Where are all these players coming from?

Awesome, players are up!

It was 7k before the patch. You are showing 7.7k.

The population has already went back to normal and then some extra.

So sure :rofl: :vulcan_salute:, mainly because you are hiding a video from YouTube where a Crossout player is debating how 7 thousand players left Crossout both from PC and console. You’re just lying to yourself.

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Look at the steam charts. They are public. I will agree that the population did dip for a few days (as shown on the public steam charts)

You just posted a picture showing the return of the population. :rofl:

Here, I’ll post another one.

The 24 hour peak is over 8k - it was not like that before the patch. But you don’t have to take my word for it, you have access to the same chart.

Wow, eight thousand players out of a population of 8,055,584,714, it’s going down, and more self-deception isn’t going to change that. Crossout had 12,000 back in February, now it’s around eight, which means a drop of 4,000. Ha ha :vulcan_salute:

But it’s not. I can see the climb on the graph. People on the forum are not blind.

We already know why the game had a spike in August and that was not a normal thing.

Ever hear of a bell curve? Of course there are “smart” people and “not so smart” people.

If you are of average IQ, you already process problems and information better than half the population of Earth.

If you are average.

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I think people might be logging into the game to see the changes made to the game


I agree.

I also know a bunch of old clan wars guys coming back to the game because of this update.

Average players are actually way down, the lowest it has ever been actually but you will see whos right in a couple of weeks aladin or rough monkey. Right now the average players sit at 6310 compared to 6901 from last month and 7380 from month before that. I think the player count is still dropping and I say in one months time the 30 day average will be at roughly 6000 to 6100 that is my prediction.

Peaks are up over 8000 the last few days. We need time for the average to level out since the Reddit tantrum caused a false drop in numbers.

Give it 30 days, then We can wrap back around.

Peak before patch and Reddit tantrum causing false numbers was about 7k.

Peak the last few days all around here - 8k

everyone has access to the same numbers I have and can see it.

BUT time will tell on an over all average.
The only thing I can see is the Reddit tantrum was mostly pointless. Because everyone is back to playing the game, and then some.

It is not much of a peak just very marginal at best up 100 from the peak from last month which is not much. If we had the same conversation back in april will april had a less peak player count than march yet march had more average players. It is not very much of a spike actually to make any reasonable predictions, I say people are just coming to check out the new changes and the new epic wheels/weapons that just got released on top of steel championship and for the amount of stuff that got released past week or so this is actually a very small spike.

I agree that over all it is not a huge spike.
But compared to when people where trying to drop the population score on purpose it has completely recovered. That is my main point. We currently don’t have an less players then we did before the patch.

That is one thing that is already easy to see on the graph.

I think there is a reason they removed the leaderboard from steel championship, they trying to hide the low player count. Anyways I am not saying nothing else on this for the time being that’s my 2 cents and this is wrong thread to be talking about this anyways.


i like you, youre smart. this metric used to be the go to metric to measure player numbers.

pls monkey, no off topic or i have to call my mummy!


Not really the wrong place. This is a player population thread.

So it is right on topic.

If you throw chum in the water (solo players trying out Confrontation) then the sharks are bound to show up. Naturally they’ll be bringing their mics, building or bringing their min-maxxed death machines (5-9k no safe PS) and their experience in chewing their way through 4 man enemy teams (not that a bunch of solo randos without mics could be ever be labelled a “team” anyway).

Eventually, though, the chum gets devoured (quit) and the sharks go back to their regular sharky life (after picking their teeth, counting their easy scrap and points rewards, trading stories of their juiciest kills, etc.).

Sadly, I’m not exaggerating a heck of a lot.


I’m reading a lot of posts on Reddit of people trying to figure out how to make this work. I don’t believe the Steam charts, and neither does Monkey. I mean, did he believe them when we inherited THOUSANDS of players back with the Chinese server thing supposedly happened? No one did. :man_shrugging:

I do believe there have been enough pissed off veteran players to absolutely savage the recent ratings. That’s not a “temper tantrum” on Reddit. There aren’t enough Reddit users to do that, methinks. This is a very generic reaction from players hating that the game they loved has been all but destroyed.

If the numbers really are up - and I have no doubt they are - the real question is “for how long?”

With an obviously large number of their obviously small playerbase infuriated by the changes, there is zero reason to come to the conclusion this is a good thing for the game.

I’m not sure how to follow that logic.

One - maybe two people on this forum are pretending to like the changes.

I have read TWO positive posts on Reddit.

Zero are on Facebook.

Everything else is hatred for what they’ve done… yet… this is supposed to be a good thing?

And, whoever has their finger on the flag button, you’re a pretty pathetic individual.
No amount of flagging my posts or posts by other people who aren’t kissing the butts at Targem will save what they’ve done. That’s up to them to do… we shall see…

I hope I’m wrong. I hope they fix it.


‘this stood out the most,the flagging is crazy again’ :crazy_face:

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I might be wrong, but all the steam accounts could be players linking their Gaijin account to steam to be able to review the game. That’s the only way i could leave a review.


Plot twist:
They actually designed this situation for people to link their accounts to steam :grin: :grin:
For whatever evil reason.