We want a relic kapkan and a relic mandrake

We want more new relics ,a relic kapkan and a relic mandrake.

There’s not a thing in Crossout that the game would need LESS than anything even remotely resembling the Cuckpkan. Here’s a short list of things Crossout needs more than a relic Cuckpkan:

  • More Wedges
  • A Nova shield buff
  • Another speed nerf to Echo
  • Reducing heavy cabins to 10 energy
  • A downgrade to the forum
  • Less communication between developers and players
  • Lower server tickrate

Stop hate the kapkans,its a pacific (weapon). A world without gun = peace all around the world.

we literally got a legendary kapkan and it is one of the worst legendary weapons ever added, don’t you think the relic will be just as bad?

also could we have a relic pulse cannon?
i made a tread with a sugestion, but it has over 50 views, and no comments, it looks like people don’t even read it, they just see that it is a lot of text, and decide to not read it at all, which gives me the big sad :sob:

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jubboko is not a legendary kapkan anymore . Look at the technology tree.

They already added a relic version of the Helios to the mobile version a looooooong time ago.

No one in their right mind wants a relic kapcan or any more perks/features that slow people down.

Helios is a plasma emitter, not a pulse cannon, but the Kaiju is a pulse cannon.

Ah yeah :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I want both the plasma and pulse relics

I want a relic kapkan or at least legendary.

Sorry, I don’t want any more relics to be released. A majority of the player base will never obtain relics. A lot of players will never get legendaries, let alone Relics.

a relic pulse cannon could do good, as you would only need a single one for a viable build

I feel like they should first get the 2 new relics they added lately in a good and balanced place, and fix all the other issues mentioned above, before adding anything new and relic rarity. Only person I’ve seen ask for a relic kapkan is you! And the mandrake sounds fun; but do you really see people using relic mandrakes for an extended period of time?

I just feel like crossout could benifit more from other changes that devs can put their time into, other than creating new relics.

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I do not want this…

Nobody wants a relic kapkan bro, you can edit that thread and change the title to “I want a relic kapkan” because clearly you’re alone in this (^%

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Not we. You. You want more new relics. I want a normal game.

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i bet you do mf… i bet you do hahaha lol

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Its really easy to get relic now. More relics will great for the game. (We)= all the og. All the og are leaving the game they need to do something.

FerrariFrank: Can we get a better kapkan?
Dave: We literally have legendary kapkan at home.
Legendary Kapkan at home:


Its not,look at the technology tree and kapkan are way better than the jubboko.