Where are all these players coming from?

It is these players here making alt accounts to win clash of the engineers I bet. This is peak hours now and the player count is down over 500 from yesterday. I say it is a combination of the review bomb and people logged into their alt accounts to upvote their builds in clash of the engineers. Clash of the engineers is over and we are already down 600 players from yesterday, coincidence?

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If we’re using peak population as the only metric of what’s good for the game, what we have rn is below early 2017, before hovers got introduced.
Revert everything to early 2017, it’s a Monkey-approved change.

BTW game had 12k players earlier this year. But clearly everything is going very well :3

You know, reading charts like a crook might work on some people, but I suspect most of us here can do basic maths and interpret a graph.

Well, like I said, I don’t trust the steam charts.

I don’t trust them because when we had that huge influx earlier this year that nearly doubled the supposed player base, I saw zero change in game.

I saw no influx of new players (and I typically tool around in Adventure for the 20 side missions, so you’d think I’d have noticed 6000 new people). There was no new influx in the forum, reddit, facebook…

I do notice a very different population based on different times of day & different days of the week. It’s always busier Sunday night. Always busier on the weekends… always dead at 3am on a Tuesday.

If the daily fluctuations are noticeable - that being 6k during the slow hours & 8k during the busy hours - I’d have certainly noticed those 6000 new players we supposedly got a few months ago. All of us would’ve.

I don’t know how those charts are formulated, but I don’t trust them at all.

That being said…

If we were to trust them, the long term trajectory is not promising.


Occam’s razor. This seems most likely of everything presented in the thread so far (in my opinion, no personal experience).

That’s what I did.
Well, I re-linked them.

I was partially just trying to find something else to play.

epic thread, its a true crossout mystery and everybody gets to play!

what made you change your mind? im interested in your take on this. are you from china? the chinese migration explanation never seemed credible to me because this…

… is simply insane and extremely incredible! +5k players, or +100% in 6 days. i dont buy it. and as far as i can remember, not a single word out of gajin/targem about how they somehow doubled their game in a week. too weird, dont buy it but would really like to know.

on reddit i saw some comments mentioning a “player merge” on steam. but im not sure if theyre repeating fake news from this thread or actually know something more.

the early discussion in this thread is hilarious btw. for example, poony and tenshin could feel the doubled steam player numbers so deep they even noticed it on ps4 somehow, contact high maybe.

sure, +100% in 6 days to an all time high over a good 5 years, youre smart.

we have to figure this out! maybe report targem to steam for faking player numbers to bait them into checking it out for us :slight_smile:

edit hoi doc. and also, i gave nobler a rare heart of mine for this thread because nobody did before! yet my shit post had 7, shame on all of you!

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I guess you really don’t know how that works. That’s fine. It’s all good. Totally unimportant.

I just finished watching MEG2 five minutes ago.

Great metaphor. I was completely there…but…this game feels like a psy-op sometimes. The forum is extra weird right now too. That was disorienting.


Never saw that one (I’m definitely not the horror movie type anyway) but I can for sure relate to that pup for those first few matches in Confrontation. I’m gonna start naming my Confrontation builds Chum5k, Chum6k, etc. :slight_smile:


It was ridiculous, but Jason Statham doesn’t seem to need much to work with. He brushes off male pattern baldness as if hair was for puffs.

It’s very META. Copy and paste META too, and that META is spilling into PVP, so by now I would expect everybody to be enjoying the bland brutality.

IDK. I haven’t logged on in a while. It’s hard to catch the window for confrontation, and even harder to want to, so I haven’t bothered, and like I said, I figure that by now PVP is pretty much clone wars too. Been there done that.

I feel pretty comfortable doing something else, while they sort this out…or not. I’d miss the game, glad I played, but I doubt this will hold my attention for long, because it’s not already.

I like this game for the build feature, and if the only builds I can get to work are cookie cutter squares with shot-guns or saws sticking out the front, then thanks for the ride, I guess. It was cool while it lasted.

I have to be creative, or my head will explode. Tonight that outlet will be something other than Crossout, because cheese-box wars isn’t something I’m capable of enjoying.


Wg now gives loads of rewards in ships that can be sold, but gj ala crossout nothing and once they give you a gift you can’t trade with it. pfff Crossout can only wipe the floor with solo players.

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Tell me about it. I even flagged my own thread for moderation roughly when it was made because of the braincell destroying nonsense people were bloating the thread with. Charlie never did come and clean it up and I wouldn’t blame him.

Your just like my dog, very reserved with his licks but when he finally do give one it really means something.

I dislike how this game will pit 4 randos against 3-4 stacks.

The newer players are better off when they quit.

The only way to get the game to improve is to vote with time and money.