corner are two very different things.

Im glad we found a middle ground :handshake:

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You just need to learn how it works, and adjust your playing.
Release your steering before your gas, and you won’t experience this.
Once you learn how to use it (assuming we are both talking about the quick pivot), it is a big improvement, even for corner campers like yourself.

Edit: I think I finally understand what’s happening. On PC, if you are using camera/mouse steering, you probably can’t quickly centre your steering, right? On consoles, we can just let go of our right stick, but I guess you need to quickly get your mouse to the centre of the screen?
If that is what is happening, then my advice as a console player may not be useful. Sorry!

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Thank you for the understanding,
Yes i play on pc, and yes with mouse steering your crosshair moves wildly from side to side when you turn and stop.

I guess try to make sure your mouse is always pointing where you want your vehicle to be pointed, and be aware of when you release your acceleration.
I’m often combining strafe and gas when playing strafing builds, and that may help your issue.
Also, you could disable camera steering, which should solve your problem.

What would be the point of disabling mouse steering when you have frontal weapons and sideways movement parts?, you will only handicap yourself :sweat_smile:

If the cause of it is mouse jitter then turning it off would stop it. It actually might be worth trying it just to see if it’s a hardware issue.

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Now you are just being silly.
I built computers for hospitals and their doctors, so believe me when i tell you please, this is not a hardware issue, but a crossout engine issue.

I’ve built computers for large organizations and graduate schools too. The mouse pointer can jitter it’s actually a real thing, normally it will jitter in other programs too but depending on setting you might not notice it as much out of something that’s cursor intensive. I’m not telling you it’s going to be the cause though I’m saying it’s something you can easily rule out with that setting. I would be switching mice just to check if it isn’t the mouse too. I’d also be looking at the mouse sensitivity settings both at os level and in the game… With other people not having the same issue you should think about ruling other possibilities out via testing. Otherwise you might end up sitting there frustrated, with it being something you could have fixed.

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Have you tried playing with omni, atom wheels or meat grinders tracks before you made this post?
They were fine before, but a few months ago they got a new “feature” as other players called to turn in place, that just messes up their general movement in games.

I use them often. Atoms particularly (everyday) but I have builds on all of them.

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And do you use them with mouse steering?


Ive posted a video in this topic earlier about the problem them now, dont you experience it?

I never noticed what you described and I saw the video. At most I get a little bit of inertia roll when coming to a stop but it doesn’t move around much outside of where I want it to go.

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Well sometimes it just turns your car so much when you turn and stop your car is just put sideways, and it takes a few seconds of wobbling to get it in the position again that your mouse camera is facing.
Do you see i could have fired a second earlier in the video if this stupid side to side wobble wasnt there?
It wasnt there before, everybody keeps telling me it is a new and improved feature that makes crossout better, well they are idiots it makes those movement parts useless in competative play.

Are you hitting your handbrake on the turn?