Weapons that feel like they are in the wrong rarity

I am interested in peoples opinions on weapons they think are in the wrong rarity class, be it they are too efficient and good for being as low as they are, or are way too high in the ps and rarity because of how poorly they perform. Especially if comparing with other weapons of the same type

I’m going to open up with Gungnirs feeling more like a special weapon rather than an epic one compared to Nothungs

Vultures feel like the epic weapon and Yaoguais like the legendary of the two


Rippers should be common. :joy:


i think Shiv tires should be epic

bite ur tongue young man…small tracks should be common :rofl:
help the little guy… :thinking:

They should be epic - then they need buffed.

What’s the name of that drill drone? The legendary one?

That should be an epic in its current stat.

Also the new legendary drone cabin should be epic.

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hehehe, seriously though. Did you know you can latch onto a rig with them? Well, at least I think we can. If you place a steering shiv in the rear, plus the steering shiv up front, when you’re right next to an enemy and cutting them up with the blades, turn into them, and the wheels seem to bite in if there’s space on the enemy’s rig to do so (voids between movement and structural parts). All you gotta do is hold down the turn button and W, and the two steering wheels will keep locked in.

Everyone is saying that gungnir’s ability is not enough, but I think it’s pretty good, including in my use, how not to talk about the ability of the nest and missile drones

But they outperform the relics in Leviathan CW

Yes, but the game should not be balanced off of Levi Wars.

Gungnir is definitely a F tier weapon. No accuracy, no damage, no nothing. It’d probably still suck as a special in its current state.

Try to use the favorite cabin with it, and in battle to attack the opponent’s weapon while maintaining distance and mobility, you will see its power

I’m not sure the answer to this question, you talk about this I am again reminded of the balance of weapons in pve

Honestly? I’ve compared it with Spectres, with Equas, with Adapters… No way I’m bothering with it. All these weapons have way higher DPS, and they’re all less quirky than Gungnir (except equas, but equas have like 66% more DPS and better range…)

The equalizer has a long enough range, but cannot focus fire on the opponent’s key components at longer distances

The equalizer has a long enough range, but cannot focus fire on the opponent’s key components at longer distances
As I wrote in the forum before this season,
Advice for weapon modification - Discussion - Crossout
this machine gun does not look like it has any advantages, but its advantages are unique and irreplaceable

I also agree that gungnir isn’t as weak as people say. I only have the one BP version, but I tried swapping it in place of an aurora on a triple equalizer build and was surprised that it performed quite well.
Used with favourite to maximize the perk. Once it gets going, it’s good at focussing on weapons or explosives.

gungnir is just assisted tap fire , you can get the same accuracy tap firing spectres , gungnir does have a better model though

The Gungnirs weakness becomes extremely apparent if you run 4 of them, compared to any other 4 of 4 energy weapons, at least on other setups it feels like it is still an option, but even when nova-scumming with hovers these things really just can’t do much anything. To the point that they feel intentionally sucky just to make Nothungs feel better

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If I were going to make a full build with them, I wouldn’t use more than three.
Because of the perk, I don’t see them as a tap firing weapon. Makes
more sense to me to have lots of cooling and use them more like miniguns.

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